jaya bhaduri bachchan


Day 2 - Movie that defined a generation: “Sholay” (1975)

I thought a lot about this one. Which movie defined a generation? First I thought of Bobby as this whole idea about teenage love started trending like nothing else, but then I realized there is only one movie that did not only define a generation, but many generations, lifetimes, ideals: Sholay.

The most successful movie old hindi cinema brought to the world and to the hearts and minds of many people. Let’s be honest: the story of “Sholay” isn’t that individual, we have seen the good-bad thing, the romance, the fights, we’ve seen all of that. But the way Sholay shows friendship in such an honest and remarkably way is amazing and definitely definied more than one generation.

Freedom, love, friendship, honesty, fighting for the good - thank you, Mr. Sippy, for this one!

Which movie do you think defined a generation or more generations the most?