The Midnight Planetarium watch from Van Cleef & Arpel’s Poetic Astronomy series tells time via a shooting star that rotates along the outmost area of the face, as well as, on a much bigger scale, movement of the planets.

Featuring an amazing 396 moving parts, the Midnight Planétarium displays an accurate representation of six planets and their rotations around the sun, from Mercury’s swift 88-day trip, to Earth’s 365 day circle, to Saturn, which takes 29 years. While it doesn’t quite top the list of the most expensive watches on the market, the standard version of the watch comes in pink gold and goes for $245,000. [Purchase]


kingtrevelyan asked: Favorite Platonic Relationship from Mass Effect - Ashley and Kaidan

↳  “It’s just weird, going under someone else’s command. I’ve gotten so used to working with you. All of you.” “Don’t worry so much, we’ll see you on the other side.”


Part of the Disney tribute show, Nothing’s Impossible, opening March 7th 2014 at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr.

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