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Count On Me | 01

Summary: Jay knew he could do more with his life, he knew he had a future ahead of him, but he makes a stupid mistake and it takes him 10 years to realise. 

Word count; 910

Jay Park x Reader - Angst, stupid mistakes, miscommunication 

⇢ A/N this has been in my drafts for a while, it’s obvs not finished but I could always do a part two,, ;)) 

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Fuckboy! Jay Park moodboard.

Requested by my babe @ohheymichelle, hope you enjoy!

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koi no yokan (jay park)


Japanese, noun

lit. “Premonition of Love”

The sense one can have upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love. Differs from “love at first sight” as it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, only the knowledge that a future love is inevitable.

Word Count: 1293

Jay Park x reader/female character

Summary: It was an inspired hopefulness that they had both felt when they first met. But the love they had for each other had hit them in different times, and now it was too late for what ifs and maybes.

Genre: angst

Originally posted by fxirytail

“You’ll never be his muse.” Jay told her. “But you’ll always be mine.”

Of course, he would say that. He didn’t know how much harm he was doing to her by saying those words.

Or maybe he did.

His words were like knifes opening up wounds she had sutured away years ago. Wounds Jay himself helps her heal from.

He loved her, she knew that.

She loved him too, just not the way Jay loved her. So since she broke his heart,

maybe he figured he owed it to her to break her heart as well.

“I’m not abandoning you, Jay.” She said softly. Jay had a temper, she didn’t want to be the one to light his fuse. She had always been the one that calmed him down, trying to make sure he didn’t get angry was new territory for her.

“No..” his voice was weak. Almost as though he had given up. “You’ve got to move on with your life. I don’t know why I got it in my head that you would be with me forever.”

“I’m not abandoning you.” She repeated

“No, you’re just loving someone else.” Jay shot back.

It was hard to fight him because he was right. It was selfish of him, though. For the first time in her life, she had chosen herself and it was selfish of him to have assumed that she would always stay by his side.

That wasn’t fair. A while ago, she would have assumed the same.

It was getting harder to get the words out. The look of betrayal and sadness the Jay wore on his face was like a million daggers attacking her. “Doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” she managed to croak out.

A small bittersweet smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

“I know,” he said, “It’s not the same way I love you, but I know you love me.”

He swirled around on his chair, turning his attention to the keyboard, pressing a few keys. “Maybe that’s enough,” he muttered to himself as he continued to press the keys to find the note he wanted.


It was all she could do to stop herself from enveloping him in her arms. She knew she shouldn’t encourage him.

After all, she had just gotten engaged.

Yet, for the longest time, Jay had been the one person she had always confided in, always been there for her, always loved. If things had gone a bit differently, it could have as easily been him who was engaged to her. There surely was a time she would have said yes to him in a heartbeat.

Now…now it was too late for what ifs and maybes.

“Can I still be your best man?” he turned to her with the same bittersweet smile tugging his lips. This time, however, he his smile had reached his eyes that had turned into the tiny crescents. She couldn’t tell if he was forcing the smile or not.

“I don’t have a best man,” she said. She was definitely forcing her smile. Jay was her best friend and the conversation they had just had had not only broken him apart, but her as well. It hurt her so much that she was paining her best friend; this was not a situation she could set aside easy enough to naturally smile (without forcing). “But you can be my maid of honour.”

“What, and wear a dress?”

He clearly didn’t want to discuss the state of their broken relationship anymore. She didn’t either. It would be a thought, however, that would linger in their minds for a long time. But for now, they were best friends. Best friends who had the potential of having been so much more, but best friends nonetheless.

“Mm, you’d look pretty,” she teased him, her smile slowly reaching her eyes.

“Yeah, of course I will,” Jay grinned, a real grin this time, “Maybe even prettier than you.”

This earned a laugh from the girl who had been trying so hard to keep her shit together. Jay could tell she didn’t want to laugh. He could tell he had hurt her so much. The least he could do was make her laugh once again, the way he used to.

But oh, she was so pretty.

He didn’t know how he hadn’t seen it for so long.

She had always been by his side. Had he really been so focused on looking ahead that he forgot to look at who was by his side?

It didn’t matter anymore. It was hard to distinguish between what mattered and what didn’t matter now that all he could focus was on her. On how she laughed with her entire body, how her eyes disappeared into her laughter, how she always slapped her left arm when she laughed.

Why, why, why now?

He hated himself for not noticing the little things. There were so many little things, things that only he had known about her, things that made her the most special person in the world.

Now her husband was going to know those things, and Jay was going to be replaced.

When they had first started dating, Jay was sure it was the fear of being replaced that had made him start feeling jealous of her boyfriend. It was only when they started getting serious that he realised his jealousy came from somewhere much deeper, as did his love for her.

“Man of honour, then,” she said to Jay, bringing him out of his head, grounding him in the moment. It was as though every moment she spoke, he was seeing her, in all her majesty, for the first time. “But your tux will be in the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses, not black.”

He knew it was unfair for her that he unloaded all his feelings for her right after her engagement. Yet, it was unfair for him that he was stupid enough not to realise them earlier.

Jay could tell she loved her fiancé. He was exactly what she needed, exactly the opposite of what Jay was. He was stable and had the time to offer for her that Jay so desperately lacked. So despite whatever Jay had to offer her, he knew better than to try to take her away from him.

After all, she deserved the world, and so much more.

“Pfftt,” he scoffed. “I’ll wear white dress then, and outshine you at your own wedding.”

There was a phrase in Japanese for what Jay felt with her. it wasn’t something that could be easily translate to English, or any other language for that matter.

Koi no yokan, the untranslatable Japanese phrase for the premonition of love. Not exactly love at first sight; more like excitement, and inspired hopefulness.

They had both definitely felt it when they first met. Maybe it was the inability to translate the feeling to action that lead them to where they were instead of where they could be; with Jay by her side at the altar, instead of waiting for her at the end.

“So long as you’re there,” she said, this time her smile being entirely genuine. “My wedding will be complete.

“I’ll be the happiest bride, even if all hell breaks lose.”

Jay was right. She would never be her fiancé’s muse. She would always be his muse, and he would always continue to love her.

“I guess I’ll have to wear colour matching tux then,” Jay said with an exasperated sigh. Before he knew, her arms were around his neck and his heart was beating faster than he had ever thought possible.

Realising what she had done on impulse, she immediately stepped back and beamed at her best friend, her eyes sparkling with happiness.

She got to keep her best friend, and Jay got watch her smile because of him again.

Maybe that was enough.

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Celebrate Good Times

You woke up to the constant dings and dongs your house was making. You buried yourself in your bed sheet hoping that whoever was at the door would grow tired of not being answered and would whoosh itself away. Sadly, whoever was ringing your door was too diligent at it and you found yourself stomping towards the door in your nighties.

“Stop! I’m coming already. Sheesh.” You mumble as you sleepily tried to find where your door was.

You checked your monitor and saw a delivery guy holding a bouquet of sunflowers. You squeaked and pried the door open. You signed the delivery form and took the flowers from the guy and said thanks. You were about to close your door when he stopped it from shutting.

“Wait. Don’t you want the others?” he asked.

“What others?” you asked him suspiciously.

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A New Season

Summary: You go on a date to celebrate the autumn season and he does nothing but acts cheesy the entire time

(Requested) | word count; 1,205

Jay Park x Reader - F

(gif cr; respectful owner)

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Opposites Attract

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1297

Jay Park signs you onto his label and falls for you.

You were an aspiring singer and dancer. He was the owner of his own record label. You were lace and flowers. He was tattoos and snapbacks. You were pure and gentle. He was dark and dangerous. You were nothing but a wallflower in a sea of promising performers. He was Jay Park. So how did you end up in his office, about to sign onto his label? Only the universe knew.

He watched you intently as you signed your name on the contract, slowly and precisely. Everything about you was meticulously planned. The way you had your hair pinned back neatly, your impeccably ironed dress, your unchipped manicure, and your sharp winged eyeliner. The silence in the room made you nervous, but you wouldn’t let Jay’s intense stare and presence get to you. After all, you had worked so hard to make everything about you perfect. Jay’s advisors had urged him to sign you to his label because you were a refreshing change to his aesthetics. ‘It would attract a wider fan base and add variety to your label’ they told him, which is how you ended up in this position.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I won’t let you down,” you said quietly, braving a glance into Jay’s eyes. Not breaking eye contact, you couldn’t help but wonder if he could see that there was more to you than what other labels, managers, and advisors had painted you out to be. You wondered if he could see the fire and passion that was behind your perfect façade. All that was captured in that fleeting moment, when he broke the silence with a small smile. “I’m sure you won’t, Y/N. I have faith in you.” You weren’t sure if his words were sincere or not but exited the room with the weight of his expectations on your shoulders. It was only when you reached your home that you registered how handsome he looked. How he was capable of looking rugged and flawless at the same time. Tough and soft. The intricate tattoos that marked his body offered him a unique grace, an aura of rebellion that contrasted with his plush, gentle lips and soft hair. You sighed and fell onto your bed, resolving that you should focus on your career not Jay.

For the next few months you spent most of your hours in the practice room or the recording studio. In fact, you hadn’t spoken to Jay since you signed to his label but you had seen him. Almost every night, at around 3 am when you would still be slogging away on dance routines, you would see him. A confident, cool Jay would glide past your sweat-drenched clothes and messy ponytail with a flock of gorgeous models. He was unattainable. You lamented the fact that Jay only knew you as the ‘new girl,’ the girl who only wore pink and sang sweet ballads. He would never see you for who you truly were. Moreover, he deserved a glamorous model that could command any room she walked into, not fall into the crowd.

It was the week before your debut and you had grown immensely since you signed to his label. You had honed your vocal skills, but had become an expert at dancing. Dancing was your true passion; in fact your audition video focused on your dance skills. However, your sweet smile and gentle voice is what caught the eyes of superiors. Thus, you had a career path dictated for you.

Once you had finished practicing your performance dance moves you decided to celebrate your coming success by freestyle dancing to some R&B and hip-hop, not your official forte. It was almost 2 am and you didn’t expect anyone to still be in the office, which is why you blared the music and let your hair down. You got carried away by the music, especially when one of Jay’s songs came on and barely noticed the tall figure standing in the doorway, watching you get lost in the song. When you turned your gaze to the door you met eyes with Jay, his body leaned against the doorway, and gave him a small smile, feeling too happy to be nervous.

You closed your eyes and felt butterflies when you felt a firm arm snake itself around your waist. Your eyes flipped open as you melted in his gaze and the way he guided your hips to mirror his movements. “I didn’t know you were such a confident dancer. You’re like a different person,” he whispered into your ear. His proximity and the feeling of his warm breath fanning over your neck caused you to lean back into his chest, craving the feeling.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Jay,” you said as you turned to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you both settled into a comfortable rhythm, moving your bodies in perfect harmony. A smirk spread across his face and he pulled you flush against his chest, leading the dance. He studied your eyes, lips, the way your chest moved slightly as you breathed, the drops of sweat that rolled down your neck. This was a raw form of you. The real you, not hidden behind the bows and pearls.

“Why do I never seek you like this?” he questioned, almost to himself. “I always knew you were different, but I never expected this. I like it,” he said in a low voice. Your heart soared at his words as he finally appreciated you for you. But you couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of inadequacy in Jay’s presence. You stood much shorter than him, you weren’t wearing high heels or designer dresses, you weren’t a model. You felt a sense of fear creeping up on you that he only saw you as a little girl, a trainee that finally recognized her true potential.

Jay noticed the way your smile faltered and your brows creased. He used a thumb to rub circles behind your ear, “Hey, what’s wrong Y/N?” he asked gently, the soft tone in his voice a startling contrast from his stage persona.

“It’s nothing, I’m just glad you were able to see my talent. My true passion,” you said, hiding your intense longing for him. His eyes sensed that that wasn’t the whole story, which is why when you tried to separate yourself from him and leave he held you by your wrist, pulling you back in for a hug. He smoothed your hair back and rested his head on yours. You inhaled his scent, manly and clean, inevitably waiting for him to pat you on your head and send you back home, like a child. To your surprise, he lifted your chin with his finger so you met his eyes. Then, his lips met yours. You both immediately felt the electricity as your lips collided, his movements rough and urgent while yours were tender and sweet. His lips slowly, reluctantly left yours and he left small feather kisses on your lips before bringing your foreheads together. You were still reeling from the kiss and clasped your hands in his, an embrace that expressed all you felt for him.

“I like you, Y/N, especially when you have confidence in yourself. Don’t doubt yourself. This is you. Don’t ever hide it. We’re changing the terms of your contract tomorrow,” he told you. You couldn’t contain your excitement at his words and smiled, burrowing your head in his chest. He was making your dream a reality.

“Also, I’m liking this sweatpants look. It’s a keeper, just like you,” he said as he pulled you closer, tattooed arms wrapping around your unmarked body. You two were a union of opposites, but somehow it worked so well.


Ok, so for this story the main character female will have a name. However, I’m doing it a little different. She will only have a Korean name. Yes, the main character female in this story is half Korean. She will be described fully, and have attributes that make her identify with this blog. She will also identify herself as a black woman. Yes, she is half Korean, and she embraces both heritages, but we know the life that some mixed kids lead…you look black, they call you black. 

“So, basically he’s like get your ass home now, you’ve played around enough in the US.” Yeon, sat back rubbing her eyes, wondering why she just didn’t tell her dad no.

He paid for her college that’s why. 

“Basically. I have to go home, and finish there and who knows.” She sighed, looking out the window to the city of Atlanta. 

“But, do you want to go, that’s the thing.” Her friend, reached across the table taking her hand. 

“No, but my dad is Korean.” She laughed softly. “So, I kinda have no choice, and my mom agrees with him.” She finished her coffee, and rolled her eyes, wishing her mother would have pushed for her to stay in the states. 

She loved Korea, she loved the States; but she always felt a bit more free here. Standing up, her 5′5″ frame was lithe, but she had hips and an ass. That she got from her mother, she tossed her mid-back length 3B curls behind her, and donned a pair of Gucci shades.

“I leave in three days, he didn’t give me time to do shit. Movers will be here tomorrow, I get on the plane, and go. So, there goes all my summer plans. Good thing is though, he’s letting you come with me. Two weeks in Seoul, what do you think?”

Her friend, jumped up from her spot, clapping her hands excitedly. “YES! Oh my god what do I pack? What should I wear?”

Yeon smiled. “We’ll figure that out later.” 

Yeon washed her hands in the bathroom aboard the airplane. She made the water as hot as she could stand it, needing something to take her mind off the fact that they had been flying for 8 hours already. She wanted to run and jump, she needed to stretch her legs. Her hair in a messy bun on her head, she looked at herself in the half steamed mirror and sighed. How was she going to fit back in Korea? She had sometimes unruly curly hair that wasn’t a very common sight on a Korean woman, her copper skin, held two very Asian eyes Most people told her, her eyes looked like Kimora Lee Simmons. Plump lips, brown eyes, her figure was slightly curvy, she pushed together her 34B breasts and wondered if her breasts were also too large? Probably not. She was going to be…different. That much was certain.

“Are you ok?” A soft voice at the door asked her in Korean.

“Yes, thank you.”She answered, almost bowing before she remembered she couldn’t be seen. 

Speaking in strictly Korean, unless she was around her parents, something else, she was going to have to get used to again. She hated being different, she hated people looking at her, like she had a third eyeball. Grunting, she opened the bathroom door, walking back to her seat. 

“You ok, Yeon?” Her friend asked her, barely waking up from her nap. 

“I’m ready to get off this damn plane. My legs are killing me.” She signaled for the waitress. 

“Girl, your short ass is fine, I’m 5′8″ I’m the one suffering.” Her buddy, turned in her seat, snuggling in the cushions of first class, sleeping again. 

Would she be fine? She wasn’t so sure. 

As soon as the plane landed, both girls stretched and yawned. It was afternoon in Seoul, South Korea, and all Yeon thought about now was sleep. A sign was posted for her, Ms. Hyo Park Yeon as they came down the elevator, and she rolled her eyes, thinking to herself. ‘Wow, thanks parents, don’t even come to the airport.’

“You have an escort? What a driver too?” Her friend, chuckled and Yeon bit her lip, and tried to figure out, what she hadn’t told her friend already. 

“Ms. Hyo.” He already knew her face, and she gave a slight bow saying hello, giving him their bags. 

“This is it, the rest, was delivered here already.” With a nod of his head, the man lead the way outside, and out into the bright sunshine. The girls donned their shades, and Marcella looked around, looking quite the tourist, while Yeon ignored the urge.

He lead them both to a car, a sleek black Audi A8 L. Opening the door for them, the girls slid into the cool, cream colored interior, chilled water bottles waiting for them.

“This car is nice, man did your dad spare any expenses?” Marcella, rubbed a hand along the seats, watching as the driver got in the front seat. 

“This isn’t a Bentley, so I’m going to say, yes.” Yeon laid her head back against the seat, getting ready mentally for her best friend to choke her. “I have to tell you something, Marcella.” 

The car pulled away, and Marcella was looking out the window. “Mhm.” 

“So, my dad is a CEO…you know that.” 


“My mother is an interpreter for his company now. His interpreter. My grandfather, my mother’s father was a doctor.” 

Marcella’s eyes turned to slits as she looked at Yeon. “You parents are loaded aren’t they?” 

“I don’t really know about all that. I’ve had to work for anything, I’ve ever received, and maintain a strict GPA, you know I don’t flaunt a bunch of shit.” 

“Just say it! Why didn’t you tell me!” Marcella punched her arm lightly. “I’m actually kind of hurt. I’m your best friend.” 

Yeon let her head fall. “I learned the hard way, about friends who are friends because of money. Not that youre one of them! I just prefer not to be like that. I’m not stuck up and snobby, and Paris Hilton like.” 

“Don’t you think I know that dummy? I know who you are. TBH, I kind always knew I think. Tell me more about your parents though.” 

Yeon smiled, thanking god that was easier than she thought it would be. She explained that her father always had money, he inherited the company from his father. Her mother, had to scrape and earn every penny, her grandfather believed in a hard days work. He came from nothing, her parents were polar opposites. Her mother was gifted when it came to languages, she spoke 6 fluently, but Korean was not one of them. Her mother was working as an interpreter for another company when, she met her father. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 

“Still makes me gag a little when he says, my mom had the brownest skin he ever saw, and all he thought about doing was rubbing his face against her legs.” She said playfully, she knew her father worshiped her mother. 

Her mother didn’t speak Korean, and her father didn’t speak English, however they both spoke Chinese. They went out on a few dates, and he made a decision to marry her, boom there she was. 

“They should write a book about that.” Marcella answered, taking a sip of her water. 

“Probably.” Yeon looked out the window. “This is my house.”

Marcella gasped as the gate opened to a large black and cream colored home, The gate opened to a yard, the glass front of the home, showed into the living room, around the side, there was a cement driveway, and a garage for the cars. The door was opened for them, and Marcella and Yeon walked up the pathway leading from the driveway to the front of the house. It was arched, with large dark wooden doors, and Yeon rung the bell, waiting. 

“Of course, you remember how to say hello in Korean. My father’s English is still a bit rough.” 

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Marcella asked, rolling her eyes.

Yeon smiled, and the door opened up, her mother standing there in her apron smiling wide. “My baby is home!” She threw her arms around Yeon, hugging her tight before grabbing Marcella hugging her as well. 

“Marcella, I’m happy to have you in our home.” 

“Thank you, Mrs. Hyo.” She bowed at her. 

“Oh please, call me Jasmine.” She ushered the girls into the house. “I know, y'all are probably tired, but I have been cooking for y'all. A mix of southern food and Korean.” 

Her mother yelled in Korean, for her father, smiling back at the girls. “He’s going to play all tough baby, but you know he missed you. That’s why he wasted no time.” Her mother hugged her again, and this time Yeon held on tight. 

She forgot how her mother smelled like cloves and her favorite Prada perfume. Her mother’s tight 4a coils tickled her nose. “I missed you, Ma.” 

“I have too, we haven’t seen you in a year.” Letting her, go her mother turned towards the stairs, as her father came down them. The foyer of the home, had dark hardwood floors, contrasting against the light gray of the walls, and the cream of the carpet that lined the stairs. 

“Park Yeon.” He said her name, standing at the bottom of the stairs. 

Yeon walked over, bowing deeply, saying hello to her father in Korean. “Abeoji, I missed you.” 

Her father’s wrinkled forehead, smoothed over and he broke into a smile, hugging his little girl tightly. “My family is whole again.” He kissed her face several times, before letting go, and he also grabbed Marcella into a hug. 

“Marcella, I’m glad you could join us for awhile.” Marcella smiled, looking shy. 

“Thank you for the vacation, Mr. Hyo.” He waved a hand dismissively at her. 

“You are like a sister to my baby, call me abeoji.” Marcella tested the word on her tongue, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

Her father, shooed both girls upstairs, informing Yeon that her things would be there, in 3-4 days. Yeon showed Marcella the guest room, and how to use the shower. “Just come in my room when youre done.” 

Yeon walked into her room, it was almost the same way she left it. Old EXO posters on the wall, on a cork board. A few American bands on the other side, she had a new computer, new bed, new bedding. Her vanity in front of her bay window. She could decorate like she wanted later, she supposed, but she didn’t even want to live in her parents house. For goodness sake she was 20 years old, but her father probably didn’t want her living on her own either. This was going to be hard. She showered, conditioning her hair, and finger de-tangling as she let the water run down her back. She washed her face free of the makeup she wore. She had forgot to put on a primer, and setting powder so she knew she skin probably looked oily. After she was finished, she wrapped her head in a towel, sitting down at her vanity. She didn’t feel like dealing with her hair, so she set to start doing large twists. 

Marcella knocked once, letting herself inside. “I’m glad I got my hair done, before coming because I would not be in the doing it now.” 

She looked up at Marcella in the mirror, her friends shoulder length box braids now held secure in a wrap on her head. “Help me then, I ain’t trying to be here all day.” 

Marcella set to rubbing olive oil into the strands, before twisting them with twist cream on her fingers. Both girls finished, Yeon stood u, grabbing a scarf from the hook near her door, and wrapped her hair into a pineapple, before she set out to get dressed. 

“Another struggle, is finding good hair care products.” Yeon pulled on a purple V-neck shirt that said ‘J’adore’ on the front over her head. 

“Your mama is natural, what do you mean?” Marcella, looked at her posters. “Chanyeol, was still fine as hell in these pics.” 

“That’s like right after their debut. She is but she goes into Seoul, to get her hair done. You know I’m picky.” Marcella nodded, still looking over the pictures. 

The girls made their way downstairs, where Mrs. Hyo was setting the table. The girls settled themselves on cushions on the floor, as her father made his way in, sitting down at the head of the table. 

“How was the flight?” He asked in Korean.

Her mother came in with a gallon of juice, and cups. “English please, we have a guest.” Just as her father was about to protest, she held up a hand sitting down. “Your English is fine, you just never really try. I refuse to translate.” 

“Yes, yes, umma.” He replied taking some rice from a large bowl. 

“It was long. Fine though.” Yeon answered, Marcella agreeing with her. 

They ate and talked, laughing about what had happened lately in Atlanta or Korea. Inside, Yeon smiled this was good, she had forgotten how much she missed home. How much she missed really good kimchi and her mothers fried chicken. Her mother, rolled her eyes at her fathers bad jokes. 

“You can have the summer to do as you will, school starts back in September, everything is taken care of Yeon.” Her father spoke, looking at her stuff more kimchi into her mouth. 

Thanks dad, I’m just wondering how I will fit in.” He shrugged at her, chewing his rice. 

“You will be fine, you are my daughter. Besides, concentrate on school, not a social life.” Yeon took a sip of her juice, sighing. 

“I’m young dad, I have to have a social life.” She put another piece of chicken on Marcella’s plate as she spoke. 

Her father put his chopsticks down on his plate. “I have a remedy for that soon enough. For now, don’t worry, so much, you’ll get wrinkles.” 

Her mother shook her head at the two. After lunch, Yeon and Marcella went to their rooms to nap, while her mother cleared dishes with her father. 

He stood in the kitchen watching his wife. “Friday then?”

“I actually don’t think this is a good idea at all right now.” She washed the last of the plates, putting them in them in the dish drainer. 

“Why not?” He came to stand behind his wife, her short frame nestling against his. 

“It’s sneaky. You bring her here, to finish school, but you have an ulterior motive.” Her mother turned in her father’s arms to look at him. 

“I’m making sure, our daughter is secure in life.” Sighing, Mrs. Hyo, moved from her husband’s grasp. 

“I know. I just…let her see if she likes him or not. I wasn’t forced with you.” Mr. Hyo crossed to where his wife now stood, and took her chin in his hand. 

“She will like him, trust me. Choi Jun-Seo is a good man, he is already making me very proud in the company.” 

“If you say so.” Her mother leaned her head up, to give her father a gentle kiss.

He grinned, kissing her once more. “I’m always right, trust me.” 

The next few days were spent shopping, and sight-seeing. Marcella and Yeon, kicked back and relaxed most days. “We should go clubbing.” Marcella said, as Yeon sat at her computer looking at places to live near the college.

“Clubs? Yea, we can go. When?” Yeon brought up another tab, to look for good clubs when her mother walked in after knocking once. 

“Can’t go tonight, I’m sorry girls. Yeon.” Her mother laid a traditional Korean dress, on her bed. “Your father has a dinner guest, and you have to wear this. I have one for you as well Marcella.” 

Yeon rolled her eyes, earning a scowl on her mother’s face. “Stop. You look beautiful in them.” 

The golden color of the dress, was offset by the red of the tank top, and red flowers, twined with their vibrant green leaves. The black, sheer covering had a white collar. The fabric was thick, and heavy. She picked up the dress, holding it close to her body. 

“It is pretty, dad is going all out, who is the guest?” Her mother grinned slightly, turning to Marcella. 

“Yours, will be delivered before tonight. You can take it home if you like, it’s pink and black. I thought the colors would compliment you.” 

“Ma.” Yeon put the dress down, looking back at her mother. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

“I’m not. He’s a work partner of your fathers. He’s someone your father thinks highly of. So he wants you to look your best.” Her mother turned from the room. “You guys can club tomorrow.” 

As the door closed behind her, Marcella chuckled softly but steadily it became louder. “If you don’t have this figured out by now, I’m gonna be pissed.” 

Yeon balled her hands into fists. “Stay here.” She grumbled. Her father’s office was downstairs, near the parlor. She quickly jumped down the stairs, running down the hall, her bare feet pattering gently on the hardwood. The large oak doors in front of her, she was never to enter as a child, unless invited. She knew her father would be in there, while her mother gave her the dress. 

She knocked once hard, then twice more. “Yes?” 

“Dad, you know its me.” She wanted to yell, but yelling would get her nowhere with him. 

He cleared his throat. “Come in.” 

Yeon opened the door, closing it behind her, keenly aware of how close it seemed in there. He had many small statues and vases lining the walls. The dark walls and light carpet on the floor, everything was exactly as it had been. Traditional, clean cut. She walked towards her fathers desk where he sat looking over some papers, his glasses low on his nose. 

“Who is this guy.” She pulled a chair from the desk sitting down, she was letting him know she wasn’t going anywhere. 

“His name is Choi Jun Seo. He runs the international side of the company, fluent in 3 languages, learning a fourth. He graduated top if his class-”

Yeon cut her father off, tapping on his desk. “I didn’t ask for his resume abeoji.” 

Her father slowly lifted his head, pushing his glasses on his nose. The wrinkles around his eyes, deepening as he sighed. “I think, he would be a good match for you.” 

“I knew something was up!” Yeon stood up in her chair, pointing at her father. “Is this why I came back? Don’t lie to me.” 

Her father removed his glasses, rubbing the area between his eye. “Yeon, do not raise your voice at me.” 

She ignored him. “Is it! Tell me! I don’t want to be set up, with some guy who you think is ok for me. That’s not fair!” She pushed away from his desk, throwing her hands into the air. “You can’t do this!”

“I can do as I please, I am your father!” Mr. Hyo stood up, his balled fist slamming down on his desk. 

The air was hot between them. Yeon heard her breathing, she was frustrated and angry. She closed her eyes, willing back the tears that threatened. “Did you even miss me? Or did you just want me back as some shiny little pawn to entice your co-workers with?”

Her fathers face softened. “Why would you say that? Of course, I missed you. Your mother missed you. You belong here at home. It is not safe in Atlanta, we cannot protect you.”

Yeon sniffled. “You don’t have to protect me, I’m a grown woman.” She wiped her eyes, turning her back on her father like a child. 

“You are my child. My only child. He will be here tonight to introduce himself to you in a formal setting, that is all. I am pushing however, that you two will date.” Mr. Hyo came from around his desk, at 5′9″ he towered over his daughter, lifting her chin to look at him. “Give him a chance.” 

She tugged her chin from her fathers grasp. “If he’s ugly, I’m not doing anything.” 

“Park Yeon..” He said quietly. 

“I don’t like this, and I don’t agree to it. I will be cordial though.” Her father chuckled, hugging his daughter tight. 

“You’re like your mother, I suppose that is all I can ask for now.” 

Chapter Two

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Not Sacred

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When you were younger the last thing you ever would have considered being was a mistress to a celebrity. In fact, the idea of encouraging a man to cheat on his partner in any way disgusted you, but that was years ago when you were young and naive, still believing that love meant something, that it was something sacred and pure.

Fast forward a few short years, and sitting in a hotel room waiting for Jay to finish his phone call with his fiancé back home seems like the only place it made sense for you to be on a Saturday night.

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Jay held onto Yeon’s hand, taking her back to his bedroom. He knew exactly what he had been looking forward to and what he wanted to do to her. She stared him straight in the eyes, as he pulled her into his room. He let her hand go, but only to close the door. His room was black and white in color, a king-size bed in one corner of the room, Jay pushed her to sit on his bed as he stood in front of her. 

“I don’t wanna go back now, but I will if you want. Are you ok with this?” He moved to, dim the lights in the room. 

“Yes, I want you.” She heard him suppress a groan. 

Yeon pulled her legs underneath her body, and Jay came close pulling them loose. “No, no stay just like this.”

He took a step backwards, and pulled his shirt over his head. His heavy breathing made his stomach move in and out, the contours and lines of his body, flexing. Yeon looked away, feeling bashful all of a sudden. She looked back to Jay winking at her, as he put a hand on his belt buckle, undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants. He let them fall to the floor, just in his boxers now. Jay approached Yeon slowly, licking his lips as he did so, rubbing his tattooed hands together. 

“You know what I’ve been thinking about?” He rubbed his hands on her knees, moving up to her thighs. 

Yeon leaned her head back, as he pulled her shirt over her head. “What?”

“This moment. How I would get you naked.” Jay’s lips kissed down her neck. “How I would make you moan for me.” He unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them down her brown legs. 

He removed her bra with one hand, tossing it aside, he looked at her, then into her eyes. “Tell you how beautiful you are, your skin…this is what I love the most.” His left hand, the one with the tattoos she adored, ran down her throat, between her breasts, and down her stomach. 

Jay leaned back on his knees. “Take them panties off girl, real slow.” 

God, could he be anymore alluring? Yeon had never experience anything like this before, he was confident and sexy. He made her feel wanted and beautiful, not for her looks, but for who she was. Her hands shook a little as she hooked her thumbs under her panties. Jay’s hand shot forward stopping her. 

“What’s wrong? Do you not want to do this?” Yeon licked her lips, looking up at him. 

“No, I want to. I’m just nervous.” Jay grinned, he captured her lips with his own, stealing her breath, as he kissed her deep and hard. His hands moving hers to feel on his hard stomach.

She rubbed her fingers over his flesh, he moved his tongue over hers, when he no longer felt her hands shake, he leaned back once more, slapping her thigh. 

“Panties off.” She felt calmer, she removed her panties, and closed her legs, holding them closed at the knee. 

“Open your legs, why be shy now?” Jay tapped on her hands, waiting for her to comply. 

“You’re making me feel…I don’t know, insecure? About the way I look.” Jay rolled his eyes, he took her hands, moving her so she was on her stomach. 

That’s when he noticed her extensive tattoo on her back. A cherry blossom tree in bloom, the black and gray of the tree beautiful, making the pink blossoms all the more stunning on the branches. It was covered by her clothing, now revealed in it’s full glory.

“You didn’t tell me you had a tattoo.”His hand moving down her back. 

“You never asked.” She turned her face to look at him, smirking. 

“First, let me say this: Don’t let me hear you say that. You’re beautiful, and I don’t fuck with ugly girls. If I tell you that, what anyone else says doesn’t matter.” He slapped her ass, kissing the small of her back. “Second, don’t sass me. Turn over, get to the head of the bed, Hold the headboard and open your legs, don’t make daddy tell you twice.” Yeon shivered, she felt her core moisten, warmth spreading as she obeyed his commands.

She held the headboard, trying not to let her fingers go numb as she did so. Jay moved both hands up her feet, then up her legs, over her thick thighs. As he went down, one hand went up to her breasts, kneading them, as the other found her pearl and began to move in small circles. He didn’t stop until she started to move around, but only then did he move his mouth towards her. His tongue and lips starting to work on her body. She moved one leg over his back, as he pushed his tongue into her. Yeon arched her back, eager for him to push her over the edge, a thin sheen of sweat broke out over her body and she moaned deep. Jay moved his mouth from her, wiping his lips. 

“Wha? Why did you stop?” Yeon asked, coming out of a daze. 

“This party ain’t all about you.” Jay darted up to her face quickly taking her, face in his hands. “Why are you questioning me? Did I tell you that you could speak now?” 

He positioned himself at the head of the bed, grabbing her arm to move her between his legs. “Stop asking questions and make me feel good, maybe then I’ll finish on you.” 

Yeon raised an eyebrow at him, but he was quick to punish her, slapping her ass hard enough to make the sound echo in the room. She yelped, reaching to rub her ass, but he stopped her, pushing her head down . “Now.” 

The sting of the slap, and the roughness of his hands on her made her wetter, She opened her mouth engulfing him fully. Eyes on his face as he, leaned his head back, mouth open. “Just like that.” 

He pushed into her mouth, watching her move with him, her nails running down his chest, creating an arcing sensation that electrified him to his core. Jay had enough of this, he needed to feel her warmth. He moved himself away from Yeon’s mouth, pushing her down on the bed where she was, his mouth covering hers, as he positioned himself near her entrance. 

“Ready?” His lips moved over hers, kissing down her jawline. 

“Yes, do it.” She breathed heavily, as Jay fell inside her in swoop. 

Her nails held onto his shoulders, legs wrapping around his waist, as he moved within her. His face contorted in pleasure, as she whined beneath him, egging him on, with her sounds and movements. 

“Just like that, oh god.” Her ankles rubbing against the skin of his back. 

Jay leaned his body up, her legs around his neck, as he positioned himself once more. Thrusting away inside of her, his hands finding purchase on her waist. Yeon felt herself reaching her fever pitch, her hands tangled in the blanket, she closed her eyes, waiting for the moment when she couldn’t take it anymore. Just as Jay, slid home once more, she called his name, feeling herself shake. 

They laid in quiet comfort, in his bed. It was useless to try to go home now. Jay was already fast asleep, snuggled into her back, snoring lightly. She smiled, turning over to kiss his nose, falling asleep as well. 

The next morning, Jay made them breakfast, Yeon showered and borrowed some of his clothing to go home in, but not before he caught her fresh out the shower, and repeated what happened last night. She went home happy, and sore, plugging her phone in to charge. As soon as it did she was bombarded with missed call notifications and texts. They were from Jun Seo, her mother, and Marcella. She grinned, calling Marcella, knowing it was late there but that she would answer.

“Hello?” A groggy voice answered. 

“I know it’s late I’m sorry, but I have to tell you. I slept with Jay, we are official.” She bit her lip, listening to Marcella squeal on the other line, clearly awake now. 

“You nasty. Spill this tea, girl, I know it’s hot. Is he big? Was he selfish? What happened to Jun Seo?”

“Oh, I have the receipt.” Yeon laughed, recounting the entire story to Marcella. 

Marcella clucked her tongue at Yeon, after listening to everything. “I have to agree with Jay, I don’t agree with what you did, but you know that already. I’m just glad you’re happy. Introduce your dad to Jay. He’s a CEO of his OWN company. How can he be mad at that? He’s lovable.”

“I know. I’m going to. I can’t go on like this anymore.” Yeon rubbed her eyes, wincing as she folded her legs. 

“Also, tell Jun Seo what’s up. Just call him, and let him know, you can’t see him anymore. Jay is right.” She knew Marcella was nodding her head in that ‘you know I’m right’ way she had. 

“I know. I just feel like it’s gonna be a painful conversation.” Yeon looked out her window, sighing. 

“It probably will be, it’s not like y’all had actual sex. Although maybe you shouldn’t have teased him with a taste.” Marcella laughed. 

“Mmm thanks, mom.” Marcella groaned. 

“You know I’m right, I usually am.” Yeon scoffed at her.

The girls bid each other goodbye, and Yeon hung up the phone, looking down at Jun Seo’s number. She should call but; no, she would call her parent’s first. Her mother picked up the house phone, knowing it was her. Yeon apologized to her mother, but said she didn’t want to apologize to her father, she was right. Which her father heard, because he was standing near the phone, and almost made another argument. 

“Dad, listen, please. I’m dating someone. He’s nice, sweet and…I could love this guy. He’s the CEO of his own company. He’s successful. Please, can I just bring him tonight and y’all can meet him? Please.” 

Her father sighed. He wasn’t giving in, and neither was she but he would meet this mystery man. 

“What kind of company?” Her father inquired. 

Yeon searched her mind for what to say. She couldn’t say music. “Entertainment.” 

He said nothing, speaking to her mother in Chinese, which Yeon hated when he did that. Her mother came on the line again. “Yes, bring him tonight. I’m actually interested in meeting him.” 

Yeon squealed, thanking her mother, telling her she loved her, before hanging up. Now to call Jay.

They stood outside her parent’s home. Yeon in a sleeveless A-line, black dress, and Jay in a black button up, and slacks. She fixed his tie, and smoothed his hair down. 

“I really feel like, we should be dressed up more, than this. These are your parents.” He held his neck up, waiting for her to finish fixing his tie. 

“You look good. Trust me. I don’t want you to look too try-hard.” She pecked his lips, wiping her gloss off his lips. “Just be yourself, that’s what I love about you.” 

She held his hand on the way up, the stairs, running a hand over her twisted pompadour style. “So you love me?” Jay asked her. 

Yeon turned to face him, her face feeling hot. “I-.” 

Her mother opened the door, stopping her from answering. “Mom.” Yeon stepped inside, kissing her mother’s cheek. “This is Park Jae-Beom. You can call him Jay.” 

“Isn’t he supposed to tell me that?” Her mother asked? Bowing towards Jay slightly, before offering her hand. 

Jay bowed deeply in return. “Please call me, Jay, Mrs. Hyo; this is for you.” He offered her a bottle of champagne. 

Mrs. Hyo looked at the bottle before smiling. “Dom Perignon. Well, you have my vote.” 

Jay and her mother laughed, continuing the rest of the way into the house, as she showed them the dining room. “Your father will be here in a bit. I don’t think he expected you both to be so dressed up.” 

Her mother grinned at them before leaving. 

“Your mom is cool.” Jay said, sliding an arm around her waist. 

“She always is. It’s my father, who I’m worried about.” She laid her head on Jay’s shoulder. 

“It will be fine sexy. I’m a charming guy.” He rubbed her back, slowly. 

They stood around, until her father walked in. Looking all business and no pleasure, as he stood in the doorway, taking in the sight of who this Park Jae-Beom was. He looked at both Yeon and Jay, moving to the head of the table, as a server brought in food setting it down. 

“Park Yeon.” He called her name. “Last time you were here, you rushed out. I won’t have that again.”

Yeon’s mother came in behind her husband, tapping him on the shoulder. “Not in front of guests, we will sort that out later.”  Her mother, took her seat. “Yeon greet your father, properly and sit.” 

Yeon stared at her mother, she was still angry at her father; but she needed his approval right now. Swallowing her pride she moved from Jay’s side and bowed to her father. “I’m sorry abeoji.”

He nodded his head at her. “Who is this young man?”

Jay moved forward, bowing as well, before offering his hand. “I’m Park Jae-Beom, please call me Jay, Mr. Hyo, it’s a pleasure meeting you.” 

She watched her father’s eyes on Jay’s hand tattoo, before shaking his hand. “Welcome to my home. Please sit.” 

Yeon met her father’s eyes, as he looked at her. She looked away, watching as Jay pulled out her seat, helping her to sit, before sitting down himself. 

“So, what do you do, Jay.” Her father asked, as her mother spooned food onto his plate. 

“I’m CEO of AOMG, along with a friend of mine, Simon Dominic. I’m also a singer, and a producer.” Jay watched as Yeon fill his glass with the Perignon. 

“What does AOMG stand for? Yeon didn’t tell me entertainment as in an idol.” Once again her father cut his eyes at Yeon, who ignored him. 

“Above Ordinary Music Group. I don’t really consider myself an idol, like some of the others out there, but, I can see how some would say that.” Jay smiled, his hand coming to rub Yeon’s leg to soothe her under the table. 

“I see.” Her father replied. “How did you meet my daughter.” 

Yeon was about to come up with a clever lie, but Jay poked her side. “At a club. I know how that sounds but; I don’t go often, I’m glad I did though. I saw her, and I had to know who she was. She’s smart and beautiful. She’s told me how she favors you both.” 

Yeon smiled, so Jay was going to be all flattering. She hoped it worked. Her mother asked a few questions, looking at Yeon as she asked them, knowing full well her daughter was probably spending a lot of time at Jay’s house. It didn’t bother her though, Yeon was a grown woman, and could make her own decisions. Her husband however. Mr. Hyo was quizzing Jay left and right, asking him questions that Yeon was embarrassed about. Jay kept rubbing her leg under the table to calm her. The dinner seemed to go well enough, her father smiled and laughed a few times. After dinner and dessert, she walked Jay to the door. 

“I won’t be long, go to my place? I’ll text you the code, just wait for me.” Jay grinned at her, pecking her lips chastely. 

“Naughty girl, I just got done, meeting your folks. I suppose your gonna soothe me after your dad just quizzed me to hell?” One of his fingers ran down her throat, as he gave her a definite bad boy face.

“Maybe.” She hugged him tight. “Thank you for this.” 

Jay wrapped his arms around her, snuggling his face into her neck. “You don’t have to thank me. I’m your man. I’m supposed to be doing this.” 

They parted ways, and Yeon quickly grabbed her phone, texting Jay the  code to her building and then her apartment, before finding her parents in the parlor, waiting on her. 

Yeon closed the door behind her, as he mother started talking. “I can see that he cares a lot about you, and that you care for him. He’s smart, charming and sensible. Almost 30 and the CEO of his own company, and its successful. I’m for this, until Yeon doesn’t want it anymore.” 

Her father scoffed. “Jasmine please! Did you see his hands? His head! He had tattoos, like…a convict! I did a quick search of him as well. Sex, is all that boy wants. No, I do not approve. Jun Seo is good for you. He will make you a good Korean wife.” 

Yeon felt her face heat up, she tried to cool her temper. “It would do you well to remember, that I am not full Korean. I’m a black woman. Like my mother.” 

Her father stood up. “I know that! Do not try to twist my words, and make me say something I did not.” 

Mrs. Hyo stood up, standing in between them. “Both of you will keep your voice down! I’m tired of this. we will discuss this calmly like family,I’ll be right back and you-” She pointed to Mr. Hyo will respect our daughter and understand her point. “You-” She pointed to Yeon. “Respect your father.” 

Her mother left the room, and Yeon stared hard at her father, as he stared at her. 

“He probably loves me. He treats me right, he’s a good man. The tattoos mean nothing, it’s art! If it bothers you so much to know! I have a tattoo!” Her father gasped, shaking his head. 

“No doubt that boys doing.” Yeon groaned. 

“You know nothing about me! I’ve had it since I was 18. I love him. I’m going to date him, and you can’t stop me.” She crossed her arms over her chest. 

“No! You are my daughter! You are wreckless, and rude. You don’t listen to me, and I will not have it. You are here in Korea, so I can keep an eye on you, and make sure you stay in line. You will finish school, you will get a good job, you will marry Jun Seo, and I will hear no more about it. Forget that boy. He can offer you nothing!” 

“I don’t want him to give me anything! I want someone who wants me for me, not because I’m pushed on them, by my father. You are trying to make me into someone I am not! I will never be a good, little obedient Korean girl. I am always going to be independent, self-thinking and myself. This is me. If you don’t like who I am then just say it.” Tears streamed down Yeon’s face as she looked at her father. 

“I love you.” Her father said, stunning her. He had hardly ever said that to her. “But you leave me no choice, with your words and actions. You are rebellious, and I will not have it. The boy-”

“His name is Jay. Jay Park.” She sniffled. 

“I don’t care! He is not for you Park Yeon. What don’t you understand? You are a of a higher caliber of person. He is beneath you! He sings of sex, and women, and probably clubs all the time. When his time as an idol is up, he will have nothing and be no one.” Her father threw his hands up in the air. “You will meet with Jun Seo tomorrow.” 

“I won’t.” 

“Park Yeon!” Her father stood in front of her, his face red in anger. 

“Stop it! He is nothing. Don’t think I did not see him touching you in my house! No more! You will move home, tomorrow.” 

“Yea, well he’s done more than just touched me, and no, you can’t make me do anything. I wish I never came back to Korea.” 

She didn’t see her father lift his hand smacking her face hard. Yeon felt her knees hit the carpet, and the blood swell up in her mouth. Her mother screamed, dropping the water bottles she held, as she ran to Yeon’s side. 

“Hyo Ji Sung, what is wrong with you! Oh my god, Yeon.” Her mother kneeling by her side, as she tried to look at Yeon’s face. 

Scrambling to her feet, Yeon held her sore jaw, as she turned to look at her father, tears streaming down her face. Her heart was going to burst in her chest, as she saw her father’s stunned face, and her mother crying. She didn’t know what to do, she turned and ran from the house, she got into her car, thankful that they drove separately, and sped all the way to her home. Her mother calling her, again and again. Yeon turned off her phone as she ran into the elevator of her apartment, and hit the floor crying. How had this all happened like this? He hit her. Her father never laid a hand on her, and he slapped her. She cradled her face, as she walked slowly, to her apartment, remembering she left her shoes. It didn’t matter, Jay was sitting on her couch, feet on the table as she came through the door, and slumped onto the floor. Rushing over to her, he asked her repeatedly what was wrong, as she cried on his chest. He pulled her away, looking down at her face, anger clouding his features, before he picked her up, carrying her to the couch. Ice in hand he returned pressing it to her swollen cheek. He said nothing, letting her cry, on his chest, as he held her tight. 

Chapter Six

Baby Daddy (Series)


You opened your eyes to the sound of laughter. You squinted your eyes at you bedside clock and found that it was just a couple of minutes after six am. You pushed yourself out the bed and stalked the source of the laughing.

You found little Chi Ah sitting on the counter top giggling. His face had white stuff on it and so did his hands. He was laughing with Jay who was clad in an apron with no shirt under it.

“Oh my gad! You taste like pancakes.” He tells the little one after licking the stuff on his face.

The child was just giggling and offering his batter-filled hands to be tasted next. Jay obliged by fake chewing on the child’s fingers making eating noises and caused giggle screams from the boy.

“That’s it. You’re going in next, I’m making Chi-cakes.” He teases the boy as he lifts him off the counter and carries him towards the oven. He then stops midwalk as he realizes something.

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Jay Park: One Smile

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x Jay Park x

Note: Read at Your Own Risk ~~ (ง⌐□ل͜□)ง
Type: One Shot
Word Count: 1,881
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You arrived from work, drained with all the work. You checked your watch when you settled your self on your couch.


It was only five in the afternoon, at least you still have an hour to spare before your best friend will be there to pick you up for dinner at the usual place.


You’re about to close your eyes while massaging your temple when suddenly you heard your door know twitching and not long after that the door vomit your best friend - Cath.


You remained your eyes shot.


“Don’t you think you’re an hour early?”



“Ohmooo Y/N! You won’t believe what Imma ‘bout to say!” she said.


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Request by anonymous: I love your blog sooo much I even have notifications set for your new posts!! I can’t tell you how excited I was for Jay Park week!! Thank you so much!!!! Could I request a scenario (cute/fluff) where Jay tells you he loves you for the first time.

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On lazy days, Jay has this annoying habit of mumbling. 

Your theory is that he shouts so much on performances that on the days he isn’t working, he is recollecting his voice. But the amount of words that boy has lost on your skin, your lips…you could fashion a Dictionary. 

It is two pm and you both still pad around his apartment in pajamas, eyes still heavy, skin still hot from sleep. You are half way through a marathon of your favourite tv show, but Jay spends this time drifting in and out of sleep. 

You don’t mind though; you’re just happy he’s there.

He is hugged to you, his face buried in your neck, his hand in yours, when he says it.

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The Crush

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A/N: What’s up everyone, so I decided to start drabbling in a few khh and kpop writings, with this being my first one, please let me know what you think I’m not that good so I just hope to grow! Thanks for reading this!! ALSO SODE NOTE Mostly all of my stories will be interracial being that I don’t read a lot of those and the fact that ya girl is melanin infused I just gotsta lol.

| First Story

| Christain Yu X Reader F

Word Count: 2,723

Third POV

She stood in the crowd looking over at the VIP section, her nerves began to get the best of her. She was high in confidence before leaving the house her dress fitted right, her shoes are comfortable, her hair is slayed, and edges laid, she even gave herself a pep talk before leaving she knew she was ready for tonight.

Once she got inside the club and seen her best friend hanging around skinny models all of her confidence went out the window, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to match up to that level.

She runs her hand down the side of her dress smithing out wrinkles that weren’t there as she walked up to the booth they were in, instantly being let in as they knew who she was. Dabin had looked up to see her walking towards them, and a huge smile appeared on his face as he stood to greet her.

“Y/n you look… wow, if he doesn’t make you his, will you be mine cause damn girl!”

Just that compliment alone was enough to boost her confidence levels back up, She gave him a hug as his arms were opening for her as a smile played on her lips.

“ Thanks, Binnie~.”

“ Yo, what did I tell you about that name, it isn’t cute it’s annoying.”

She had laughed as they walked further into the booth causing her to come face to face with her best friend, and the man she loved but could never tell him since they were friends.

“ Y/n!!! When did you get here!! “

He had stumbled a bit trying to get to you through the small crowd of people that took up the booth space. As he made it to her his arms wrapped around her waist and he buried his face into her neck breathing in her sweet scent before he pulled away.

“ Come on I want you to meet some people.”

He started pulling her lightly to where he was sitting at initially causing her to tug gently back.

“ Ian I’m in heels no pulling.”


He went behind her and guided her by the shoulders to where he was sitting at stopping in front of two guys and a girl who were drinking and laughing at something one of the guys had said. When they saw the two approach all eyes were on them

“ Guys! This is the girl I was talking about y/n, y/n this is Jay Park Gray and Hoody. We are thinking about working on one of jays songs, and he said he needed a bomb dancer,, and I immediately thought of you.”

Christian has smiled patting her shoulders lightly before going to grab them both a drink. She was way too nervous by herself to talk to the trio about anything,, so she sat down and tried to keep to herself knowing that this method just wounded up work for long.

“ So how did you meet Christian?”

Hoody had asked Y/n causing her to jump a bit as she was knocked out of her thoughts. Y/n had smiled thinking about the way they had met through their friends.


Leaning against the wall y/n was over the party her friend had dragged her out to be that it was just an album release party that she was dragged to.
Apparently not wanting to be where she was sitting in the VIP area just sipping on her strong drink hoping it would drown out the boredom in her life at the moment.

“ So looks like your not having fun.”

She had looked up at the owner of the voice as he sat down beside her with his own glass in hand before sitting it on the table in front of them, and stuck out his hand with a smile plaster on his face showing his pearly whites kind of made her heart skip a beat.

“ Christian. ”
“ Y/N.”
“ Hope this won’t sound rude, but how did you get in by the way? Didn’t know Dabin knew you. ”
“ Well, he didn’t he knows Christa I’m that hoe’s friend. ”
“ Well isn’t that kind of harsh?”

A small chuckle had come from him as y/n looked over at him seeing his shoulder shake slightly. He was attractive and wasn’t a douche bag this was a first for her.

“ No not at all actually she’s my best friend, and I love her like my sister so calling her a hoe is just a bit of tough love. “

She had added a small laugh after her sentence before looking down at her hands showing that she was just a bit nervous.

“ Dance with me.”
“ Um, I don’t-“
“ I wasn’t asking.”

He had grabbed her hand pulling her out to the dance floor and began moving in such an awkward way that just caused her to laugh a little too hard.

Christian has stopped moving to see that she was finally lighting up around him. with his goofiness and her personality he knew they would be great friends in the long run.

/end flashback/

“ And it was all because of this club actually ha how funny. ”

Hoody could see in her face that she liked Christian more than she was putting out there for them to listen.

“ So when do you plan on telling him?”

Hoody raises an eyebrow at y/n as she crosses her legs and sits her hand under her chin with a small smirk on her face seeing that y/n had tensed up some as she started running her hands down her lap swiping off more invisible lint.

“ I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“ Oh come on, you can see it in your face when you told the story, you like- no love. You love Christain, so when are you going to tell him?”

Y/n had placed her clutch beside her as she sat back on the sofa relaxing a bit and looking out into the crowd seeing Christain dancing with one of the models she saw him with earlier causing her mood to drop a bit.

Hoody saw and instantly darted her eyes out to the dance floor to see what she was looking at before going back to the heartbroken girl.

“ Because of that, He likes Asian models, and I’m a black girl who just so happens to know people. I can’t do anything for him let alone get him far. Christian and I as a couple… it just wouldn’t work. ”

She shakes her head as she sits up trying to put herself back together before anyone saw her looking like a lost puppy. Hoody could see how much you liked Christian, so she took it upon herself as y/n’s new friend to help her out a bit.

Hoody had turned to her right side seeing Jay still sitting there talking to a guy that just didn’t look too important, so the pulled each of their hands making them stand up0 with her both parties looking at the girl as if she has lost her mind.

“ Oppa, I need your help with something.”
“ Okay, but you didn’t have to pull me like that. ”

Jay takes his wrist from her hand lightly bending down to get his drink.

“ Alright, what?”
“ Help Y/n make Ian jealous. ”
“ What?!”

Y/n had yelled, luckily no one could really hear her with the music blasting. Jay had looked over at y/n, wasn’t really paying attention to her when she first came over but now he was. She was attractive, and if he were looking to date, she would have been his first choice.

“ Okay, but why?”
“ Becuase she likes him, and she doesn’t know if he likes her back nor does she want to tell him so this will just prove one thing ya know now go!”

Hoddy had pushed the two together and out of the VIP section forcing them to go out on the floor.

Anyone could see the nerves on y/n’s face as Jay’s hand quickly made its way to the small of her back guiding her lightly so they wouldn’t get separated from each other.

Once entirely on the floor, y/n was still too nervous, so Jay went and got her a drink from the bar to loosen her up a bit.

“ Here. This should help with the nerves.”
“ Thanks.”

She had tossed the drink back quickly and swallowed it without flinching, and he got a strong one too so this made him like her a bit more.

“ Okay, we have a strong one on our hands! Want another?”
“ No that’s okay, I’m driving tonight. Let’s just dance.”

A grin had played on his lips as he nodded complying with her moves as she had grabbed his hand moving her hips to the beat of Cheese and Wine. His hand dropped down to her waist as if he was guiding her. Y/n quickly loosened up as her little grinding turned into full-on twerking and Jay was loving every part of it, but Christian wasn’t.

He was still out on the floor dancing with the model that caught his attention earlier, and now all of his focus is on Y/n and Jay. He knows that he doesn’t have a say in what she does because it wasn’t his place but seeing her with Jay it woke something in him.

He could tell that Y/n was having fun, but he just didn’t want it to be with Jay; instead, it is with him and only him.

“ What’s wrong?”

The model had yelled a bit in his ear due to the music for him to hear her and giving her a short head shake before the model had nodded and gone back to dancing on him.  That’s when he realized how flat her ass was as she was trying hard to push it up against him. Christian had to go along with it to act like he didn’t care about y/n being all up on Jay and having fun with it too.

“ Hey, I’ll be right back.”

The girl quickly told him as she ran towards the restrooms which gave him time to escape. He had walked past Y/n and Jay, and it was as if y/n didn’t care, she always ran to him when he was around but she was too busy having fun and smiling with Jay to notice him come back which kind of made him mad but he couldn’t show that… not in public.

Christian had gone and sat beside Hoody who was playing a game on her phone, feeling his presence she had looked up and smiled.

“ Where have you been?”
“ Some model chick wanted to dance, so I said why not.”
“ You know you went for a drink and came back empty-handed. ”

Christain had chuckled as he reached over and grabbed a vodka bottle sitting it on the table.

“ Boom, a drink.”

The two had shared a laugh before he had diverted his eyes back on Y/n and Jay, who was now grinding up and down t his song Sex Trip. Everything was getting under his skin, and he honestly didn’t know why. He never thought of her in that light, she would always be his little sister, but now he doesn’t know.

The two had come back from dancing with smiles on their faces as they were chatting on the walk back here before taking a seat beside each other a little too close for Christian’s liking.

“ WHere have yall been?”
“ Oh! Hey Ian, Jay had pulled me to the dance floor, and we just stayed.”
“ But you hate dancing in clubs cause as you say ’ It isn’t really dancing. ’ ”
“ While that may be true and I still say it! I had fun with Jay. We’re actually thinking about leaving to go get something to eat. Yall in?”

y/n had looked over at Jay quickly to see if it was alright being that they had made the plan just for two so adding friends might mess something up, but he just nodded and smiled.

“ I’m up for it, come on Ian say yes! It’s 2:30, and I am hungry. ”

Hoody had pulled at his arm a bit shedding out some agyeo while she was at it, laying the charm down thick until Christian cracked and nodded his head with a smile.

“ Whoo! Let’s go!”

Hoody had hopped up and walked like the model she was towards the exit knowing that if she ran, it would look a little too childish. Everyone had laughed at her as they watched her try and be normal as they were getting themselves together. Jay had reached his hand out for Y/n to grab to help her up but he didn’t let go being that at this point in the night her feet were hurting and she needed support. Christian had walked behind them glaring at the back of Jay’s head as he watched his arm move to rest on her waist as they made it to the door.

Hoody was far ahead singing her songs to herself, Jay and Y/n were a little bit behind her talking about their lives in America and how much they actually had in common, while Christian was in the back trying not to make it evident that he was jealous.

“ Hey Ian, win me this!! ”

Hoody had turned to see a minion plushie that she wanted, also wanting to get him away from Jay and y/n seeing that he was getting annoyed she had quickly dropped her smirk as she saw him walking over to her.

Y/n was taking a liking to Jay, even though he was only meant to make Christian jealous, she felt like he actually cared about what she said.

“ So how do you like it here in Korea so far. ”
“ I mean I only been here for almost a year, and I think I’m in love, the food is everything the language is something I’m still learning, but overall I love it.”
“ Good, good. Maybe when we’re both free I could show you all of my favorite spots… well not all I have to keep some to myself ya know.”

His small joke earned a laugh from y/n as she nodded her head.

“ Trust me I understand, and I would like that very much. To see where the famous Jay Park hangs at… I think I can make a killing off of that alone. ”
“ Hey, now you just using me.”

Jay had tickled her side lightly causing her to yelp and run from his arms, Her laughs were loud enough for Christian to hear them as they had walked ahead away from them as he tried to get the small stuffed animal from the machine. After a few attempts, he finally got the stuffed animal which earned him a hug from the singer as she walked happily away from the game machine. Watching Hoody walk away and seeing Jay and Y/n playing around ahead of them made him think to himself.

* Do I like y/n*


A/N:: Thanks for reading!! Wow!!! my first CLIFFY!! Should I do a part two? Please let me know!!!
As many notes as your hear desires will get me to post again!!


Yeon didn’t think as she drove home that night, she sat in her car an extra ten minutes before getting out, going back into her apartment. She stayed up longer than she planned because honestly she thought that Jay would come and knock on her door any minute. He never did. 

She awoke the next day and no texts. She didn’t speak to him, and he didn’t speak to her. No show that night either. On the third day, she was itching to text him and tell him off. Ask him if she had a man or not, because if not, she could be going to clubs and at least getting some action. No, that would piss him off more. Maybe, he was waiting on some sort of sign from her. He did say she was to come back, when she knew what she wanted. 

Thing was Yeon had already told him. She went to dinner at her parents that night and her mother inquired about Jay. Yeon tried to smile, and answered that he was busy with his artists, and he was working on a new song. She went home, alone, and stared at her phone from her position in her bathtub. The rest of week passed uneventfully, and finally she went out with a small group of girls from her class, that weekend to a cafe. 

She didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, but then a variety show came on one of the Tv’s and Jay was the special guest. She tried not to look too interested as, one of her friends asked the waitress to turn it up. 

“So Jay Park, tell me what’s dating like for you?”

“It’s crazy. Women don’t really seem to know what they want so when you do, it just makes it harder.” 

“They like to be chased? That’s life it seems.”

“Not the life for me. Women are difficult, I think I should focus on music for now.” 

He started talking about his new album, but Yeon was seeing red. She gripped her coffee cup a little too tight as she, stood up and made an excuse about having to meet her parents. As she entered in her apartment, she slammed her door, fishing around in her purse for her phone, pulling it out. 

“So, I guess you think it’s funny to throw shade at me on TV! You’re disrespectful.” 

She didn’t get an answer until 15 minutes later, which just pissed her off further, as she paced around her apartment. 

Disrespectful is when your fuckin man tells you not to see some dude and you do it anyway, honey.”

Yeon, yelled at her phone, sitting down and texting him back faster. 

“I’m so tired of you. I told you nothing happened, I owed him to tell him why I wouldn’t see him again.” 

She could practically see his smug smile as he typed back. 

“You don’t owe him shit. Unless, there’s something you want to tell me. We are still together, so yea…I deserve to know.” 

Did he know more than he let on? Yeon knew what she could say, but she also knew that whatever happened with Jun Seo was before she got official with Jay. She ignored his statement. 

“You are so frustrating. You say I’m immature. I don’t know what I want? You haven’t said shit to me in a week, but we’re dating? Fuck you. I could go solo, and not look back.” 

She didn’t get anything back. Not for awhile, and after 20 minutes she went to shower, and wash her hair. Her doorbell ringing madly brought her running with a towel on her head, and one wrapped her to the video screen near her door. It was Jay, he was standing in the video screen, waving madly. He was not happy. Yeon felt her heart drop to her stomach, she couldn’t open the door like this. Ready to fight with him. She heard him pound again. 

“I heard you running to the door Yeon. open it!” 

She winced, at his words, turning the lock and opening the door. “What do you want, cause apparently, you forgot where I lived for a week.” 

Jay pushed his way inside, looking around her apartment as he quickly took off his shoes. “I didn’t forget, I just wasn’t coming over here.” 

Yeon locked her door back, grinding her teeth, as she followed after him. “Then don’t come up in here, all in my shit.” 

“What do you mean, youre going solo?” He turned around to face her, chewing on the inside of his mouth, as she stared hard at her body. 

Yeon realized how naked she was under towel, and shifted it around her body. “You don’t have to be with me, and I don’t have to be with you. I have options.” 

Jay snorted. “Baby, there’s no one in Seoul who can do what I do.” He walked slowly towards her, his eyes on her breasts. “And trust me, I do what I do well.” 

“I’m sure, the ladies pump your ego into thinking that.” She took a step back, away from him. 

Jay smiled at her, standing his ground. “So, we are gonna act like, you don’t moan my name? Scratch my back all up? Ask me for it harder?” His expression softened as he looked at her. “I’ve missed you, but you don’t miss me, that’s what kills me, Yeon.” 

“You don’t know what I feel. You never take the time to ask me anything, or hear my side. That’s your problem.” She walked away from him and towards her room. 

Inside, her heart swelled to see him again. Be near him, hear his voice. She wanted to kiss his face, and tell him he was right she wanted him too much to be petty. Feel his arms around her body, and smell his skin. She was too prideful for that though, and she would continue to hold her high and think that way. 

Jay followed her, and Yeon raised an eyebrow at him, as she sat down at her vanity, clothes on her bed for sleeping. 

“You aren’t allowed to see me naked anymore.” She lifted a leg and began to lotion her skin. 

“Why? Who is now?” He sat down on her bed, watching her, with hungry eyes. 

Yeon just stared at him, before continuing her process. She finished and stood up dropping her towel, to hear him hiss. He could look all he wanted, btu he wasn’t getting anything. 

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to see you naked anymore?” The need in Jay’s voice was strong, and he bit his lower lip, hands on his knees willing himself to stay put on the bed. 

“You can see what you’ll be missing.” Yeon teased, as she slipped a sleeping shirt over her head. 

She said nothing else, sitting down at her vanity, putting olive oil into the strands of her hair, working a detangling brush through it. She could hear Jay behind her breathing deeply, moving around. Their eyes met several times in her mirror as she twisted her hair, securing the ends. 

It was silent in her room, and then he spoke again. His voice rough. “You hurt me Yeon. Don’t you know that? You act like you don’t even care. I pride myself at not getting caught up on females, and playing those games but this is real with you. I understand what this love is. I love you. I can say it all day because it’s true. I love you. I just feel like you don’t love me. At least not like that. You’ve always had everything. So, what’s one person?” 

She stared at his reflection. He was telling the truth baring his soul to her like this, and now she felt like shit. Now she felt like, she was wrong. Like, she didn’t have much to live for. He was right. She never needed anything, never wanted for much else. She had her pick of men, and threw them away as she wished, but deep inside she knew what was up. She always had someone fawning over her, and she never paid too much attention. Here was Jay, and he was everything to her. She thought about him too much, wanted to be under him, and yet she was still subconsciously trying to hold him at arms length. Why? 

“I do love you.” She said turning around to face him. Her hands dropped from her head, as she secured the last twist to her scalp. “I love you, and I need you, I’ve never wanted anything like I want you but…I’m scared. I don’t know anything like this.”

“Then why don’t you say that? You have to tell me how you feel and show me these emotions, you like to keep so hidden, Yeon. Why are you afraid to fall?” Jay stood up, he knelt in front of her, his hands on her thighs, her over sized t-shirt hanging off her frame. 

Yeon wouldn’t look at him. Her eyes were brimming with tears, and she felt her bottom lip wobble. She knew she couldn’t speak without the tears falling. Jay saw this too, and he rubbed the skin on her thighs, his lips kissing gently at her knee. 

“Talk to me. You wanted to spend so much having sex, that you never talked about what you wanted. Or was I something different? Something daddy didn’t want so you clung to me?” He turned her face towards him.

Yeon let a tear fall as she blinked. “Don’t say that. You aren’t some toy to me.” 

“Then tell me.” Jay insisted. 

“I don’t know. I want to be happy, I want to be with someone, who gets me, and meshes with me and makes me happy. I want to feel free, and I want to be caged with love but; I’m just afraid that if I give up too much, I’ll just…” She stopped talking, wiping her eyes. 

“You’ll lose yourself?” He asked, and she nodded in response. 

Jay stood up bringing her with him. He wiped her eyes with his thumb. “Yeon. You’re too much of a woman for all that shit. You know that, and so do I. Stop thinking about how you need to be you, and just do it.” 

He hugged her body close to him, feeling himself react with her so close. Her arms snaking around his waist, Jay put his cheek on top of her head, smelling her shampoo and the smell of olive oil. He loved her smell, the warmth of her body. 

Yeon sniffled. “Is this us making up?” 

Jay smiled, rubbing her back. “I mean we aren’t naked in your bed. So not really.” 

Yeon pinched his arm and he laughed. “Ouch, woman!” 

He slapped her bare ass, squeezing it. “I should trust you, yes, I’m sorry for rude shit I said. However;” He lifted her face to look at him, squeezing her jaw a little as he did so. “I mean what I say. If I tell you that I don’t feel comfortable with someone, or I don’t want you to be alone with someone, like this right here…I mean it. Are we clear?” 

“We’re clear.” She answered, standing on her tip-toes to brush her lips across his. 

Jay put his mouth close to hers, savoring the moment of their kiss. He took a deep breath as she came near, his mouth on hers. He felt her tongue leap across his lips, and the flame within him grew. It never died, just needed to be stoked a little. Yeon’s arms went under his shirt and he lifted his hands above his head, helping her remove it. 

Back they fell onto the bed, she sat on top of him, his hands on her ass, she covered his chest in kisses, moving her way back up to his neck. Jay’s hands found the hem of her night shirt removing it, his hands rubbing the soft orbs under her shirt. He could get used to this, he wanted to settle down anyway. Having someone to come home to every night. Jay watched as she stood up turning off the light in her room. 

“Ohh lights off, it’s about to go down.” Jay joked with her, as Yeon helped him out his pants. 

“You know what you’ve never done for me?” She asked, as she got on her knees in front of him. 

“I’ve done most things you’ve asked me. Unless you wanna role play or something.” Jay, pulled down his boxers, his length springing free. 

Yeon smiled, the dim light from the bathroom, pooling into the room. She licked her lips, her hand rubbing his member, as she stood up to kiss him once more, before  getting back into position. “You’ve never sang for me.” 

Jay chuckled. “I actually wrote you a song.” He sucked in a breath as he felt her tongue. 

“Called?” Yeon said, in between kisses and licks. 

“Dilemma.” He answered, as she devoured him. “I’ll…I’ll sing it…uh fuck it let’s just finish this first.” 

She laughed as he pulled her onto the bed. The next sound that came from the room, was her soft groans, and Jay’s quiet whispers. 

That was the end of Dilemma! In all honesty, I want to do JB next, but I have no idea what I’m gonna do. Maybe I should set up a poll so y’all can vote. Do some BigBang, or EXO or BTS…I think I’ll do a poll. Thanks for reading guys! 

These Three Words

“No shame in admitting it. It’s okay, Y/N.” Jay insists again but you just couldn’t find it in you to concede.

You pursed your lips and searched for the words in your head. You opened your mouth but it didn’t come out.

“I can’t.” you tell him slumping your shoulders.

Jay sat closer to you and patted your back.

“You can do it. I believe in you.” He encourages you with a warm smile.

You looked into his eyes and saw how genuinely he was trying to help out. Sure he was vexing most of the time however, it wasn’t enough for you to tell him off.

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