I see so many fan fictions or smuts about girls who are “perfect” which consist of the girl having .
-pale white skin
-plump pink lips
- skinny waist
- thigh gap
- long straight hair
- Blue or green eyes
- perfectly shaved
- perky breast
-short hieght
-straight perfect smile
-small thighs

When most people who read these things have none of those things. I never see stories about girls with dark or tan skin. Not straight hair. Thick thighs or just naturally thick in general. Like girls are not Perfect and girls don’t always shave. Girls don’t always have perky breast or a thigh gap or a skinny waist and stuff like that. Not all fans are Asian or pale white. You have all types of nationalities not just asian. And It honestly bothers me that it’s always about pale girls that are perfect. I’m white and I’m kinda pale but I don’t have small boobs or a thigh gap or a skinny waist and my hair isn’t straight and my eyes are brown. And TBH its a lot of work being a girl and people don’t show That in there stories.

Like girls don’t always have time to shave and wax just for the guys pleasure. And I am forever seeing stories where the guy is dominant and like makes the girl do all the work. Girls can be dominant too. There’s literally the same smuts or stories with different idols. They all have the same story someone gets jealous over stupid things like the girl saying hi to another man. THAT IS NOT SOMETHING TO GET JEALOUS OVER. And getting jealous over something like that and dragging the girl home to slam her against the wall and call her a slut while fucking her brains out is not Ok. If anything it teaches young readers that, that’s okay and that’s love when it’s really just a guy being a jealous dick. Like if a guy did that to me I would probably leave him or punch him in the face. Yeah some people are into that but still there’s limits to these things. Honestly don’t get me wrong people who write these stories are great writers but seriously.

STOP STEREOTYPING WOMEN!! If you don’t like my opinion then don’t read it. You don’t have to be a dick about it 🙃
No Judging - Descendants (Jay)

Pairing: Jay x Reader (hinted)

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Can I ask for a Jai (Descendents) imagine? YN is the daughter of little red hiding hood (and the werewolf) daugyter and she’s kind of an outcast at the school. but that changes when the villian kids arrive, Jai has an instant interest on her and she’s roomates with Evie and Mal. Just fluffy/romantic stuff and friendship. please?

Warnings: none

A/N: Sorry for the wait! But i hope you like it!

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You were sitting alone as she always did under a tree in the school yard. There weren’t many people around as everyone kept themselves inside since the villain kids had arrived a few hours ago. Which meant that you could have some peace and quiet under your favorite tree, reading your book. 

You had been here since the villain kids had arrived, since apparently two of them were about to be your new roommates. Why they had placed them with you was obvious; you were half villain yourself. 

 You see, your parents weren’t exactly the natural couple. Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. Everyone had been shocked when it happened, but your mother had always been kind and very naive, and had seen the good part in your father. Because of your father being a werewolf, he was much more different when he was in a human form, although the fairy tale itself failed to mention that of course. 

 So now pretty much everyone shyed away from you, only Prince Ben was kind enough to talk to you from time to time. All of a sudden someone sat down beside you, and you quickly looked up from your book. 

 «What are you reading?» It was a boy. He had long brown hair with a red beanie, and brown kind eyes. He was dressed in dark brownish colors, which was unusual to see around her, as the good kids seemed to love the pastels. He was smiling softly at you. 

«Dracula. May I ask who you are?» The title of your book didn’t seem as important anymore, as you were more interested in who this boy was, since he seemed nothing like a villain so far. 

 «I’m Jay. And your name is?» He held out his hand for you to take, and without thinking you took his hand. 

 «Y/n.» You shook his hand. 

«It’s nice meeting you, Y/n.» You both seemed to have forgotten that you were shaking hands, as just looking at his eyes seemed to be enough distraction for you, and apparently him as well. Without knowing it you had started to smile, which you did rarely. 

 But all spells come to an end, as you both realized your hands were just awkwardly barely shaking and you both let go, nervously chuckling. 

 «There you are, Jay.» A voice interrupted, coming closer. A girl with bright purple hair came towards you two, together with another girl with dark blue and a boy with white hair and black roots.

 «Hi, guys.» Jay answered cheery. 

 «And who do we have here.» The purple haired girl asked, she grinned amused, while crossing her hands over her chest. 

 «This is Y/n.» Jay introduced you before you could react yourself, so you just waved and smiled at them. 

 «Y/n.» The dark blue haired girl sounded thrilled as she said your name. «You must be our roommate then, since I hope there is no one else with your name?» She continued. 

 «That would be me, yeah.» And with that you got the confirmation you needed. These were the villains kids, and so far, they seemed like nothing the teachers had told everyone, not that you really expected them to with your knowledge on how people saw villains no matter what. 

 «How rude of us, I’m Mal.» The purple haired girl said, pointing to herself. «And this is Evie and Carlos.» She posted first to the dark blue haired girl, then the boy, who both gave you a similar wave as the one you had just give them. 

 «It’s very nice meeting you all.» You smiled, hoping they heard the sincerity in your voice. 

 At least with these people you had the chance to be yourself, without being judged by your parents. 

Part 2


After months of having to live with Jay - knowing full well that he’s developed a drinking problem - alongside cheating on you; you finally decide that enough is enough.


Unexcepted Loved Part 6

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4.5| 5

Genre: Fluff & Angst
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jay Park
Summer: You never unexpected him to fall in love with you, because you already knew he didn’t felt the same away. Can you truly move on and be truly happy with someone else.

Whiskey and Rose Perfume

Originally posted by aomgwithkids

Genre: Angst, fluff

Rating: PG

Characters: JayxYou

You were getting ready to go watch Jay perform at a club here in Hongdae. It had been awhile since he’d performed locally and you were as giddy as a young child. You hadn’t seen him perform in so long that you’d almost forgotten how he sounded live, so you were in no way going to pass up this rare opportunity. Jay always figured you didn’t want to see him live while he was in town because you had never brought it up in conversation with him, but the truth is, you wanted to surprise him. It was a secret that you were going so you didn’t tell anyone that could possibly be able to tell Jay. You liked surprising him and he absolutely loved when you surprised him. It seemed to make him happy, so why not?

You put on something simple: just a plain black tee and a pair of faded blue jeans with a messy bun to go along and a pair of old gray boots. He thought you looked your most beautiful when you didn’t dress up anyway, and truth be told, you didn’t want a bunch of drunk, horny guys hitting on you and trying to get laid while you were there to see your boyfriend.

You hurriedly got ready putting on a light pink eye shadow, one layer of black mascara, and a soft lip balm. Considering you had a little time to kill before you had to leave, you contemplated posting a photo on twitter or Instagram but decided against it not wanting to risk getting caught trying to surprise him.

You slipped out the door of your’s and Jay’s apartment while trying to put your boots on, making sure the door clicked so you knew it was securely locked.

You were already shaking with nerves as you pulled up to the club, smiling broadly and shaking your head in your hands trying to hopefully calm the violently fluttering butterflies within your stomach. You gave your cash to the cab driver and stepped out of the car.

Walking into the club, you handed your ticket to the bouncer outside and stepped inside the already crowded room. Of course the first thing you did was make your way over to the bar to order a drink because you knew that your nerves would control you for the rest of the night if you didn’t. Jay had already started performing with some others from AOMG, which was intentional. You didn’t want him to see you before the show. You wanted to enjoy the show and not have him worry about you while he was working.

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No Judging (Part 2) - Descendants (Jay)

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Can you make a part 2 to No judging?

Warnings: None? Fluff maybe?

A/N: I hope you like part 2! Oh, and a teen wolf/shadowhunters crossover will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned. 

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Part 1

It had been a while since the villain kids arrived at the school, the coronation had been a week ago and things were slowly but surely going back to normal. 

You and Jay had decided upon taking a walk in the forest, to get some space from the busy school area. 

You two regularly did this, as it seemed like wherever you went there would always be someone following your every movement. 

 «Do you see that?» You stopped in your tracks once you spotted the deer in-between the trees, pointing at it for Jay. 

 «Wow.» He whispered back, leaning in close to you to be able to see it. «How did you even notice that?» Jay looked down at you as you only shrugged, not thinking much of it. 

 «My dad always points out animals for me when he sees them, I guess it’s just normal for me to look out for them when I’m in the woods.» You said as you two began to walk again, hand in hand. 

 Over the past few weeks, you and Jay had been getting pretty close, and things like hand holding and random hugs had become a normal occurrence. You walked in silence for a little longer, but none of you found it awkward, as you had become pretty used to each others company. 

 Soon you arrived at the river running through the forest, and you both agreed upon sitting down for a while. 

 «I’ve always loved the sound of a river.» You said as you closed your eyes, leaning against the tree behind you. 

 Jay chuckled beside you, although he didn’t close his eyes as you did, nor did he lean back. No he sat so he could look at you, admiring your relaxed features and your gentle smile. 

 You yourself didn’t notice any of this, staying oblivious to the fact that Jay was sitting there watching you like a lovestruck puppy. And it would take a couple of more weeks and a little trick from Mal for you to realize just how lovestruck Jay really was for you.

What’s Your Name? // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: A Jay Park smut where you are a tough kind of girl and you meet jay in a club and he is intrigued by your attitude and you eventually hook up. Thanks :))))

A/N: Please note that this scenario contains: one night stand sex, squirting and general naughty stuff ^_^

After being in a dead end relationship for the past 4 years, tonight you were finally ready to reclaim yourself as a single woman and celebrate that. For too long, you had felt like you had become a shell of yourself – your ex being your childhood sweetheart and being the only person you had ever been sexually intimate with. You had completely revamped not only your looks – but you slowly began to become the tough, fearless girl that you knew you once were.

You looked stunning from head to toe. Your hair looked, smelled and felt like heaven; while any gained weight from the comfort of your previous relationship was dropped – and you felt damn good in your little black dress and high heels; donning a thong and no bra as your dress was so tight that it didn’t need it. You felt the sexiest that you had ever felt, and you were on your way to one of the best clubs in Seoul with your girlfriends for a night of intended debauchery and self indulgence.

After waiting in line and showing your ID’s, you were finally able to enter the club. The music along with the atmosphere was booming as the club quickly began filling up and drinks started to be consumed. You ordered a vodka and redbull along with a Corona – starting off as you were meaning to go on, as you sat down around the table with your friends. The club itself was bourgie, high class and was always filled on the nights that it opened as it also attracted some of south Koreas hottest and finest celebrities.

You were having the time of your life, laughing and talking with your friends, feeling the effects of the alcohol begin to take over your body as you threw back drink after drink. After finishing the one you had in your hand, you decided to get up and go over to the bar to order yourself another – even though the guys that had made their way over to your table had insisted on doing it for you, you had told them that you really didn’t need a man to do your legwork for you – that you were a big girl and you can handle walking a few metres to get your alcohol yourself, to which they smirked and probably thought that you were some kind of stuck up bitch; but you couldn’t care less about what they thought about you. You toddled over to the bar, shimmying yourself between the group of guys that were standing around it and placing your hands on the counter.

“Can I get a whiskey – on the rocks please?” you said sweetly, looking into the barman’s face as he smiled at your request.

“Going hard tonight then, Miss?” he replied as he poured out your drink into a small tumbler over ice.

“Damn right I am” you replied, giving him a cheeky wink as he placed the glass on the bar. Just as you were about to hand over your money, you seen a heavily tattooed arm from your left reach over, gently placing money down on the counter. You swerved your eyes over, following the trail of tattoos to eventually be met by someone who you wouldn’t have been able to mistake from a mile away. The arm just to happened to belong to Jay Park, famous rapper and creator of the record label AOMG. You looked at him, becoming star-struck for a few seconds as he smiled at you slowly, raising his eyebrows and studying your facial expressions as the barman looked on.

“The lady’s drink is on me” Jay purred, giving the barman a sideways glace as he took his hand back and rested it on the counter. You scoffed through your teeth, taking the money that you had in your hand and placing it into the barman’s hand.

“The lady prefers to pay for her own drinks herself, here you go” you said to him politely, watching him smile as he took the money from you. You looked back at Jay to see him beaming a smile at you, noticing now that the people who you had previously slid your way through were some of the guys from AOMG – Simon, Loco Cha Cha; and of course, Jay.

“Do you always offer to pay for strangers drinks? Or is this just your good deed for the year?” you asked coyly as you sipped on the whiskey, feeling it warm your throat as it went down into your belly. Jay chuckled, staring at you intensely and never taking his eyes off you. You had heard he had a reputation for being a “player” – it was no secret that he was of course attractive, you found his tattoos to add to his charm and of course, he looked after his body too. But that wasn’t enough to make you fall for his tacky ‘paying for your drink’ move that he just pulled.

“I don’t do it too often; but when I do, usually I’m not refused.” He chuckled at you, shifting his weight from his feet and tilting his head back a little. He was intrigued by you – usually girls were all over him, so why were you different?

“Well there you go then, there’s a first time for everything” you said as you flashed him a small smile and turning to walk away. As you did, he gently reached out to you, taking a light grasp on your shoulder as he stopped you in your tracks.

“Wait, you don’t know who I am? You’re not even gonna introduce yourself?” he asked you, a look of shock sweeping over his attractive face – his features striking and his eyes alluring.

“Oh I know who you are. But you’re gonna have to try a little harder to get what you want, Jay” you said teasingly, before shrugging his hand off and giving your best walk back to your girlfriends, letting him have a clear view of your ass in the tight dress as you did. Jay sat watching after you, as Simon slung his arm around him and chuckled dryly.

“Damn, she got you good son. Has Jay Park met his match?” he said loudly over the music as the rest of the guys shared knowing glances between themselves. Jay lay back against the counter, gripping his bottle of beer and watching you from across the club as you sat with your friends, completely ignoring him and his entire existence. You knew it hurt his ego – but you were always a push and pull kind of gal; you weren’t going to give it to him that easy.

Before long, you and your girls were finally drunk enough to join the masses on the dance floor. As you began dancing and giggling with your friends, Jay Parks song “You Know” came on in the club – the sexy and sultry beat filling your ears as you swayed back and forth to the beat, moving your hips slowly and running your hands through your hair. It was then you felt two hands snake around your body, over your stomach and down towards your hips. You jumped slightly at the sudden contact, before turning your head around to see Jay, pulling you closer towards his body as he moved in time to the beat with you. You turned around, still dancing with him as you leaned in towards him.

“You’re really not going to give up, huh?” you purred into his ear, your voice soft and velvety. Jay could smell the liquor on your breath along with the smell of your floral perfume filling his nostrils as he put his hands on you once again.

“What do you take me for? You’re interesting. What’s your name?” he said back, dying to know who you were as if you were some kind of great mystery.

“(Y/N). My name is (Y/N).” You replied, not touching him once as you ran your hands up and down your own body as the strobe lights flickered. Jay said your name over in his head as he caught glimpses of your drunken face, your head tilted back with your eyes closed as you felt your body becoming absorbed by the heavy bass of his song. It was then you pushed him back, smiling at him and backing away, never taking your eyes off him as you slowly moved through the crowd. Jay followed you in a trance as time seemed to slow down, the alcohol swarming through his veins and edging him on even more as he watched you present a ‘come hither’ motion with your finger. Simon and Loco watched from the bar as they couldn’t believe how you – who Jay had only met tonight; had gotten him so wrapped around your little finger that he was now following you like a little puppy.

You continued walking through the crowd, coming to the edge of the dance floor to a more quiet part of the club, not even looking back as you knew that Jay was following you. You stopped upon approaching the wall, reaching your hand behind your head and pulling your hair around, exposing your neck. You looked over your shoulder to see Jay, staring at your womanly frame, practically undressing you with his eyes as he felt his member suddenly twitch gently, getting harder at his explicit thoughts of you. He walked closer, before you turned around and backed yourself up against the wall as he trapped you between it, his mouth lingering over yours as you caught glimpses of his toned body through the dim and sultry lights of the club. Jay kept his eyes on you as he ran his hands over your sides, feeling the soft, thin fabric brush against his palms as he ghosted them over your breasts, feeling your nipples harden as you had no bra on, making him smirk slightly.

“No bra? Aren’t you a naughty girl” he whispered, his voice soft and delicate but well controlled as you giggled, music to his ears as he pressed his body against yours, letting you feel his hard manhood on your lower abdomen. You began feeling the space between your legs soak your thong as you imagined how he would feel in side you, his hands gripping your ass as you let him take you in the most animalistic way possible. You placed a finger on his lips, looking into his eyes which were filled with nothing but pure lust and seduction.

“Not here” you moaned gently, further enticing him as he looked to the side and spotted the back entrance which he knew had a hallway which was always empty.

“Over there” he said, taking your hand and whisking you away to the side door, the both of you slipping out unnoticed.

As soon as you were out of view, you slammed Jay against the wall and began kissing him roughly, both shocking him and turning him on beyond belief. It was the first time he had met a girl who took such control as you did, but at the same time you were vulnerable in so many ways too. You pressed your chest against his, reaching your hand down and palming his clothed core, making him groan into your mouth as he fed your ego. You pressed harder, dominating the kiss as you took what you wanted, almost feeling him tremble from your touch as he gripped your body close to his. You ran your hands up and underneath his shirt, feeling his hard abs against your fingertips before pulling the shirt up and over his body and placing your lips on his neck, leaving small pink and purple galaxies in your wake. Jay relished in the feeling of your teeth grazing his skin as he slipped his hands down and slid them under your dress, pushing your legs apart and placing his hands over your soft, clothed mound, feeling how wet you were.

“You’re so wet already, fuck” he growled in your ear, as you stopped your attack on him, letting him take over as he switched places with you, this time your back being against the wall and letting Jay have his way. He continued to kiss you, occasionally biting your lip while he hiked your dress up over your ass and hooked his finger under the small fabric of your thong, running his fingers gently through your fold and spreading your juices up towards your clit, massaging it gently as he elicited soft, breath mewls from you as you panted into his mouth. He pulled back, watching your face as he slid his middle finger inside of you, feeling your walls grip it tightly as he began to pump you at a fast speed; knuckle deep. You gripped his arm as you tensed your entire body against him, watching his eyes bare into your soul as you let small moans fall from your mouth.

“Do you have a condom?” you managed to let out in between laboured breaths.

“Back pocket baby” he cooed into your face, enjoying watching you unravel underneath him. You slipped you hand around into his pocket, feeling the small foil packaging before placing it in your mouth and reaching down to his jeans and almost ripping the buttons clean off them. Jay removed his finger from inside of you, sliding it into his mouth as he lapped your juices up – making you whimper at the sight of him.

“You taste so good, mmh” he moaned teasingly, but you had had enough. You pulled his jeans and boxers down in one go, watching his member spring free. He was average size, but you were surprised at how thick he was as you now imagined him filing you to the brim and stretching you out, making your arousal almost unbearable as he stepped out of his garments and began pumping himself slowly. As you tore open the packet and began to roll it onto his hard cock, he gripped your breasts through the thin material of your dress, kneading them and pinching your nipples, making your body judder at the over stimulation. Jay checked that the condom was on securely, before pressing you back firmly up against the wall and placing his hands around your thighs below your ass and hoisting you into the air. You primitively wrapped your legs around him and gripped his shoulders as he guided himself into the entrance of your sopping sex. You both let out long, drawn out moans as he slid his member deep into your core, feeling every inch of him fill you up. He fitted you like a glove as he began to move deeper and harder, ramming you against the wall as you panted into his ear.

“Fuck you feel amazing baby, ohhh shit” Jay groaned, shutting his eyes closed tight and breathing harder and heavier with every thrust, his hips rolling into yours while gripping your thighs for dear life – so hard that you were sure he would leave nice little marks for you the next morning. You put your arms under his shoulders and began dragging your nails down his back, making him hiss and that contact and ram into you harder – reaching your little spot of heaven deep within you every time. It was then you felt Jay’s member begin to twitch inside of you, filling the condom with his seed as his orgasm began to wash over him. He moaned your name, but you couldn’t help feel hard done by. At least with your ex, he always to bring you to your end first before he let himself become undone. You rolled your eyes as Jay began to slow down and let you drop to the floor, rolling the soiled condom off himself and tying it before placing it on the ground.

Just as you sighed and began pulling your dress down over your legs, you felt Jays hand grab the back of your hair and bend you over the large crate that sat beside the both of you.

“You didn’t think we were done, did you?” he growled into your ear, sending shivers down your spine as you felt beads of sweat begin to form on your forehead. He gripped your hair harder, learning over your back as you let out a whimper, squirming underneath him and spreading your legs further. Jay moved back, getting down on his knees and observing your open holes and he spread your ass cheeks and running the flat of his tongue over both of your openings, making you moan in both shock and pleasure.

“That’s it (Y/N), moan for me. Let me hear your voice baby” he hummed into your soft skin, before moving your body back towards him, granting him more access to all of you as he attacked your clit with his tongue, rubbing it back and forward and drinking you down. Without any warning, he slammed two of his fingers inside of you, producing lewd sounds that filled the air along with your uncontrollable moaning as your legs began to shake from his penetration. It all became too much as you felt something that you had never felt before. Complete ecstasy built itself up in parts of you that you didn’t know existed, as you tried to hold it back for the fear of the unknown.

“Let go baby, it feels good right? Just let it go” Jay said reassuringly as he put all of his strength from his arm, pumping into you at an alarming rate. Upon hearing his words, you let your body relax as much as it could, before feeling your orgasm hit you like a 3 tonne truck. You couldn’t stop the screams that fell from your mouth as you felt yourself squirting over Jay’s hand has he continued to pump you and make you ride out your intense high.

“That’s it baby, fuck you’re so sexy, good girl” he moaned, encouraging you and making you feel less embarrassed as your sweet nectar dripped down your thighs and his arm. He slowed down with your body naturally, as the convulsions of your orgasm came to a slow and steady stop, before he stood up and pulled you back into his arms, looking at your fucked out, post orgasm face.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he said seriously, looking into your eyes with concern. You let out a small chuckle, putting your arms around him as he lifted you up to sit on the crate to get you off your feet in fear you would collapse.

“Yes…I’m fine but…that’s the first time that I ever…uhm…you know” you replied sheepishly, your cheeks turning red as Jay couldn’t help but find you completely adorable as he rested his forehead against yours, smiling and looking into your eyes.

“I bet there’s a lot of things you haven’t ever done, hmm?” his voice as soft, but sensual as you ran your hands along his body, a little damp from sweat. Jay kissed your forehead, before leaning back and retrieving his clothes before getting dressed and returning between your legs, smiling at you devilishly with his cheeky grin.

“What?” you giggled, cocking your head to the side and wondering what was on his mind. Jay placed his hands on your hips once more, before leaning into your ear and making you bite your lip and widen your eyes at his words, his tone laced with lust and desire.

“Why don’t you come home with me and I can show you all the things you’ve never done before?”


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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!”

Word Count: 4960

Warning: Smut

You snickered to yourself when you saw him fixing himself. With all the talk about how horrible she was, he still ended up in bed with her.

You stare at him from around the corner, he didn’t see as he quickly put on his shirt. He quickly walked out the door.

As the door closed behind him, you put down your things and went to the fridge to make a sandwich. Honestly, you weren’t jealous that he slept with her, you were angry that he’d kept the whole relationship a secret.’ Wow’ you thought to yourself. Christina was angry with you this entire time.

You sat at the table, eating, starring Christina down as she came out of the shower.

She was obviously looking for Jaebum but when she found you instead her nose turned up.

She walked over to you with a smug look on her. “How does it feel to know you got my leftovers twice?” She asked.

You fought back the urge to just slap her, because she deserved that and more.

“Christina get out of my face.” You said as you calmly took another bite.

“What do you want Bambam next?” She asked.

You chuckled, “No but where is he? I think he should know what you’ve been up to.”

Her face went white and you laughed. You were definitely gonna tell Bambam. He was the only one that didn’t hide something from you. The only true friend you had in this situation. You left her staring blank faced at where you. She probably didn’t think you’d actually think of a way to get back at her for being a smartass.

You called Bambam, he seemed happy to hear from you.

“Noona! I was getting dressed to come over!” He said excitedly.

You sighed realizing it would ruin his mood, because he really seemed to like her. He put all his time and effort into Christina.

“Let’s meet for coffee Bam. I have something important to tell you.” You said softly.

He was silent for a moment, “Okay. I’ll meet you at the cafe in 20 minutes.” He said.

You hung up and slipped on your jeans and plain tee.

When you walked out, Christina was standing at the door. “Don’t tell him Y/N! He’ll break up with me!” She said.

You laughed. “He should. You cheated on him!” You slipped on your shoes and walked right passed her.

“You BITCH!” she screamed at you as you closed the door in her face. You walked over the cafe and saw Bambam waiting for you.

“Noona, how are you?” Bambam asked as he hugged you. “I’ve been better” you answered. “Let’s get some pizza” he suggested. “That sounds good” you agreed. You both got your food and sat down.

“So how is Christina? Is she ok? She hasn’t answered any of my text messages or called me” Bambam sighed.

He continued “Noona, I tried so hard to please her, but I feel like I can’t make her interested in me. Am I doing something wrong?”. “No, you’re doing everything that’s right Bambam, she’s the problem” you reassured him.

“What do you mean?” he questioned. “Bambam, I don’t know how to say this…” you paused. “What is it?” he asked. “When I got back to the dorm, I saw Jaebum leaving Christina’s room” you said calmly.

Bambam grew quiet, he bowed his head down as he twirled his thumbs. “Are you sure?” Bambam asked. “Yes” you nodded.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed. “I knew something was going to happen” he admitted. You immediately looked at him and asked. “What do mean Bambam?”.He huffed and said “That night, when you and Jaebum were at the restaurant. The way she looked at him and you. I figured something was with them two”. “Bambam. You don’t deserve this. No one does” you said. He was forming tears in his eyes.

“Bambam” you said sadly reaching over for his hand. You continue “You deserve better”. He looked up and requested “Where is she now? I need to talk to her”. “She’s back in the dorm” you replied.

He got out of his seat and walked away. You followed behind him, he turned around and said “I need to do this alone Noona, nothing bad will happen, I promise” he forced a smile on his face. You gave him another hug before he walked away.

Your phone buzzed, you looked down and received a message from Jaebum.

Jaebum: Let’s meet up

You reply ‘No’ before you blocked his number.

You didn’t wanna hear anything else he had to say.

You hung around the cafe for about an hour. It might have been out of pettiness; but you felt better after telling Bambam what happened.

Mark texted you.

Mark: I’m coming to pick you up, baby. My parents went to visit some friends. Let’s go on a date.

You giggled excitedly as you texted him back with your location.  

After a while you felt a hand on your shoulder. You stood up quickly and excitedly, turning around to greet Mark.

Jaebum stood in front there with a smirk.

“You were so jealous seeing me with someone else, that you’re ignoring me?” He asked you. His arm snaked around your waist and he pulled you closer.

You pushed at him to move. “I’m not jealous. I just don’t want to talk to you anymore.” You said.

He leaned in close to you. “Jaebum stop. Get your hands off me.” You said.

He let out a sigh and let you go, his body still close to yours.

“Don’t forget what I was said. Nothing changes just because I hooked up with her. You’re my focus now.” he said.

You pushed him away, “Jaebum when we hooked up you didn’t give a shit about me. Don’t pretend you do now. It’s just about revenge on them.”

He laughed and gently kissed your cheek. “I’ll see you later. Looks like you someone is waiting to see you.” He walked away.

When he moved, you could see mark coming towards you. You looked at him with a soft smile.

He came to you quickly. “What was that?” He asked sternly.

You kissed his cheek and took his hand. You felt his resistance as you pulled him out of the cafe. You wrapped your arm around his and walked with your head on his shoulder.

“Y/N you’re not gonna tell me what’s going on?” He asked after a while.

“It’s nothing. He’s just annoying.” You say, “He’s trying to bother me. Don’t worry about it.”

You played down what was going on because you didn’t want it to bother you. But it did. Because he seemed to take your feelings as a joke.

You looked at Mark with a soft smile, “It’s okay babe. Its nothing.” You kissed his cheek again.

He smiled soft stopping and wrapping his arms around you hugging you tightly. He gave you a gentle kiss you on the forehead.

You smiled softly.

“You can tell me anything. Even if it about him.” He said softly, his lips still connected with your forehead.

You nodded softly and kissed his chin.

He smiled and continued walking.  

“You should go home and change. I’m bringing you to dinner with my parents.” He spoke happily.

“Really?” You say happily, “I can’t wait.”

He took your hand and he lead you back to your dorm.

You listened at the door for a moment before opening it. As you came in you saw Christina laying on the couch. You grabbed Mark’s hand and pulled him past her to your room.

“What should I wear, what kind of style does your mom trust?” You ask.

Mark laughed softly as he walked you going through your closet.

“Just wear something pretty. She already thinks you’re beautiful.” He said. You giggled lightly, “She does?” You ask.

Mark nods softly, watching you with a smile.

You grabbed one of your favorite dresses and a pair of shoes.

“What about this?” You ask, looking at him, curiously.

He came close to you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“You will look beautiful in anything you wear. My baby can rock anything she puts on.” He said.

You leaned up kissing him gently.

He started kissing you back, his hands running down to your ass.

You deepened the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

He pushed you up against the wall, gently gripping your ass. He lifted you up wrapping your legs around his waist.

You shut your eyes as his kisses gently guided down your neck and collarbone. Your hips roll against his as your fingers tangle in his hair.

One hand wrapped around your waist and the other worked on the button of your jeans.

He carried you over to the bed laying you down gently. You looked up at him as he took off his shirt and his jeans followed.

You sat up, pulling him closer by the hem of his boxers.

He looked down, licking his lip,a slight smirk across his face.

Your hand trailed down, carefully rubbing his member through his boxers. A slight groan slipped passed his lips. He pulled off your shirt and jeans as quickly as he could.  He pushed you back, and climbed between your legs. His hands gently caressing your sides as his lips attached with yours. You loosely wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands finding their way to his hair as you kissed him back passionately.

You felt as he took off his boxers, his erection laid against your leg. You rolled up your hips against him, grinding against his length. He moaned out low, his finger looped through the hem of your panties as he carefully slid them down your legs.

You bit your lip eagerly, hearing the tear of the condom wrapper. You giggled in anticipation as you felt him pressed against your entrance. He eased himself inside you, slipping his full length inside you. You moaned loudly, your back arching up off the bed.

Mark held you close to his chest as his hips slowly began to move.

You could feel yourself squeezing around his length as he thrusted deep inside you. His hands gripping your hips firmly as he thrusted roughly into your core. You moaned loudly and he let out soft pants into your ear as he thrusted deep inside you.

You gripped his hair tightly, looking into his eyes.

He looked back into yours with a mixture of lust and love. His mouth finding your neck, leaving hickeys all over.

The more rough his thrusts became closer you felt your climax approach. He groaned into your skin feeling you squeeze around him. His thrusts became less rhythmic and unsteady as he got closer to his. His moans became louder. He squeezed your ass, his thrusts harder each time.

Your fingers wrapped in his hair tightly. He kissed your neck aggressively, low growls disappeared into your skin.

You moaned out his name loudly, as he pushed you over the edge of your climax. His thrusts slowed. You ground your hips against him, riding out your orgasm. Mark sat up, a smirk across his face as his thumb rubbed your clit quickly, giving you slow and long thrusts. You threw your head back, screaming loudly. Your back arching off the bed. His other hand squeezed your hip roughly.

He let out a long groan as he came, filling up the condom inside you.

You closed your eyes as another orgasm washed over you.

He carefully pulled out from you. You opened your eyes, watching him throw away the condom and pull on his boxers.  He smiled down at you as he got dressed.

“Now we’re going to be late. “ you said.

Mark laughed, “It’s not my fault. You’re so sexy I couldn’t keep my hands off you.” He hovered over you, gently pressing a kiss against your lips.  You say up as he pulled away. “I’m gonna go shower, if we’re gonna be late already.” He laughed watching you go to your bathroom.

You ran to the shower. You couldn’t help but be excited over meeting with Mark’s parents. Even though you’d only been dating a little while he wanted you to know them. A big smile stretched across your face.

You quickly showered and got dressed. When you walked into your room you noticed Mark wasn’t there.

You called out for him, putting your shoes on.

“I’m in the living room!” He called out. You applied your lipstick before going out.

Mark was sitting on the couch watching tv. You looked over at Christina who was sitting on the opposite couch.

She glared at you, and you rolled your eyes. “Do you have something to say?” You asked her, folding your arms over your chest.

She scoffed and got up going to her room, closing the door with a big slam.

“What did she say to you?” You turned to Mark.

He stood up “She didn’t say anything. We just watched tv.”

“Don’t be around her anymore. She’s fast.” You said.

“She’s your roommate. How am I supposed to avoid her?” He laughed.

“She’s your ex girlfriend. You better find a way.” You snapped back.

Again he laughed and he hugged you.

“I’m not kidding Mark. I don’t want you around her. She gets on my nerves.” You said, your lips in a slight pout.

He kissed your lips gently. “Okay, I’ll try. Now can we go eat? My mom and dad are probably waiting for us.” He said, taking your hand and walking towards the door.

You followed him.

The restaurant was nice and seemed expensive. Mark’s father, Ray, told you to eat whatever you wanted and they all laughed as your eyes lit up when you saw the menu. Dorine, his mother looked at you fondly.

“You’re certainly the prettiest girl he’s introduced us to,” she started, “certainly classier than the last one.”

You laughed softly, leaning in “Does he introduce you to a lot of girls, Mrs. Tuan?” You asked.

“Of course he does. My son is a ladies’ man, just like his dad.” Ray interrupted.

You looked over at Mark with a raised eyebrow, “Oh really?” You asked. He laughed nervously.

“Don’t listen to Ray,” Dorine said, gently slapping her husband’s arm, “I was his second and last girlfriend and I had to ask him out. Mark usually doesn’t introduce girls to us this quickly into dating. You must be special”

You giggled softly, and covered your face. She was being so sweet it was making you blush.

“Are you all ready to order?” you heard from the waitor. You felt Mark squeeze your leg. You looked up and saw Jaebum.

You wanted to roll your eyes and groan but you didn’t want Mark’s parents to know anything.

You looked back down at your menu and said your order.

Mark went next; when it became Ray’s turn, he didn’t order.

“I think we should go to a different restaurant. I no longer want to eat here.” He said.

“Honey why would we go to another restaurant. You picked this place. Don’t be rude to Y/N” Dorine said.

“No it’s okay. We can go to another restaurant. He is paying for dinner.” You said softly.

“Good.” You heard Ray say. You looked up to see him getting up and walking away.

Dorine walked after him quickly.

You looked over at Mark and he shrugged standing up.

“I have no idea what’s gotten into him.” He said.

You stood up, following him out of the door.

You held his hand as you both followed behind his parents. You couldn’t hear them; but you could tell there was tension between them.

Your phone ding from a text message. You looked at it, a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: Already having dinner with his parents? You don’t think that’s moving too fast?

You already knew who it was. You sighed and put your phone back Into your coat pocket.

You followed Mark and his parents into a Barbecue restaurant.

“I’m sorry it’s not expensive.” Ray said.

You laughed softly “I don’t need expensive food. I just need to get full.” You patted your stomach with a big smile.

They laughed and you were seated.

“Y/N why don’t you come to America with us? We planned on taking Mark back for 2 weeks.” Dorine said

“Mark didn’t tell me that.” You looked at him as he stuffed a lettuce wrap in his mouth.

“His sister is getting married. I can’t believe he didn’t tell you that.” She said

You smiled and shook your head, “I guess it slipped his mind.” You laughed and started eating.

“So will you come with us? It’ll be lovely.” She asked.

You smiled and nodded, “It should be fun, I’d love to.”

“Great!” She said excitedly, “We’ll get your ticket and we’ll leave then.”

You smiled brightly once again “Sounds great”.

For the next two weeks, you tried your hardest to avoid Jaebum at all cost. You were not about to let him come between you and Mark. Every time you spotted Jaebum having his arm around Christina, you would immediately turn the other direction. He would spot you but you already vanished into the crowd.

“Y/N, you can’t hide from me forever, I miss you” he would text. You quickly delete his number afterwards. You couldn’t help but wonder why Jaebum so damn clingy all of sudden. He has Christina.

You exited out of your Physics class, neither Mark or Jaebum showed up. You looked to your left and saw Jaebum and Christina walking alongside each other. You quicken your pace to leave. “Y/N! Wait up!” Jaebum shouted running to you.

Christina yells behind him, “Oh so you’re just going to leave me for that hoe again!” You heard her and rolled your eyes, you turned the corner and you were almost out the doors until you felt a tight grip around your arm pulling you back.

“Hey!” you shouted turning around to see Jaebum dragging you into a supply closet. He quickly shut the door and locked it behind him.

“What the hell are you doing?” you snapped at him. “Shhhh, keep your voice down. Someone will hear us” Jaebum ordered. “What do you expect me to do, be quiet?” you said folding your arms.

“Actually that would be nice, yes” he smiled back. He stood quietly for a few more seconds. “Ok, I think that coast is clear now” he continued turning his attention back to you, “Why have you been avoiding me?”.

“Uhhh, if you haven’t noticed. I’m in a very happy relationship” you reminded. “Damn, I didn’t notice” he remarked. You rolled your eyes and asked “Don’t you have Christina?”.

“No, I don’t. I don’t want her. I want you!” he confessed. “You can’t have me anymore Jaebum” you reassured him, you continued “What we had, it was fun while it lasted. But I couldn’t keep going. I’m happy I met Mark.”

“Says who?” he questioned. “I say so” you snapped. He sighed.

“Look, I’m sorry for how Christina treated you in the past. But you should move on to something better” you advised. “You are better, you made me better” he said approaching you. “Jaebum” you whispered.

He pressed his finger against your lips to be quiet. “You have been patient with me and I’ve taken you for granted. You deserve everything. And if I can’t give it to you, I hope Mark can…. If he ever hurts you, I’m always here for you Y/N” he said so softly it gave you chills.

“Jaebum, I don’t know what to say” you whispered again. You felt him slide his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

“You don’t have to say anything” he whispered as his lustful breathing made you shake. Your eyes were locked on his. You stood frozen in his arms. He didn’t waste a second, he pressed his lips softly against yours. You slowly closed your eyes to savored the moment wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer.

You thought ‘No’. Your eyes opened and you quickly pulled away and pushed him. “No, I can’t” you declared. “Jaebum, I’m with Mark now. We can’t. I can’t. I love him!” you said shook your head.

He bowed his head slightly and sighed. He became extremely quiet.

You look down at your phone to see a text from Mark: “Where are you?”

“I have to go” you said grabbing your bag. Your eyes were starting to water. Before you reached for the doorknob, Jaebum hugged you, he didn’t want to let you go. He needed you and he came to realize it was too late. You shrugged him off and kissed his cheek. “I love you Y/N” as you opened the door. Your heart dropped.
You knew you can’t stay any longer let alone focus on him. You spoke “Good-bye Jaebum”. You walked out the supply closet with hopes of leaving Jaebum for good.

You wiped what tears were coming and calmed yourself down. You texted Mark on your way back to your room:”I’m headed to my room, meet me there”. He greeted you at the front of your dorm, you looked slightly sad. “Hey, you ok?” he asked as you walked to him. “Yeah, I’m fine” you said positively as you greeted him back with a kiss and head to your room.

“I don’t know what to wear on this trip” you said as you searched through your closet, trying to pick outfits. “Just wear something comfortable, it’s not like we’re meeting the Queen of England babe” Mark advised while eating ramen.

“See that’s why I love you, you make everything seem so simple” you said folding jeans into your suitcase. “You don’t have to dress to impress. Because once we’re alone, those clothes are coming off anyway” he smiled. “Babe!” shocked by his comment. “What?” he smirked back. “I guess you’re right” you agreed with him.

“I’m so happy to be here, my parents are driving me insane about the wedding. I’m ready for this be over” he said. You chuckled under your breath. You suddenly hear Mark’s phone ring. You can see his mom calling. “Speak of the Devil” he scoffed. He kept the phone ringing. “Well aren’t you going to pick it up?” you asked him. “It’s not important” he shrugged it off. “It’s your mom. Call her back” you instructed.

He sighed and called back. You stuck your head further into your closet to look for a dress for the wedding.

You heard Mark say “Hello” followed by an muffled angry voice “Where are you?!”, “Are you with Y/N!”. Mark answered “You know I’m with Y/N, who else would I be with?” he continued “I’ll talk to you later” and hung up.
“Woah, your mom sounds pretty upset” you said sorting through clothes. “Yeah, I guess”. “Is everything ok?” you asked. “Yeah. My mind has been on other things” he answered.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you insisted. “No, I’m fine, look I’m gonna go” Mark grabbing his stuff. You nodded.

“I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” he said leaving a peck on your lips. “Ok.” You hugged him.

“We’ll pick you up tomorrow morning around 8”. “Alright see you then” you smiled and closed the door behind him.

You continued packing, your mind kept drifting to Jaebum. You wanted to text him to see if he’s ok from earlier. But you wanted him to do the same. You didn’t receive a text a from Jaebum for the first time.

You figured it was over now and went to bed with a sense of guilt. Torn between Mark and Jaebum, you tossed and turn through the whole night.

Your alarm went off around 6:30. Mark and his parents will be coming soon. You got ready. You looked at your phone to see if Jaebum texted you. But it was Mark instead: “We’re on our way”.

You gathered everything and headed downstairs.

“Hi Y/N. So happy to see you again. Do you have everything you need?” Dorine asked. “Yes Ma’am” you said politely. You continued, “Thank you so much for inviting me”. You noticed she didn’t seem upset at all with Mark. “Oh you’re welcome” she said. Mark got out the car and helped you with your bags into the trunk.

“Hey babe” he greeted and pecked your cheeks.

“No, kissing in front of your parents I see” you noticed the difference. “It’s kinda embarrassing” he spoke in your ear. You nodded your head and sat next to him in the back seat.

“I saw that Mark” his father smiled. He continued “Moves just like your old man” winking at him. Mark’s face turned red. You couldn’t help but cover your face.

All four of you head to the international airport. You slept almost the entire way. You wake up occasionally to see Mark soundly asleep beside you with his hand on your thigh.

You arrived at LAX and claimed your bags. “The car is this way” Mr. Ray said leading the way.

You never seen Los Angeles, you passed through on a plane. The city is very lively. People from all over came to visit.

You arrived at Mark’s home, it was very comfy. “You have a nice home” you complemented. “Thank you so much sweetie” his mother smiled. Mr. Ray gave you a quick tour, “This is the lounge, this is our bedroom, this is the laundry room and  you’ll be staying in our spare room, the bathroom is right through this door. He pointed in the direction. He continued “The bathroom is also attached to Mark’s room as well, so you guys are going to have to take turns using the bathroom” and left for you to unpack.

“You like the room?” you heard Mark leaning against the door. “It’s very nice, the bed is comfortable and soft” you said sitting down on the bed.

He bit his bottom lip, quietly closed the door. He rushed towards you and climbed on top of you. “Mark!” you shouted, Mark quickly covered your mouth. You whispered “Your parents are down the hallway, we can’t do this”. He kissed you to keep you quiet and you fell for it. He spread your legs apart some more and started to grind his hips against you. He was hard underneath and he wanted you to know it. “Mark” you quietly whimpered into his ear as he laid kisses along your neck. He thrusted some more, the only fabric in the way were his jeans. But you knew this wasn’t a good time, you two could get caught.

“Y/N” Mark said. “Yes?” you responded. “I hope we have some time alone tonight” he said. “Yeah me too” you kissed him back.

You two heard a knock at the door and Mark quietly entered the bathroom. You quickly straightened yourself out and opened the door. “Sorry to disturb you Y/N but we’re about to gather downstairs and I’m going to cook. Would you like to join me?” she asked sweetly. “Yes Ma’am, I would love to” you said following her to the kitchen.

“His sister should be coming by later with her fiancee. So you will have a chance to meet them both. I’m sure she’ll love to meet you.”  she said grabbing pots and food.

“I’m looking forward to it” you said happily yet anxiety was setting in.

You helped Dorine cook dinner. Afterwards, you all gather around the living room and watched tv.
“I want some dessert” his dad spoke up. “Dessert is the last thing you need” Dorine said smugly.

“I do, I’m sure Y/N and Mark would like some too” he said.

“That sounds really good” you agreed. “That’s settles it, Mark! Go get some dessert. Do you remember where the restuarant is? he asked.

“I remember, I’ll be back” he said kissing you on the cheeks grabbing his keys. As soon as Mark left, “Oh Y/N, I’m sure you want to see Mark’s baby pictures” his mom chimed.

“Yes, Oh my God, I’m sure he was really cute” you cheered happily.

“Well it’s upstairs in the lounge, underneath the coffee table. It shouldn’t be hard to find” she instructed.

You went upstairs and opened the door to the lounge, it was dark. You turned on the light to see better. You saw three boxes underneath the table, you reached as far as you could and grabbed a box. You shuffle through the box, it didn’t have any photos, you put that one back. You grabbed another box, a letter was peaking out the top of the box. It was old and wrinkled, the pen writing was slightly fading.

You skimmed the letter.

It read: Dear Raymond,

I know you don’t want to be bothered with me but at least acknowledge your son. You wanted me to have an abortion. But I didn’t have one. I don’t believe you can end a child’s life that easy. You have a beautiful boy who is waiting to meet you. He needs to know his father and he wants to have a relationship with you. Accept him for his sake.

Your son is growing up nicely….

Love, your sweetheart

At the bottom of the page, was a picture of a boy smiling happily. He looked familiar. He looked like someone you knew because of the two moles above his left eye.

You turned the photo over to see Jaebum written on the back.

Thank you everyone for reading and waiting patiently. We hope you guys enjoyed Part 4. We greatly appreciate it!!! :)


Unexpected Love Part 9

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4.5| 5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8

Genre: Fluff & Angst
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jay Park
Summer: You never unexpected him to fall in love with you, because you already knew he didn’t felt the same away. Can you truly move on and be truly happy with someone else.

Where Did You Learn This?!- Descendants (Jay)

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Could you write one for Jay from Descendants? He’s like a realy good cook and you didn’t even knew it. So when you are craving for some expensive high quality dish. He’s like: “ Oh I can make it for you.” And then he happens to be even better than a top chef.

Warnings: none?

A/N: This is short, I know, but I didn’t really think this one needed it any longer, or else it would loose its charm? Does that make sense? Anyway, ENJOY!

Originally posted by fangirl--of-everything

*gif not mine* 

«I’m hungry.» You whined flopping down onto your bed, a pout on your lips. Jay only shook his head as he sat down at the end of your bed, a goofy smile on his lips. 

 «And what would you be hungry for, my lady?» He politely mocked. 

 «That steak thing we just saw on tv.» You answered rolling around your bed like a little child clutching your stomach. 

 «Oh, I can make that for you!» Jay shot up from his seat his face lighting up like the sun before he ran out of the room, leaving you baffled behind.


One and a half hour later Jay had ushered you to the kitchen, excitement evident in everything he did, even the smile on his face was full of excitement. 

«You just sit down here.» He instructed as he pulled out a chair for you to sit on by the counter, pulling out another chair for himself on the other side. 

 Jay steadily carried a plate with what looked like the food you had been craving now for an hour and more, just like he had taken it out of a picture. 

 «One filet mignon for my lady.» He said as he carefully placed the plate in front of you. 

 You were in awe at the food in front of you, and it looked so delicious! Jay stood for a second just looking at you with a happy look in his eyes, leaning himself against one of the poles on the kitchen, before he went to get his own plate. 

 You waited until he was seated across from you to dig into the food, and when you did a explosion of tastes erupted in your mouth. This was better than anything you had ever eaten and that one first bite made you pretty sure that Jay made this better than any other chef in the world could ever do. 

 «Where did you learn this?!» You asked, mouth full of food as you spoke, but you just had to ask. 

 «My dad values a lot of things, including food.» He said shrugging, before he went back to eating his own food, looking up at you from time to time. 

And each and every time a new smile appeared on his lips, just by the sight of seeing you happy.

Have You Learned Your Lesson? (M) // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: Jay knows all of the games you play to try and tip him over the edge - and it works like a charm each time.

A/N: No build up. Just pure smut, p.s - I’m going to hell.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, daddy kink, BDSM, spanking and dirty talking.

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Unexpected Love Part 10.0

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4.5| 5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9
Genre: Fluff & Angst
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jay Park
Summer: You never unexpected him to fall in love with you, because you already knew he didn’t felt the same away. Can you truly move on and be truly happy with someone else.

A/N: Feedback is always welcome.

List of Jai/Eric Imagines, Stories and One Shots.

Updated 12-28-2015

Here is a list of everything I have written so far for easier access.

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Earned It


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Kissing on My Tattoos-Tom Hardy Fan Fic


Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service Part 2

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All I Ask

Looking at this list I realize I need a social life. 

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what we have so far

Frank Castle:

Suicide Squad:

Boyd Holdbrook

Colin Farrell

Tom Holland

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Who else gets annoyed at an idol after reading and angst fanfic?

Like I know it’s not actually him it’s just a character but I can’t help but be a little annoyed at him.

One Strange Night // Jay Park & Im Jaebum College AU!(M)

Originally posted by ohsexyguys

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader x Im Jaebum

Genre: Smut, threesome

Summary: You live with Jay and Jaebum in a student house near to your university, and things get very interesting one night that you all decide to watch a movie instead of going out partying.

A/N: Please note that this scenario is rated mature and contains content of a sexual nature including threesomes, oral, orgasm denail, begging, lots of dirty talk. (Also, sorry for using two GIFs but there are no GIFs with these two boys together to my knowledge!)

They say that your days at college are the most stressful and crazy days of your life – and this was true. Not only did you have mountains of work to hand in and make near impossible deadlines, you had seen some pretty crazy shit, both on and off campus.

You lived in a student share house; you and two other boys. The first was Jay Park, born and raised in Seattle who was majoring in music production – and if he could put full time party boy down on his resume, that would be applicable too. The second was Im Jaebum, a study abroad student from South Korea who moved in around the same time as you and Jay. When you first met him, his English was barely coherent thus him keeping to himself most of the time – but now, 2 years down the line, you and Jay had him talking like he was from down the road, causing the three of you becoming close; even though your personalities differed greatly.

Living with 2 handsome men wasn’t easy. Actually, most of the time, living with men wasn’t easy; period. More than often, they left things lying at their backside for you to clean up, and not one of them knew how to work a cooker or washing machine to save their lives. You wondered how they survived up until this point, and then it clicked with you that these boys had lived with their Mothers all their lives – and now living with you, you took it upon yourself to mother them when and if so necessary. Not only because you wanted to help them; you also had a huge crush on both of them too.

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The Mighty Pine - 2


a/n: I hope everyone has as much fun reading this as i did writing it!

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Warning: drinking and people getting frisky!

Captain Boomerang X OFC // Suicide Squad

word count: 5,265

With a yawn you closed the door to the small bedroom behind you while you tugged at the waist of your skirt, adjusting so it rested comfortably on your hips. Wandering into the dingle, you followed the sound of your aunt singing to herself and crossed the wooden planks on the floor, stopping by the stove to hold out your hands to warm them by the cast iron as you hummed along.

“Look who decided to join us!” Rosemary teased, peering over her shoulder from the prep counter where she stood. “Go make yourself useful and show Digger how to peel potatoes. He can’t do it without taking half the flesh with the skin.” Looking to the other side of the room you noticed the man seated on a small, three legged stool, grumbling over the waste bin next to a basket full of spuds. After pulling on an apron, you grabbed another stool sitting down to join him him, taking a moment to watch what he was doing. It wasn’t long before you began to spot his mistakes.

“Here, let me show you.” Reaching forward you placed your hands over his. “You want to hold the knife like this with your fingers,” you explained as you adjusted his grip. “Then when you cut, you want to curl your fingers in as you pull your wrist back, trying to just run the blade along the surface. You’re peeling, not cutting.” You couldn’t help but notice how your hands seemed minuscule in comparison to his, just barely covering the back of his as you demonstrated the movements.

You were more than aware of how close you sat next to him, letting your arms overlap his as you corrected his technique. Without prompting, Digger leaned to the side, dropping his head so his lips you could make contact with your neck. You flushed as he unabashedly scattered kisses along your throat, taking full advantage of the fact that your aunt had her back turned.

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