You have a strictly sexual relationship with Chris Pine, and that’s all he’s willing to give you; no romance. But then you meet Chris Evans who actually wears his heart on his sleeve and is so good to you. Not wanting to lie to him, during a date, you tell him everything about Pine, so he suddenly asks himself, “where is this going then?”.

To make things worse, Pine finds out you’re seeing someone else and demands that you make a choice because he doesn’t like sharing.


So, update on the Midori Traveler’s Notebook I got the other day!

My setup is one sketchbook insert (two would be quite bulky as the paper’s really thick), one grid notebook insert for writing things, the sleeve folder and the sticky note set.

I bought this specifically to do some watercolor and ink stuff while on the go and it’s quite good! It’s thick and held up well. Although I would advise you to be careful not to wet the paper too much or it’ll buck. You can see that trying to do several wet layers will be a bit dodgy. I’d say no more than two layers is enough.

But! All in all I really like it! Markers and inks should feel pretty nice on this paper. Let me know if you all have any questions about it!

an interview w the green ninja
  • Lloyd: What can I say, being the green ninja isn't easy, it requires a strong willed and mature person
  • Kai: You were literally singing the entire Beauty and the Beast soundtrack in the shower earlier
  • Lloyd: //looks at camera like he's on The Office, <i>how'd he know?</i>

This is too cute, Na Haeun and Jay Park dance to his song “All I Wanna Do”!