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Jay Park:Video Girl

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You nervously walk into the audition room and stand in a line next to other girls.You freeze when you see Jay Park himself sitting in the seat laughing as his manager makes a silly joke to make him laugh.(Gif above)

You stand in line when the other girls push you to the end of the line making fun of you for being the only black girl to make it this far.Jay watches all the girls dance until it’s your turn to dance.You walk up in front of them and Jay asks “You’re Y/N right?”

You nod and he says “Show me what you got.”

You take off your jacket and stand in a leotard with fishnet leggings and heels on.You fix your Afro and start to dance to the music while blocking everyone out.You start to dance faster and you look Jay Park in the eyes while you dance slow and seductively.Then you finally stop Jay gets up and claps loudly then says “You’re in!!”

You say “Me?”

Jay nods and the other girls ask “What about us?”

Jay says “You guys are in too but,this woman right here she got the lead role.”

You look in shock and Jay walks up to you then shakes you hand while smiling.You say “Thank you so much.”

Jay park lifts your hand up and kisses it then says “No thank you beautiful see you at the video shoot.”

You make it to the video shoot and dress in black.You walk onto the set and Jay looks at you then smiles.Jay grabs your hand and the director says “Okay Jay and Y/N just act like you’re a couple and make it really personal.”

You look nervous and Jay says to you “Don’t worry I got you Y/N just follow my lead.”

You nod he puts his arms around your waist while looking at you getting prepared for the shoot.The director yells “Action!!”

They start filming and while Jay his arms around your waist you put your hands on his shoulders while looking right in the eyes.(Gif below)

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Jay looks you in the eyes and then he starts looking at your lips.You put a hand on one side of his face and he licks his lips.Then you lean in to kiss Jay and he closes the space between you two kissing you back. You bite your bottom lip after kissing him and then the director yells “Cut!!”

You and Jay look down smiling and separate from one another as the director says “That was amazing that was the first time that we didn’t have to do a second taping of Jay and a video girl.You guys made the love look so real such amazing actors.”

You bow and shake the directors hand.When you’re about to leave you feel someone grab your hand and you turn to see Jay.You ask “What’s wrong Jay?”

Jay says “I want to see you again.”

You giggle and say “Don’t worry we will probably.”

1 week after the video is released…

You get a call from your manager telling you that Jay Park and you and have been asked to be interviewed about the video.You look in shock and make it to the interview room. You see Jay and he instantly smiles and hugs you while kissing your cheek.The interview starts and the interviewer says “I’m here with Jay Park and the beautiful lead woman from his video.You are so gorgeous May I say.”

You laugh and say “Thank you very much.”

The interviewer says “Jay don’t you agree?”

Jay starts to smile and move his arms.(Gif below)

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Jay says “Yes Ofcourse that’s why she was the lead woman in the video she’s beautiful,talented and she has a good vibe around her why not?”

You look at him and the interview continues….

When the interview finishes Jay invites you out to a club party and you agree to go.You walk into the club later that day and Jay reaches his hand out for you.You grab his hand and you guys sit next to each other.You around nervous and you say “Aren’t you scared what people will think of you hanging out with someone like me?”

Jay laughs and says “Never I like you just for who you are I can give less of a fuck about what somebody has to say about my girl.”

Jay freezes after he realizes that he called you his girl and you say “You just called me your girl.”

Jay laughs while looking down and says “Sorry.”

You lift his face and kiss him on the lips leading him to want more and he scoots right next to you then starts to kiss you passionately like no one is watching.You bring Jay to your place after the party ends and start to undress you and him.You guys start to make love in the bed.

1 year later…

You watch as Jay perform and laugh as you the guy rub the towel on his abs.(Gif below)

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Jay finishes his performance and goes backstage.Jay jogs right up to you and picks you up in his arms kissing your neck and face continually.You laugh and he holds your hand.As you guys walk Jay asks “Did you enjoy the performance babe?”

You smile while looking at him and say “Ofcourse I did what type of question is that?”

Jay laughs and carries you over his shoulder and says “We’re going home I’ll show you how I roll and you’ll need to stay in that bed when I finish.”

You laugh and he carries you away.

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It’s ya girl or guy who knows I’m trying to stay vague as fuck.

I’m basically starting a kpop review blog.

I will review groups, solo artist, dramas, movies, ships

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My beautiful inspirations!

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I have found an AMAZING YouTube channel who loves Jay Park so so so much and makes videos about him!!!!

Honestly this girl just put up a Jay appreciation video and it basically says everything about him that I love ❤️ aisbdkdnfkdn

My reaction

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Ok the channel is: Mini Choco Oreo

Like I’m so happy o found this channel as it’s making my Jay Park fangirling heart go WILD!

(It is currently almost 12:30 am here and I have to travel lol so imma be very tired but I’m too hyped now to sleep)

Anyways new outift will be coming soon my inspirations but her are some gifs of Jay! Love ya and stay classy xx

Love L xx

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