Dating Reggie Mantle would include....

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  • Your BFF Betty not liking that you two are dating
    • You don’t care because he makes you happy
    • The rest of the gang being okay with it because they see the way he looks at you
  • Learning about the play book and getting mad because Reggie’s name is in it next to some random girl
    • Him assuring you he has changed and he only has eyes for you
  • Kevin calling you “The new Bey & Jay of Riverdale High”
  • Stealing his letterman jacket
    • Giving his jacket back after it no longer smells like him just so that he can wear it before you take it again
    • Supporting him at his football games
  • Having a special rock at Sweetwater River where you to go and just chill and sometimes more ;)
  • Reggie being big on PDA
    • make out sessions in the locker room
    • and empty classrooms
    • and the students lounge
    • and… well, everywhere else
  • Reggie pissing you off and then telling you how much he loves you
    • “I love you too, you fucker.”
  • Lots of teasing
    • Especially about your height compared to him
    • Him being very overprotective
    • Lots of cuddles
    • Hugs from behind
  • Trying to keep Reggie from picking on Jughead and failing (sometimes)
  • Him being a sweetheart to you despite being a “tough” jock
  • There would be so many pictures of each of you on the other’s phones


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  • The Carter household just got a little bit bigger. Multiple sources have confirmed to Us Weekly, People and E! News that Beyoncé has given birth to twins. 
  • The newborns arrived earlier this week, according to Us Weekly’s sources. That now makes three children for music’s power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, whose oldest child, Blue Ivy, was born in January 2012. Read more. (6/17/17, 11:06 PM)

I hate people who go out of the way to be like “instead of caring about whats happening around the world all yall wanna do is talk about Beyoncé” like YES BITCH. With all the hate and sadness in the world, it’s a breath of fresh air hearing something as beautiful as Beyoncé being blessed with twins.
And theres this thing human beings can do which is actually quite amazing, called multitasking. We can care about many things at once. Just because we are talking about Beyoncé now, it does not mean we forgot about whats going on. Holy fuck, let us be happy. 



This is for those who think she’s doing this to capitalize off of black people for profit (which doesn’t make much sense at this point in her career. If she wants to make significant financial gain, she would sell out for white dollars like some of these other artists).