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Preference 14: Your Child Is Sick

“Wake up Baby” Liam whispers, shaking your Daughter, Taylor, awake. “I’m not feeling so good Daddy” she croaks, rubbing her head slightly. “My Baby…” He sighs, walking to the medicine cabinet to get her the thermometer. He walks back into the room, sticking it in her mouth, kissing her forehead and rubbing her long hair softly until it beeps. “Tay, you’re burning up Sweetheart. You not going to school today” he finalizes. “No Daddy, I have to go. The whole school is counting on me today” she cries in sadness. Your Daughter was going to be hall monitor for the first time ever and she was missing it. “I’m sorry Baby, but you’re sick. I’ll call the school and let them know, I’m sure you’ll make up for lost time when you go back okay?” He coaxed, tucking her back in bed. “How about I make you some tea and get you some biscuits and we can watch some movies to make you feel better?” He smiles, tucking a piece of loose hair behind her ear. She nods still sad about not being able to go to school. “C'mon. We get to spend the day together, don’t you want to spend sometime with your Daddy?” he smiles, kissing her temple. “C'mon let me see that smile” he purred, tickling her gently. Soon, the smile becomes very visible on your Daughter’s face. “There it is” he smiles, getting her some tea and biscuits until settling down to watch movies. "Thanks for making me feel better Daddy" she smiles. “You’re welcome Sweetie. I do it cause I love you” he smiles, “and I love you too Daddy” she says, smiling back.

You and Niall are both in bed sound asleep, being awoken gently by one of your Sons, Jayden. “Mummy, Jacob says he’s feeling sick and to come wake you up” he whispers, as you’re already full awake at the word ‘sick’ coming out of his mouth. “What’s going on?” Niall says groggily, wiping sleep out of his eyes. “Jake’s feeling sick” you inform, sprinting to the Twins’ room. “Hey Baby, what’s wrong?” You say, kneeling in front of your son, rubbing his head gently. “My stomach hurts Mummy” he whispers, eyes brimming with tears as he slams his head into your shoulder, now crying. “My chest burns Mummy” he sobs into your shoulder. “Is everything alright?” Niall asks from the door, with Jayden in his hands whose worried for his brother. “His stomach hurts. He probably ate too much food too fast. Could you get me the some water for him?” You asks, rubbing his back in comfort. “Baby, lay down” you instruct, knowing it was probably some acid reflux or indigestion. “Here” he smiles comfortingly at you, handing you Jacob’s sippy cup. “Here sweetheart” you say, handing him the cup as he takes small sips. “Feeling better?” You ask, rubbing his stomach. “Yeah, thanks Mummy. Daddy could you play the guitar for me?” He smiles. “Of course Bud” he smiles, grabbing his guitar. “Goodnight baby” you smiles, kissing his forehead then Niall as you go to bed, taking Jayden with you also delivering a small kiss to his forehead, as you hear Niall’s mellowly sing and play the guitar in the background.

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Is all that coming out of your Daughter Amelia that day as she sniffs, rubbing her stuffy red nose with a tissue ever so often. “Aw my poor Baby” Harry sulks, picking up your Daughter and placing her on the armchair, wrapping her cosily with a soft blanket . He grabs her plush toy dolphin, Lenny, handing it to her so she could cuddle up to him. “I’ll be right back Baby. I’ll go make you a drink and then you can cuddle to your Daddy instead of Lenny” he smiles, bending down to kissing her forehead softly. She laughs slightly, interrupted by a loud cough leaving her lips. Harry walks into the the kitchen, making her some Hot Chocolate and some light crackers to feed on. She snatches the cup of hot chocolate, not wanting the crackers, as he settles down next to her in the huge armchair. She sips her drink slowly, her glossy eyes shining with happiness, knowing it was her favorite. She lays her head on her Daddy’s chest, cuddling up to him as she watches 'Barney and Friends’, her favorite show. “Feeling any better Love?” Harry asks. “Yeah, a little bit. It’s different when Daddy is taking care of me and not Mummy” she explains, tucking in more to her Daddy’s side. You were on a business trip and couldn’t be there to take care of her. “Yeah, she’ll be home soon” he smiles. “Yeah, I miss her” she says back. “It’s only two days. Don’t you like spending time with your Daddy?” He gasps, pretending to sob in his hands. “I do silly Daddy” she smiles, kissing his cheek as they continue to watch the show.

You were having a girl’s weekend so you left your Daughter Haven and Son Jaxon with Zayn. “Daddy, I have a headache” she states, rubbing her forehead softly to maybe ease the pain. Zayn was putting Jaxon to sleep, “go lie down on the sofa or in your bed and I’ll be there in a few minutes alright?” He asks. She softly nods her head, grunting with the pain as she heads downstairs in the living room. Zayn gently lays Jaxon in bed, whipping out his phone from his pocket, speed-dialing you. “Hey Babe!” You greet happily. “Hey Sweetheart. I’m sorry I’m calling. How’s everything?” , “it’s fine Z. It’s been great. Is everything alright, you sound worried? ”. “Haven has a headache and I don’t know what to do” he sighs. “Did she eat too much candy?” You ask on the phone. “No she didn’t have any today. She just had lunch. She didn’t sleep well last night though” he answers. “That’s probably it then. You know how she gets when she doesn’t sleep well. Just make her drink water, put a wash cloth on her head and let her sleep” you instruct. He ends the call with your usual I love you’s and does as he’s told. “Here you go Baby Girl” he smiles, taking the water she’d been given to drink and places a wash cloth on her forehead. “Get some rest alright? You’ll feel better” he speaks, gently pecking her forehead. She wakes up from her nap soon after with her energy at a maximum level like nothing’s wrong. “I feel so much better Daddy. Thank you” she smiles, kissing his cheek. “Anything for my Baby Girl” he smiles at her. 

“Are you sure you can handle this?” You asks Louis, who will be taking care of your sick son Noah while you’re at work. “Yes, everything will be fine. Plus if I need anything you’re just a 15 minute drive away and even a phone call away. Technology these days” he laughs sarcastically, kissing your lips, shooing you out of the house. You had an emergency at work so you had to take care of it and leave Louis and Noah alone. “Hey Bud. How was your nap? Your throat feeling any better?” He asks, ruffling his hair playfully. “No, it still really hurts” he croaks out, voice cracking in that one sentence. “You know what Grandpa use to do with me when I had a sore throat?” He asks, looking at your Son with a big grin. “What?” He whispers, voice not getting any higher. “We use to eat a huge ice-cream Sunday we made and watch loads of cartoons. and we can do that NOW” he cheers, getting out the ice-cream, beginning to make a huge ice-cream Sunday. After downing the whole entire thing together they start watching re-runs of SpongeBob SquarePants. “How you feeling Noah?” He asks again. “Better” he smiles, “but I don’t think Mummy will be happy that we ate all that ice-cream and left the kitchen a mess.” “Nah, she’ll be fine with it” he laughs, knowing that’s so far from true. The minute you get home, the Boys are passed out and you were furious with mess but the anger left immediately when you saw their adorable faces sound asleep. You kiss each of their foreheads, laying a blanket on them as you go clean up after them.