Ninjago Movie Headcanons: Weaponry

Lloyd: Insane with two dual swords/ katanas. He mastered one sword easily so he challenges himself with two. His favorite move is to slice flip slice-as we saw in the trailer. Other weapons of choice: one sword, two knives, or a staff.

Kai: One sword. He knows more single sword tricks and moves than even Lloyd. The sword is like an extension of his hand, it is completely balanced. He loves to fight two enemies with one sword because it makes him feel powerful. Other weapons of choice: none (he spent so much time on single sword he can’t expertly use any others).

Nya: Master with a javelin because it is the most difficult ninja weapon, according to Wu. It’s the second heaviest weapon on the team because I the incredibly heavy metal spear at the top, and she holds and twirls it like it’s a baton. She can take down half a dozen enemies in 2.56 seconds with one twirl. Other weapons of choice: sword, double katana, or a blow dart.

Jay: Numchucks, baby. He has insanely quick reflexes (the fastest on the team) so his mind is wired for the quick and delicate movements with the numchuck. He was covered in bruises when he first started training with them, but refused to choose another weapon to become an expert with because “numchucks were fun!” He also has great ears and can attack an enemy when they are sneaking behind him. Other weapons of choice: sword, blow dart, and a shuriken.

Zane: He is very good at all ninja weaponry but the team elected him to be their archer. As a robot, he is the most accurate archer in their city, and probably their universe. He never misses a shot and is incredibly agile on the rooftops. His robotic tech created different types of arrows for different enemies. He can also do hand to hand combat with his bow as a weapon. Other weapons: blow dart, sword, and two shurikens.

Cole: He uses the war hammer. It’s by far the heaviest weapon on the team (Jay can barely swing it above his head). He uses his strength and the strength of the hammer to crush enemies. On stealth missions he resorts to his nifty scythe, but he’s more comfortable with the bad boy- the hammer. Also, it goes really well with his outfit. Other weapons: scythe, sword, and his fists.

Tonight I’m Falling.

I have not sat down and written something more than a paragraph in the longest time, and boy did it feel good to spend my Sunday doing just that. Inspired by the rain I woke up to this morning and continued to fall steady for the next 7 hours. Also, shoutout to April the Giraffe whose live feed I’ve been watching while I write. All mistakes are of my own accord. 

It is days like today, when the window is copping a hammering of sleet, the sky an unpromising dark grey, and people are huddled around the coffee maker or heater, praying the power doesn’t go out leaving them all chilled to the bone, that Erin Lindsay wishes she was somewhere far from Chicago. California perhaps. Though California has sand, and she’s not a huge aficionado of the tiny granules being in places they should definitely not be. 

Hearing movement in front of her desk, Erin drags her eyes away from the window and the world outside of the 21st, and smiles warmly, kindly – a stark contrast to what she was looking out at just moments ago – towards her partner, sleet crystallising his hair and his nose pink from the cold, who is placing a takeaway coffee cup in front of her, steam escaping the vent in the lid, and her smile grows knowing he’d asked for hers to be extra hot. Reaching for the cup, her smile deepens as the heat instantly warms her fingers. Taking a testing sip, she sighs in content as the warm liquid burns it way down her throat, warming her from the inside out. 

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jay park x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Jay Park (AOMG) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I still have two night shifts to do and my brain is mildly blegh right now, plus I’m watching Shrek which we all know is what you need playing in the background when you write. Hopefully it still turned out alright. c:

Summary: “Can I get a Jay Park scenario? where u are a very known artist in the state and you happen to know his mother,and you’re very close until one day she finally takes you out to meet her son and you find out that it’s jay and you just kiss each other and u are so happy, but she felt disappointed that no one of u told her cuz she took you as a daughter and he is her son.., after that you consol her and he sees how how amazing you are and he just says in front of everyone that he loves u fluff pls♡♡” - leyarren

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sweet-mcblizzard  asked:

You should do a Jay and Carlos, where there in a heated make out session, but Mal and Evil walk in.

Here you go!


In a tangle of limbs and laughter, Jay managed to pin his best friend to the rug on their dorm room floor. “You may be getting stronger from practice, Carlos, but you still can’t best me.” Jay bragged, sitting back on Carlos’ stomach and using his forearm to pin Carlos’ shoulders down. With his other arm, Jay reached for his phone in his back pocket and whipped it around as Carlos struggled.

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Hyuk Woo grinned eagerly looking over his shoulder. There you were having a small lunch meeting with Sunghwa. AOMG recently signed you on as their newest artist and Hyuk Woo was absolutely smitten.

He smiled seeing you laugh, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear while you talked over your debut album concept. You looked up and smiled seeing Hyuk Woo looking at you, and gave him a small wave. His eyes widened in a small panic before he squeaked and turned around hastily.

“Smooth…” Jay chuckled taking a seat across from Hyuk Woo.

He winced looking up at him. “Do you think she saw that?”

“Nah-Nah. Of course not” he laughed. “I mean…only if she has eyes.” Jay couldn’t help but tease him at the little crush he had on you. Hyuk Woo was just so shy, and hopeless.

“Hyung!” Hyuk Woo whined.

“Just ask her out.”

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Jay held onto Yeon’s hand, taking her back to his bedroom. He knew exactly what he had been looking forward to and what he wanted to do to her. She stared him straight in the eyes, as he pulled her into his room. He let her hand go, but only to close the door. His room was black and white in color, a king-size bed in one corner of the room, Jay pushed her to sit on his bed as he stood in front of her. 

“I don’t wanna go back now, but I will if you want. Are you ok with this?” He moved to, dim the lights in the room. 

“Yes, I want you.” She heard him suppress a groan. 

Yeon pulled her legs underneath her body, and Jay came close pulling them loose. “No, no stay just like this.”

He took a step backwards, and pulled his shirt over his head. His heavy breathing made his stomach move in and out, the contours and lines of his body, flexing. Yeon looked away, feeling bashful all of a sudden. She looked back to Jay winking at her, as he put a hand on his belt buckle, undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants. He let them fall to the floor, just in his boxers now. Jay approached Yeon slowly, licking his lips as he did so, rubbing his tattooed hands together. 

“You know what I’ve been thinking about?” He rubbed his hands on her knees, moving up to her thighs. 

Yeon leaned her head back, as he pulled her shirt over her head. “What?”

“This moment. How I would get you naked.” Jay’s lips kissed down her neck. “How I would make you moan for me.” He unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them down her brown legs. 

He removed her bra with one hand, tossing it aside, he looked at her, then into her eyes. “Tell you how beautiful you are, your skin…this is what I love the most.” His left hand, the one with the tattoos she adored, ran down her throat, between her breasts, and down her stomach. 

Jay leaned back on his knees. “Take them panties off girl, real slow.” 

God, could he be anymore alluring? Yeon had never experience anything like this before, he was confident and sexy. He made her feel wanted and beautiful, not for her looks, but for who she was. Her hands shook a little as she hooked her thumbs under her panties. Jay’s hand shot forward stopping her. 

“What’s wrong? Do you not want to do this?” Yeon licked her lips, looking up at him. 

“No, I want to. I’m just nervous.” Jay grinned, he captured her lips with his own, stealing her breath, as he kissed her deep and hard. His hands moving hers to feel on his hard stomach.

She rubbed her fingers over his flesh, he moved his tongue over hers, when he no longer felt her hands shake, he leaned back once more, slapping her thigh. 

“Panties off.” She felt calmer, she removed her panties, and closed her legs, holding them closed at the knee. 

“Open your legs, why be shy now?” Jay tapped on her hands, waiting for her to comply. 

“You’re making me feel…I don’t know, insecure? About the way I look.” Jay rolled his eyes, he took her hands, moving her so she was on her stomach. 

That’s when he noticed her extensive tattoo on her back. A cherry blossom tree in bloom, the black and gray of the tree beautiful, making the pink blossoms all the more stunning on the branches. It was covered by her clothing, now revealed in it’s full glory.

“You didn’t tell me you had a tattoo.”His hand moving down her back. 

“You never asked.” She turned her face to look at him, smirking. 

“First, let me say this: Don’t let me hear you say that. You’re beautiful, and I don’t fuck with ugly girls. If I tell you that, what anyone else says doesn’t matter.” He slapped her ass, kissing the small of her back. “Second, don’t sass me. Turn over, get to the head of the bed, Hold the headboard and open your legs, don’t make daddy tell you twice.” Yeon shivered, she felt her core moisten, warmth spreading as she obeyed his commands.

She held the headboard, trying not to let her fingers go numb as she did so. Jay moved both hands up her feet, then up her legs, over her thick thighs. As he went down, one hand went up to her breasts, kneading them, as the other found her pearl and began to move in small circles. He didn’t stop until she started to move around, but only then did he move his mouth towards her. His tongue and lips starting to work on her body. She moved one leg over his back, as he pushed his tongue into her. Yeon arched her back, eager for him to push her over the edge, a thin sheen of sweat broke out over her body and she moaned deep. Jay moved his mouth from her, wiping his lips. 

“Wha? Why did you stop?” Yeon asked, coming out of a daze. 

“This party ain’t all about you.” Jay darted up to her face quickly taking her, face in his hands. “Why are you questioning me? Did I tell you that you could speak now?” 

He positioned himself at the head of the bed, grabbing her arm to move her between his legs. “Stop asking questions and make me feel good, maybe then I’ll finish on you.” 

Yeon raised an eyebrow at him, but he was quick to punish her, slapping her ass hard enough to make the sound echo in the room. She yelped, reaching to rub her ass, but he stopped her, pushing her head down . “Now.” 

The sting of the slap, and the roughness of his hands on her made her wetter, She opened her mouth engulfing him fully. Eyes on his face as he, leaned his head back, mouth open. “Just like that.” 

He pushed into her mouth, watching her move with him, her nails running down his chest, creating an arcing sensation that electrified him to his core. Jay had enough of this, he needed to feel her warmth. He moved himself away from Yeon’s mouth, pushing her down on the bed where she was, his mouth covering hers, as he positioned himself near her entrance. 

“Ready?” His lips moved over hers, kissing down her jawline. 

“Yes, do it.” She breathed heavily, as Jay fell inside her in swoop. 

Her nails held onto his shoulders, legs wrapping around his waist, as he moved within her. His face contorted in pleasure, as she whined beneath him, egging him on, with her sounds and movements. 

“Just like that, oh god.” Her ankles rubbing against the skin of his back. 

Jay leaned his body up, her legs around his neck, as he positioned himself once more. Thrusting away inside of her, his hands finding purchase on her waist. Yeon felt herself reaching her fever pitch, her hands tangled in the blanket, she closed her eyes, waiting for the moment when she couldn’t take it anymore. Just as Jay, slid home once more, she called his name, feeling herself shake. 

They laid in quiet comfort, in his bed. It was useless to try to go home now. Jay was already fast asleep, snuggled into her back, snoring lightly. She smiled, turning over to kiss his nose, falling asleep as well. 

The next morning, Jay made them breakfast, Yeon showered and borrowed some of his clothing to go home in, but not before he caught her fresh out the shower, and repeated what happened last night. She went home happy, and sore, plugging her phone in to charge. As soon as it did she was bombarded with missed call notifications and texts. They were from Jun Seo, her mother, and Marcella. She grinned, calling Marcella, knowing it was late there but that she would answer.

“Hello?” A groggy voice answered. 

“I know it’s late I’m sorry, but I have to tell you. I slept with Jay, we are official.” She bit her lip, listening to Marcella squeal on the other line, clearly awake now. 

“You nasty. Spill this tea, girl, I know it’s hot. Is he big? Was he selfish? What happened to Jun Seo?”

“Oh, I have the receipt.” Yeon laughed, recounting the entire story to Marcella. 

Marcella clucked her tongue at Yeon, after listening to everything. “I have to agree with Jay, I don’t agree with what you did, but you know that already. I’m just glad you’re happy. Introduce your dad to Jay. He’s a CEO of his OWN company. How can he be mad at that? He’s lovable.”

“I know. I’m going to. I can’t go on like this anymore.” Yeon rubbed her eyes, wincing as she folded her legs. 

“Also, tell Jun Seo what’s up. Just call him, and let him know, you can’t see him anymore. Jay is right.” She knew Marcella was nodding her head in that ‘you know I’m right’ way she had. 

“I know. I just feel like it’s gonna be a painful conversation.” Yeon looked out her window, sighing. 

“It probably will be, it’s not like y’all had actual sex. Although maybe you shouldn’t have teased him with a taste.” Marcella laughed. 

“Mmm thanks, mom.” Marcella groaned. 

“You know I’m right, I usually am.” Yeon scoffed at her.

The girls bid each other goodbye, and Yeon hung up the phone, looking down at Jun Seo’s number. She should call but; no, she would call her parent’s first. Her mother picked up the house phone, knowing it was her. Yeon apologized to her mother, but said she didn’t want to apologize to her father, she was right. Which her father heard, because he was standing near the phone, and almost made another argument. 

“Dad, listen, please. I’m dating someone. He’s nice, sweet and…I could love this guy. He’s the CEO of his own company. He’s successful. Please, can I just bring him tonight and y’all can meet him? Please.” 

Her father sighed. He wasn’t giving in, and neither was she but he would meet this mystery man. 

“What kind of company?” Her father inquired. 

Yeon searched her mind for what to say. She couldn’t say music. “Entertainment.” 

He said nothing, speaking to her mother in Chinese, which Yeon hated when he did that. Her mother came on the line again. “Yes, bring him tonight. I’m actually interested in meeting him.” 

Yeon squealed, thanking her mother, telling her she loved her, before hanging up. Now to call Jay.

They stood outside her parent’s home. Yeon in a sleeveless A-line, black dress, and Jay in a black button up, and slacks. She fixed his tie, and smoothed his hair down. 

“I really feel like, we should be dressed up more, than this. These are your parents.” He held his neck up, waiting for her to finish fixing his tie. 

“You look good. Trust me. I don’t want you to look too try-hard.” She pecked his lips, wiping her gloss off his lips. “Just be yourself, that’s what I love about you.” 

She held his hand on the way up, the stairs, running a hand over her twisted pompadour style. “So you love me?” Jay asked her. 

Yeon turned to face him, her face feeling hot. “I-.” 

Her mother opened the door, stopping her from answering. “Mom.” Yeon stepped inside, kissing her mother’s cheek. “This is Park Jae-Beom. You can call him Jay.” 

“Isn’t he supposed to tell me that?” Her mother asked? Bowing towards Jay slightly, before offering her hand. 

Jay bowed deeply in return. “Please call me, Jay, Mrs. Hyo; this is for you.” He offered her a bottle of champagne. 

Mrs. Hyo looked at the bottle before smiling. “Dom Perignon. Well, you have my vote.” 

Jay and her mother laughed, continuing the rest of the way into the house, as she showed them the dining room. “Your father will be here in a bit. I don’t think he expected you both to be so dressed up.” 

Her mother grinned at them before leaving. 

“Your mom is cool.” Jay said, sliding an arm around her waist. 

“She always is. It’s my father, who I’m worried about.” She laid her head on Jay’s shoulder. 

“It will be fine sexy. I’m a charming guy.” He rubbed her back, slowly. 

They stood around, until her father walked in. Looking all business and no pleasure, as he stood in the doorway, taking in the sight of who this Park Jae-Beom was. He looked at both Yeon and Jay, moving to the head of the table, as a server brought in food setting it down. 

“Park Yeon.” He called her name. “Last time you were here, you rushed out. I won’t have that again.”

Yeon’s mother came in behind her husband, tapping him on the shoulder. “Not in front of guests, we will sort that out later.”  Her mother, took her seat. “Yeon greet your father, properly and sit.” 

Yeon stared at her mother, she was still angry at her father; but she needed his approval right now. Swallowing her pride she moved from Jay’s side and bowed to her father. “I’m sorry abeoji.”

He nodded his head at her. “Who is this young man?”

Jay moved forward, bowing as well, before offering his hand. “I’m Park Jae-Beom, please call me Jay, Mr. Hyo, it’s a pleasure meeting you.” 

She watched her father’s eyes on Jay’s hand tattoo, before shaking his hand. “Welcome to my home. Please sit.” 

Yeon met her father’s eyes, as he looked at her. She looked away, watching as Jay pulled out her seat, helping her to sit, before sitting down himself. 

“So, what do you do, Jay.” Her father asked, as her mother spooned food onto his plate. 

“I’m CEO of AOMG, along with a friend of mine, Simon Dominic. I’m also a singer, and a producer.” Jay watched as Yeon fill his glass with the Perignon. 

“What does AOMG stand for? Yeon didn’t tell me entertainment as in an idol.” Once again her father cut his eyes at Yeon, who ignored him. 

“Above Ordinary Music Group. I don’t really consider myself an idol, like some of the others out there, but, I can see how some would say that.” Jay smiled, his hand coming to rub Yeon’s leg to soothe her under the table. 

“I see.” Her father replied. “How did you meet my daughter.” 

Yeon was about to come up with a clever lie, but Jay poked her side. “At a club. I know how that sounds but; I don’t go often, I’m glad I did though. I saw her, and I had to know who she was. She’s smart and beautiful. She’s told me how she favors you both.” 

Yeon smiled, so Jay was going to be all flattering. She hoped it worked. Her mother asked a few questions, looking at Yeon as she asked them, knowing full well her daughter was probably spending a lot of time at Jay’s house. It didn’t bother her though, Yeon was a grown woman, and could make her own decisions. Her husband however. Mr. Hyo was quizzing Jay left and right, asking him questions that Yeon was embarrassed about. Jay kept rubbing her leg under the table to calm her. The dinner seemed to go well enough, her father smiled and laughed a few times. After dinner and dessert, she walked Jay to the door. 

“I won’t be long, go to my place? I’ll text you the code, just wait for me.” Jay grinned at her, pecking her lips chastely. 

“Naughty girl, I just got done, meeting your folks. I suppose your gonna soothe me after your dad just quizzed me to hell?” One of his fingers ran down her throat, as he gave her a definite bad boy face.

“Maybe.” She hugged him tight. “Thank you for this.” 

Jay wrapped his arms around her, snuggling his face into her neck. “You don’t have to thank me. I’m your man. I’m supposed to be doing this.” 

They parted ways, and Yeon quickly grabbed her phone, texting Jay the  code to her building and then her apartment, before finding her parents in the parlor, waiting on her. 

Yeon closed the door behind her, as he mother started talking. “I can see that he cares a lot about you, and that you care for him. He’s smart, charming and sensible. Almost 30 and the CEO of his own company, and its successful. I’m for this, until Yeon doesn’t want it anymore.” 

Her father scoffed. “Jasmine please! Did you see his hands? His head! He had tattoos, like…a convict! I did a quick search of him as well. Sex, is all that boy wants. No, I do not approve. Jun Seo is good for you. He will make you a good Korean wife.” 

Yeon felt her face heat up, she tried to cool her temper. “It would do you well to remember, that I am not full Korean. I’m a black woman. Like my mother.” 

Her father stood up. “I know that! Do not try to twist my words, and make me say something I did not.” 

Mrs. Hyo stood up, standing in between them. “Both of you will keep your voice down! I’m tired of this. we will discuss this calmly like family,I’ll be right back and you-” She pointed to Mr. Hyo will respect our daughter and understand her point. “You-” She pointed to Yeon. “Respect your father.” 

Her mother left the room, and Yeon stared hard at her father, as he stared at her. 

“He probably loves me. He treats me right, he’s a good man. The tattoos mean nothing, it’s art! If it bothers you so much to know! I have a tattoo!” Her father gasped, shaking his head. 

“No doubt that boys doing.” Yeon groaned. 

“You know nothing about me! I’ve had it since I was 18. I love him. I’m going to date him, and you can’t stop me.” She crossed her arms over her chest. 

“No! You are my daughter! You are wreckless, and rude. You don’t listen to me, and I will not have it. You are here in Korea, so I can keep an eye on you, and make sure you stay in line. You will finish school, you will get a good job, you will marry Jun Seo, and I will hear no more about it. Forget that boy. He can offer you nothing!” 

“I don’t want him to give me anything! I want someone who wants me for me, not because I’m pushed on them, by my father. You are trying to make me into someone I am not! I will never be a good, little obedient Korean girl. I am always going to be independent, self-thinking and myself. This is me. If you don’t like who I am then just say it.” Tears streamed down Yeon’s face as she looked at her father. 

“I love you.” Her father said, stunning her. He had hardly ever said that to her. “But you leave me no choice, with your words and actions. You are rebellious, and I will not have it. The boy-”

“His name is Jay. Jay Park.” She sniffled. 

“I don’t care! He is not for you Park Yeon. What don’t you understand? You are a of a higher caliber of person. He is beneath you! He sings of sex, and women, and probably clubs all the time. When his time as an idol is up, he will have nothing and be no one.” Her father threw his hands up in the air. “You will meet with Jun Seo tomorrow.” 

“I won’t.” 

“Park Yeon!” Her father stood in front of her, his face red in anger. 

“Stop it! He is nothing. Don’t think I did not see him touching you in my house! No more! You will move home, tomorrow.” 

“Yea, well he’s done more than just touched me, and no, you can’t make me do anything. I wish I never came back to Korea.” 

She didn’t see her father lift his hand smacking her face hard. Yeon felt her knees hit the carpet, and the blood swell up in her mouth. Her mother screamed, dropping the water bottles she held, as she ran to Yeon’s side. 

“Hyo Ji Sung, what is wrong with you! Oh my god, Yeon.” Her mother kneeling by her side, as she tried to look at Yeon’s face. 

Scrambling to her feet, Yeon held her sore jaw, as she turned to look at her father, tears streaming down her face. Her heart was going to burst in her chest, as she saw her father’s stunned face, and her mother crying. She didn’t know what to do, she turned and ran from the house, she got into her car, thankful that they drove separately, and sped all the way to her home. Her mother calling her, again and again. Yeon turned off her phone as she ran into the elevator of her apartment, and hit the floor crying. How had this all happened like this? He hit her. Her father never laid a hand on her, and he slapped her. She cradled her face, as she walked slowly, to her apartment, remembering she left her shoes. It didn’t matter, Jay was sitting on her couch, feet on the table as she came through the door, and slumped onto the floor. Rushing over to her, he asked her repeatedly what was wrong, as she cried on his chest. He pulled her away, looking down at her face, anger clouding his features, before he picked her up, carrying her to the couch. Ice in hand he returned pressing it to her swollen cheek. He said nothing, letting her cry, on his chest, as he held her tight. 

Chapter Six

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Someone has a boner~~

Jay: [internal screaming]

Error: [his eyes dart towards Jay momentarily and he turns away, blushing exponentially brighter than before]