jay talks

*me overthinking*:

So if Jay came out as bisexual And fucked both guy and girl pillow -but the motel pillow said that being bi is being gay and knowing that the pillows are talking in Jay’s imagination so practically they know as much as he does… so does it mean that Jay is aware of him being gay but pretending being bi so not to seem gay by kissing a boy??? 🤔🤔🤔

*other people*

…‘Kay but why did he fuck…'kay

You remember the Q&A Sides vid??

Remember when Patton made the joke about birds flying in a v shape??? And Virgil started to give a little laugh before immediately slapping a hand to his mouth???

What if that wasn’t Virgil doing that? What if, instead of Virgil simply not wanting to show that he found it funny, it was actually somebody else shutting him up??

What if Deceit was trying to stop Virgil from showing any enjoyment in being around the other sides? What if it was his way of saying ‘no. stop that. you can’t like them.’

This was the time Virgil still acted like Anxiety, after all. And what Dark Side would want to lose the support of the literal manifestation of the host’s fear?

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Is it just me

Or is Forsaken (as brilliant as it was) literally just a cover for聽鈥淪hit All Over Zavala Time鈥? Ikora is being unnaturally cruel towards him from what I鈥檝e seen, first calling him a coward and then criticizing how he handles his own grief, other lore tidbits describe Petra being particularly vicious at him being unwilling to take Reef Awoken into the City (I think that鈥檚 what it was, only read it late last night and I can鈥檛 fully recall) and even fans are going for his throat because of his Very Sensible Decision not to go to war with Uldren and the Barons. Like what the fuck?

Is Bungie playing some kind of game here to get everyone to hate Zavala? Like? What? I don鈥檛 understand?

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so i know we’re talking about the playoff beards but are we talking about them enough? imagine tho:

-jack walking into the kitchen, rubbing at his stubble a bit. bitty can hear the faint scratching and wonders what it would feel like against his cheek, the back of neck…

-bitty not being able to look jack in the eye without a constant internal monologue of HOT DAD HOT DAD HOT DAD

-when the beards start getting longer, jack gets lil bits of food stuck in the beard (like bit’s flaky pie crust) and bits gets into the habit of brushing it out (and maybe his hand lingers a second too long) and jackie “hearteyes” zimms gives him the smollest lil smile as thanks