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Wait is there something that confirms that Jay was in Malibu on the fourth?

Apparently she posted it on her Facebook.

(Which, at my other anon, I can get why that makes you uncomfortable but I do think it is a matter of opinion here…Jay has 4000+ Facebook friends and a HUGE chunk of them are 1D fans. She’s aware of her audience on that website. So you don’t have to be okay with talking about that information, that’s valid, but because of the context it’s definitely not a completely private forum.)

for self insert weekend I’ve officially decided that I’m the only background character who likes Jay

honestly Zane has his own fan club, cutie patootie police officer’s favorite is Kai. or maybe Lloyd. they never finished that conversation. the one guard in s4 said he wanted Cole to win. honestly I can’t think of a single background character who mentioned that they liked Jay.

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Taylor Swift Knocks Out Beyonce Jayz & Ed Sheeran To Rescue: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Well, it looks like Beyonce and Jay Z are days away from officially being dethroned off the top of the Forbes highest-earning celebrity couple. This year Forbes will be ranking the world’s top earning stars by annual income only and this has lead to two new faces reigning on the top of the list. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are the ones who are responsible for the take-down of Beyonce and Jay Z. And it’s not been days, it’s happened already. We knew Tidal was going to cause a crash of cold water of Beyonce and Jay Z as fan backlash has been mounting.

As far dating goes, Swift and Harris might be considered a new couple but that hasn’t stopped them from making a big splash in the world of celebrity power couples. Together earning $146 million, they overpower Bey and Jay by nearly $36 million.

All that money is coming from their success in the music and entertainment business. Taylor, for example, could arguably be called the most popular artist in the world. After her release of1989 Taylor, who already had loyal country fans, gained the attention of the pop music crowd as well. As for Calvin, he actually topped Forbes’ list of world’s highest-paid DJs. He has collaborated with big names such as Rihanna and Kesha and he has been able to take over not only EDM-related events but also such festivals as Coachella, allowing him to have a broad fan base as well.

On top of their music, both Taylor and Calvin are involved in successful endorsement deals. Taylor is lending her name and branding to companies such as Coke, Keds and Sony. Meanwhile, Calvin has become the face of Giorgio Armani and Sol Republic headphones.

If this relationship is to last, these two have the potential to have a long-time reign atop Forbes’ list.

In contrast, other couples don’t seem to be doing so well. When exes Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber both showed up at up-and-comer Tori Kelly’s album release party the party scene was less than jovial.

After realizing Bieber’s presence, it seems Selena decided she did not want to stay long and made a run for it with good friend, Ed Sheeran. Selena and Ed were spotted at a nearby 7-11 shortly after leaving the party – apparently there’s nothing like a Slurpee after having a bad bump in with someone.

But apparently Selena wasn’t the only one trying to avoid/ignore her ex. Justin tweeted out a shout out to many of the other partygoers, saying:


Kind of weird that Justin acknowledged Ed, Selena’s partner in crime, while choosing to leave out the ex. Although the former dates have praised each other publicly post-breakup, maybe they haven’t quite gotten to a place of comfort and friendship yet.

Over at the Today show, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey stopped by on Thursday to chat with hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee. While on the show both hosts pried at Tyler to reveal whom his first kiss was. Tyler revealed he was just a kid at the time when a Disney star and him locked lips.

Well, there are plenty of potential Disney stars that he could be talking about such as Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. However, it wasn’t long before the hosts dropped the right name and Tyler gave in and revealed they had guessed it. So who was it?

Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus!

Tyler went on to explain that they had actually met before her Hannah Montana days. According to Posey they actually met on the Toronto set of a show her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had been a lead on (assumedly Doc). Miley and him quickly befriended each other and hung out constantly to the point that their relationship grew into somewhat of a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario. This being said, Tyler added that they only shared “one kiss one time.”

I wonder what Tyler thinks of her new image and antics these days?

This week over at PBS there has been a bit of a mess. After investigations got underway following actor Ben Affleck’s stint on their show, Finding Your Roots, it was reported that Ben had pressured the show’s crew not to disclose any of the details pertaining to his family’s history of owning slaves.

PBS has released a statement ensuring viewers that another season will not be started until they can guarantee that people are both held accountable for the hiding of information and that proper fact checking procedures are put in place.

By holding off on the production of season three of Finding Your Roots, PBS seems to be trying to regain viewers’ trust and reestablish the integrity of the show.

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I grew up on Jay-Z and my only problem with taught-rap era Jay-Z is that I hate that he has so many fans that probably don’t even go back to life and times of sean carter volume 3 let alone the dynasty or reasonable doubt. I am such a fan I have a vinyl copy of In my life time volume 3 (Considered wack by many). But in many ways  I am not surprised he is our superstar era rapper commanding large audiences with his larger than life songs. But listening to this B-Sides concert reminded me that before he was hanging out with Wall Street Cats he was a sick ass and still is a sick ass Emcee