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PJO Au where Barry’s father, Henry, is secretly the god Hermes. When Nora and Henry are attacked by Kairos, the forgotten god of time and speed, Barry learns that he is a demigod and takes up his father’s mantle as the Flash in order to bring back his parents and save his father’s legacy from being erased from history as it is known.
Fuel to the Fire, a flash fanfic | FanFiction

Title: Fuel to the Fire

Full Summary – [Sequel to Crossfire]. Now that Barry has managed to save Central City, Team Flash works its way to come back together after the events of the singularity tore it apart. But the singularity brings in the new threat of the speedster, Zoom, and the mysterious Jay Garrick. With the weight of saving the city on his shoulders once more Barry struggles to move on in all areas of his life and finds he may be too late. Cadence has finally gained control of her powers as well as her family life. Having to deal with her ex-boyfriend is hard enough when her feelings for a certain speedster grow, but to deal with a fire obsessed criminal following her around makes things one hundred times more difficult. Then an unforeseen tragedy may knock her progress askew and fan the flames of her inner turmoil. Through their own problems Barry and Cadence continue to grow closer while working to stop Zoom breaking through the reasons they stayed apart, bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘love is friendship set on fire’. Throwing in Brady’s and Cisco’s developing powers, a time traveling villain, and a sudden decrease in temperatures around Central City and Barry finds protecting Central City to be harder than ever before. Barry/OC (yes, finally). Season 2.

Rated T: For language, violence, and mature/sexual themes. Might go up to ‘M’ later.

Pairings: Barry/OC (yes, finally), SnowWells (Caitlin/Harry), and something for Cisco ;)

Some one-sided WestAllen, some SnowBarry, some SnowJay

Warnings: Some heavy goreish violence and sexual moments

anonymous asked:

Iris explicitly stated in 1x20 that Barry made her and Joe a family again and that she needs him. Everyone thought Barry was crazy about RF killing his mother all of his life, but Iris was the only one that believed him. Hell, in one scene in the comics, Jay Garrick told Barry that he was in a dark place for a long time, but he was starting to see the light and have fun, etc (I don't remember the exact words). But he definitely said "It started with Iris."

anonymous asked:

The irony that the SnowBats aka the Anybody But Iris crew don't see that the writers (in a roundabout way) are giving them what they want. S1x12 B+C go on a date, he talks about Iris the whole time, she gets drunk, takes her home - doesn't even want to peek at the goodies. He leaves her place, meets someone else (Linda) and starts dating her. 1x19 they get another go and she kisses a fake Barry. S2 she actually dates a fake Flash - Jay Garrick. That ship is docked ETERNALLY.

I saw a tweet today from an SB where they twisted the “no matter what earth, timeline, or universe, Barry and Iris will always find each other” to make it so that it said “no matter what universe, no matter what timeline, no matter which version Barry Allen will always need Caitlin Snow to be his hero.”

Brb still barfing.

Belle Epoque

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by laCommunarde

1885, Paris: Barry Alain, student of l'Ecole Polytechnique, STAR Labs Dvision decides to accompany his friend, Cisco Ramon see the beautiful ballerina Lisa Star at the Paris Opera Ballet. Somehow this leads to him having to work with one of the most disreputable thiefs in Paris, Leonard Snart to bring down a conspiracy involving mobs, anarchists and possibly time travel.

Words: 1278, Chapters: 1/15, Language: English

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My new wish for S3: Give Harry a supersuit and the secret identity of Johnny Quick. Being a speedster/having powers isnt a requirement, look at Arrow! This would seriously solve his issue of being recognized in public when he's out fighting crime.

Well by Arrow standards, Harry is absolutely a superhero: Smartest Man Alive, special weapons and tactics, fistfights with speed demons, makes cool gadgets, travels between universes to save people, HAS A HOODIE.

I’ve said before, but I really hope that if E2 Harry’s on E1 for any significant length of time, they give him the “Johnny Chambers” identity. Unless of course Fancy Harry / another version is actually called “Johnny Chambers” and not Harrison Wells (compare: Jay Garrick / Henry Allen).

Honestly Harry should wear the Yellow Suit. I mean, sure, give it a new color scheme, take off the Flash symbol, whatever. But they have a perfectly good protective suit right there in Harry’s size. You don’t need to be a speedster to need body armor, a suit that can withstand flames and friction, and so on.

Dye it black and give the man those goggles Tom was modeling at the concrete factory. Perfect.
Chaos and Bloodshed (are the best solution) - Katkee - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fanfic rec. no 27. @literallyflashtrash‘s fantasticful ‘Chaos and Bloodshed’.

This is such a hilarious, such a meta (-fictional, not -human, but also -human) fic you’ll need a break every few seconds to recover your breath from all the laughing. Think Airplane with the rapidity of gag after gag. Zoom and Eo, the beginning of a hideous friendship, though they can’t stop arguing over which of them is Barry’s real nemesis. Barry can’t stop giving them pointers. After all, now that he’s f-ed up the timeline, he’s read the villain manual. But Hartley (who’s apparently still having dinner with his parents) doesn’t need his copy anymore, so… And, just, like, that first paragraph.

Honestly, this is just so unbelievably funny and clever and weirdly very sweet and also very dark you needs must read it, like you really should, I do, frequently.

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my fave superhero is the flash!!

ahh barry!! my son!!

SUPER POWERS: you’re super fast, and can behave like a wave and pass through objects

YOUR ARCH NEMESIS: jay garrick
YOUR ORIGIN STORY: when you were two, your physicist parents were exploring a light phenomena when a massive earthquake shook the city. the flashing lights and massive waves hit you, forming a light phenomena inside you which lay dormant for years
YOUR WEAKNESS: very loud noises temporarily trap your energy

SUIT DESCRIPTION: full coverage in red, flexible leather
LAIR DESCRIPTION: high-tech penthouse suite, with 7 forms of security measures

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