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Better Than This

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Better Than This
Genre: Angst

You wandered around the house looking for Jay. He disappeared a while ago, and last time you saw him he was quite a few drinks in. You were just worried that he was going to end up passing out somewhere.

You were never a fan of the huge blowouts that AOMG threw. You weren’t even sure what the occasion was, you rarely did. Those guys just liked to party. When you finally found a familiar face you smiled, hurrying to him. “Kiseok, have you seen Jay?”

Kiseok had his arms around two girls as he relaxed by the pool. Seeing you, he greeted you with a smile, his hands instantly dropping from around the girls. “Jay? Uh-Last I saw he was with ChaCha”

You sighed “Chacha left a few hours ago…Jay’s not answering his phone. Do you think he’s ok?”

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Work Wife

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Work Wife

“Are you sure you’re gonna be ok?” you looked over at your husband, standing by the door.

“Babe it’ll be fine” Jay laughed kissing your forehead.

You normally wouldn’t work this shift and would be home to watch your son but, your boss was away and that left you in charge. It was last minute and couldn’t be helped, but Jay was always understanding when it came to your job. “Come on. He’s my son too. I’m perfectly capable of watching him.”

You gave him an anxious look before going over all of your contact information one more time. “And did you memorize my work number? And my secretary’s number-”

He laughed shaking his head, ushering you to the door. “I haven’t memorized a phone number since I was a kid.”

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You’re The Boss

Jay was showing Hyukwoo something on his phone when you walked in on them inside his office. He was sitting on the edge of his table, in its usual state of mess, as he leaned towards Hyukwoo to show him whatever it was on his phone.

“Hey, what’s up?” Jay asked as he tore his gaze away from his phone’s screen. He was no longer surprised to have you enter his office without knocking, although you do knock on some days when circumstances compelled you to, but the point is you could freely come and go in his office anytime you wanted.

“Hi!” Hyukwoo greeted cheerfully with a slight wave of his hand.

You pressed your lips in a thin line as you walked towards them. “Here’s the list of questions the reporters are going to ask you tomorrow in the press conference,” you said in a flat tone, handing Jay a folder enclosing few pieces of paper containing the information you gathered. “I contacted those who will be coming tomorrow and requested these or else they won’t be allowed inside. And I told them not to ask questions that aren’t here. Well, if ever they do, it’s still up to you if you wanna answer them. You’re the boss.”

“Wow,” Hyukwoo’s eyes twinkled.

“Yeah, wow. I can’t imagine how you did that, although I can…” Jay added.

Ignoring Jay’s teasing was easy, but the two red dots on the crook of his neck weren’t. What kind of CEO wears a loose muscle tee in his office in business hours? Of course—Jay Park.

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Mystic Messsenger

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Mystic Messenger

Something was wrong.

Something was seriously wrong and Jay knew it. He could feel it in his bones.

You were keeping to yourself lately, almost always on your phone. Even when the two of you were together there was just something off.

Maybe it was his fault? He was always working, going on tour, he’d leave you alone for weeks on end sometimes. So to make it up to you he cleared his schedule all day, but even then you were ignoring him. He shot you a glare seeing you sit on the couch, cuddled up and smiling at your phone.

“Who the hell is she talking to? Making her smile like that and shit…” Jay grumbled. “Jagi~ You wanna go to a movie tonight?” he spoke up in his kindest voice.

You giggled looking at your phone, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ears. “Nah, I’m ok Oppa.”

“Who are you talking to?”

“Hm? You say something Baby?” you glanced up from your phone. 

He scoffed “Yes. I did. Who are you talking to?”

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