jay-sherman  asked:

Hello, do you still have that post about creating a god?

Yo, yes I do! 

It’s taking like eight years to scroll my blog with the lag but it’s somewhere… 

Doesn’t help that all the thoughtform posts are long af. 

Basically just live-blogging my search efforts as I wait for the scroll to catch up tbh. 


Mostly, really, jut crazy ass thoughforms. 

If you wanna talk to someone with personal experience, please feel free to pester my bad biscuit covenbro @ashesforeverashes, who has, Idk, a ridiculous amount of thoughtforms at this point, at least three of them which he classifies as deities. Gods save us all lmao. 

A word about The Emoji Movie

Today Sony Animation’s The Emoji Movie opens in theaters. Now after seeing the trailers and the hideous Rotten Tomatoes score some people might be tempted to go see it “Just to see how bad it is”. Well to that I say, don’t.

The main reason being if you go to see it in theaters, even if it’s for that reason, you’ll be supporting the film, you’ll be giving the film money. When you give a film money that’s basically telling the film company that you’re willing to pay to see that movie, to a movie company that basically says “Yes, I want more of this please” and they’ll end up making a sequel and making more films similar to The Emoji Movie, which is obviously not what people want.

So unless you’re a film critic and it’s your job to see this film, or you actually legitimately think it looks good and want to see it (because I guess there’s at least one person out there like that (I won’t judge)), then don’t go see it.

To sum this up, I’ll leave you with the words of critic Jay Sherman.


Jay: “I believe the contract called for me to PRANCE”
[Duke looks at the contract]
Duke: (beat) “You win this round, Sherman"