Under the Gloves

“Papa, what do you like about mom?” The lavender haired boy tagged along beside his father, both dripping with sweat as the doors to the gravity chamber closed behind them.

His father scoffed, eyes narrowing as he kept his stare straight ahead, “That’s an odd question.”

“Not really,” Trunks flexed his shoulders, wincing slightly. He was definitely going to be sore in the morning, “I mean, you guys are always arguing and stuff. Usually that means you don’t like each other.”

“You have a lot to learn about females.” Vegeta opened the door to the kitchen as Trunks practically ran him over; he could appreciate his sons ravenous appetite.

After the two of them raided the fridge, practically all of its contents laid out on the the kitchen island. Trunks through a large bite managed to say, “I mean, you guys never even hug in public. I’m not even sure you sleep in the same room all the time.”

With a roll of his eyes, Vegeta finally turned ever so slightly in his chair, “Your questions are irritating. Relationships aren’t always about mushy, useless displays of affection. If your mother and I didn’t want to be together, We wouldn’t-”

“You’ve got mustard on your glove.” Trunks interrupted, pointing with the chicken leg he was holding.

“Damnit,” Vegeta growled, dropping his steak to begin peeling off his gloves.

Trunks continued to gnaw on his lunch, mulling over his fathers words as he watched him carefully peel off the now stained gloves from his large hands. He’d always wondered about his parents relationship. Gotens parents at least seemed to like one another. His parents were like oil and water, flammable and volatile; but they’d been together awhile so there must be something to it…

The son of Vegeta nearly dropped his lunch when he saw the gold band on his fathers now exposed ring finger.

Vegeta tossed the gloves off to the side of the island and picked his fork back up. He finally noticed Trunks’s obvious stare and smirked, “I only wear it under my gloves. Don’t want to lose it. Sometimes relationships are the things you don’t see.” He finished quietly and went back to eating his steak, “And don’t tell your mother.”

Trunks smiled and happily picked up his chicken.

anonymous asked:

Bless Toriyama for marrying this two nakamas! My feisty vigorous scandalous OTP GoChi

HEHEHEHEHE RIGHT?! >:) Their nakama bond is strooonnng.  👀 

((Goku’s like sorry bitches but she’s gonna be my nakama! Don’t forget that Goku refused god’s offer just so he can live alone with this girl for 5 friken years! xD ))

Also, Goku’s nakama consists of kissing his wife. *fans*

((Like fam he gives Chichi this grin after kissing her. He’s like damn I like it I’m gonna come back for more when I get out of the hyperbolic time chamber! ;) ))

and *COUGH* having *COUGH COUGH* sex with her

And don’t forget Goku’s namaka thinks about chichi a lot. 

And considers doing little things that make HER happy. Like now having two jobs (farmer and security job), driving her places, getting groceries for her 

Further more Goku’s nakama consist of NO ONE messing with his wife /kids (very gangster of goku lol) He will get VERY mad if you do. 

Like damn….Goku’s namaka is some deep bond meaning for him. ;)

Also Funny /cute thing I find about Goku’s nakama is that he ONLY considers Gohan, Chichi, Goten part of his nakama squad ^_^ That means they are the most important to him. So LOL. thanks toriyama. you actually give me a lot of ideas  ✌️️