Arabian Sand Boa - Eryx jayakari 

Eryx jayakari (Boidae), better known as Arabian Sand Boa, is the the smallest boa species (up to 40 cm in length), and the only boa found in south-east Arabia. 

The features of the head of this boa are unusual, with a chisel- shaped snout, and eyes that are positioned on the top of the head, rather than the sides. Rarely encountered by man, this harmless and nocturnal boa lives almost permanently under the desert sand. The tapering head and smooth scales allow it to burrow through the soft sand without needing to surface. The positioning of the eyes on the uppermost part of the head allows this species to watch for prey on the surface while the rest its body remains submerged.

This species is found on the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen, Oman, eastern Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and is also present within Iran.

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Photo credit: ©Omid Mozaffari (CC BY 2.0) | Locality: not indicated (2012)

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