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As a proclaimed “ice queen” you had made the executive decision to avoid relationships. Jay being a proclaimed “play boy” has set you in his sights. At first it seems that he genuinely seems to care. But you can’t quell the fact that everyone sees him out partying every night, or the fact that his “best friend” is a little too close to him for your own comfort.

It’s the year 2040


Momoland Boom Boom has once again begun climbing back up the charts.

CL and Blackpink have yet to release an album.

Jay Park still looks twenty three years old.

ARMYs and Exo-ls are still arguing though this time it’s because of a mistranslation.

ReVeluvs are still trying to figure out the meanings behind each Red Velvet music video.

Twice are still criticised for making girly bops.

Girls Generation have not disbanded and are still going strong despite dropping two songs every few years.

NCT now officially has over seven hundred members.

Mark is in in every single NCT sub-unit.

Dean has collaborated or produced a song for every artist known to humanity.

Jessi still remains the unbothered queen she’s always been.

Monsta X have become the international meme resource.

Namjoon still hasn’t received a hand shake.

Yixing has returned to multiple idol making shows, constantly shutting down contestants to the point some shows have had to be cancelled due to lack of contestants.

Somi has joined and left fourteen different groups.

Sistar still hold the crown for iconic summer queens.

B.A.P are still making songs about betraying each other.

Day6 Jae has yet to receive his lunch money.

BamBam is. Still. Dabbing.

iKON are still in Japan, slowly becoming a jpop group.

G-Dragon still can’t recognise his own music in 2x dance segments.

kpop stans:

*sees a touched up, clear picture of bias* - wow omg :) so cute :)

*sees a blurry lq picture of bias* - THE LOVE OF MY LIFE 💖💗💘💕💕 THEY LOOK SOOOO 💖💗💗💕GOOD 💖💗💗💖AESTHETICCC💗💗💕💘💕💖 WOW IM SOAKING UP THE SUN ☀️💕💖☀️NEVER BEEN SO BEAUTIFUL 💖💗💕💘

Me: I'm tired of these perverted, over-hyped songs. I'm a sophisticated pers- *Mommae comes on*

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