‘AER9 Laser Rifle’ from Fallout 3 and New Vegas

I’ve finally finished the first (of five) AER9 Laser Rifle from the Fallout game series. It is a full scale replica or the gun handmade and painted by me. Its resin coated for extra strength and is ideal for cosplayer’s or as a collector’s piece for your wall.


Fallout 3 Laser Rifles

Sorry for the lack of activity this past week. Here’s what I’ve been working on, an AER 9 Laser Rifle from Fallout 3. These are part pepakura and part hard card builds. When they are resin coated and filled they will be far stronger than card stock pepakura builds but retaining the accuracy.

These are being made using the original game model so it will be 1:1 perfect for the original. I’m building 4 at the same time so I will have 4 to sell once they are finished and painted for around £130 each. I’m based in the U.K. so for those who live here you won’t have to pay any import charges that you might find with some American builds.

I do have lots of other in game models from fallout and of course other games too, but I’m not restricted to just those.

If you have a something you would like to commission then please let me know via PM.

NCR Helmet Update :

Sanding continues but getting to the good parts now. Worked on the side lighting pods and finished the overall smoothing of the helmet. The bondo has helped out by the way it’s dried, there are imperfections in it the will lend themselves well to looking like wear marks/blemishes when the are cast, this will help it look more like cast metal once it’s painted. Hopefully I can do more on the mask itself tomorrow.