starrylamb asked:

im hugely inspired by the way you draw anthro bugs, and i was wondering how you go about simplifying mouthparts? I'm trying to simplify a domino roach's mouthparts becauase that's my favorite species of cockroach, but cockroach mouths are really hard to simplify. Any advice?

Oh gosh, thank you! I do pride myself in my bug mouths, actually. It’s not only hard to find good reference for arthropod mouths, but basically all cartoon bugs in media have humanoid mouths, so i had to figure out how to draw and simplify them from scratch.

Anyways, I couldn’t find any specific references for a domino roach, so here’s my best shot using german cockroach mouthparts:

Roaches have pretty typical mouths for chewing insects, but for general reference, here are some other typical arthropod mouths simplified:

That’s all i have the energy for right now. Hope this helps!

Drawing those mushi faces encouraged me to give another shot at coloring this scene of the beehive+cityscape. I was having so much trouble with the colors before that i gave up, but now I finally have some rough colors that I’m confident with. What do you guys think? (*=* )

(the night scene will have more window lights on in the final coloration, i didnt want to put too much effort into the mockup)

hello!! i’m hifuu / furryau@twitter / jay 

i haven’t been on tumblr for a while but now i’m back full force & 200% ready to take commissions

i live in venezuela & our economic situation isn’t the best so i thought this would be a great way to save up some money. even just doing simple grocery shopping takes a huge toll on my family’s already low monthly wage so all help is appreciated!!

now let’s get to the interesting part you’ve got 2 art styles to choose from here

STYLE #1 (or the one i usually draw animals & the like in) 

[sample 1] [sample 2]

Bust - $8 + $5 per extra character

Waist-up - $12 + $7 per extra character

Full body - $18 + $10 per extra character 

STYLE #2 (or the one i usually draw people in) 

[sample 1] [sample 2]

Bust - $10 + $5 per extra character

Waist-up - $14 + $7 per extra character

Full body - $20 + $10 per extra character

i’m best at girls & anthro.


  • extreme violence
  • overly sexual stuff
  • anything offensive

im good w/ anything else.

everything you get from me will be fully colored though this is negotiable. 

i take payments via paypal in USD. if you wish to commission me contact me at hifuus@gmail.com

  • SLOT 1 - taken
  • SLOT 2 - taken
  • SLOT 3 - taken
  • SLOT 4 - taken
  • SLOT 5 - taken
  • SLOT 6 - open
  • SLOT 7 - open
  • SLOT 8 - open

i’d really appreciate if u boosted this too any help is good help!! thank you all


SOMEHOW?? I REACHED 300 FOLLOWERS NOT TOO LONG AGO?? I really don’t understand how this happened but honestly, thank you everyone for the support! You have no idea how much I appreciate every like or reblog or follow, because to me it means that someone is enjoying my art, and to me, that means a lot;;;

As thanks, I’m holding a giveaway once again! This time, it’s an art giveaway and there’ll be six winners:

- Winner #1 will get a shaded picture like this!
- Winners #2 & #3 will get a flat-coloured picture like this!
- Winners #4, #5 & #6 will get their choice of either a coloured sketch or a custom character design like this!


  • Simply reblog to enter!
  • You can reblog more than once, but up to a maximum of three times for as many shots at winning!
  • Though not necessary, follows are appreciated ;w;! However, only followers will be eligible for the first two prizes uwu
  • Please have your ask box open so I can contact you! Winners must respond within 24 hours, or I’ll pick a new one /3/!
  • Giveaway ends on the 10th of November!