Fun fact: at school I’m too much of a nerd to chill with the cool kids, but too normal to hang out with the nerds.
Actually to think of it, it’ not the popular kids I’m concerned about,
It’s like they’re pissed off at me because we share similar interests *-*
I really don’t understand the dynamics of high school children sometimes.
—  Jay7Jay lives awkwardly.

Feeling out of Place.

Having just moved to a new city, I remember I was the only new student in my afternoon first semester classes. (I go to a private school.)

Having World Religions right after Social, I had to sit at a table facing inwards on a bunch of strangers for two entire blocks (2hrs and 40minutes). I felt so awkward that I remember wanting to be anywhere BUT there. Like seriously, anywhere. I almost chose to skip class a couple times due to the anxiety.

In the real world, when I’m not smiling I’ve been told that I could pass for a serial killer. Seriously look at my passport, or not, because that kind of stuff shouldn’t be on the internet  ._. Anyways, not many people are interested in talking to, or becoming friends, with a serial killer. (No freaking duh.) So in the end, that meant when meeting new people, it was all on me. I’m kind of an introvert, so at the time I was not thrilled.

One time during class my teacher ended up calling on me and I said something really stupid. I don’t even remember what I said, but I remember being tongue tied. It was horrible. Everyone started staring at me and I started shaking and covering my face because I started blushing so hard; I literally almost crawled under the table. After that class I felt even worse about being the new kid.

I believe that feeling is what inspired this itty-bitty sketch. The feeling of being stared at in that way really sucks. I’m not sure why, but in the end the awful experience actually helped me chill out in a way. Feeling  at that point I had nothing really left to lose, I was okay trying to talk to the people at my table.

I’m still a really awkward individual, and have actually done even STUPIDER things in that teacher’s class, but at least I’m good friends with everyone who sits at my table : >

Peace love and all that junk.

. JAY .