The Flash: I can’t wait for Season 2

As predicted season 1 ended with an enormous bang (literally), and I am totally hanging out for the beginning of the next season. Yes I had my doubts at the beginning, but this series has finally won me over!

An image of the Flash from season 2 has been released, with a noticeable costume change with his iconic flash symbol changing from red to white.

One other exciting bit of news regarding season 2 is the featuring of Jay Garrick’s Flash, the first man to go by the Superhero alias. How he will fit into the story’s timeline is still unknown, however with time travel being a core component of the series I’m sure his story arc will be an extremely interesting one.

October 6th can’t come around fast enough!

Thoughts on S2 of the Flash

With all the details that are appearing on S2 of the Flash, I’m very excited. I thought I would discuss specific details on the exciting upcoming season.

Patty Spivot/Love Interest: When I heard of there being a new love interest for Barry I wanted to throw a chair. 

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Okay maybe not that extreme, but I was a little peeved. I’m getting tired of these love interests. I know it’s the CW, but still come on it’s fucking annoying. However, when it was announced that it would be Patty Spivot, I was a little less angry. 

Patty has been one of Barry’s friends for years. Also in the comics she has remarked on her crush for Barry so much she moved away because Barry was married to Iris (Pre-Flashpoint). 

In the post-Flashpoint they got together and started living as a couple until Barry’s murderous redemption-hungry future self appeared and took his place. When Patty learned who this Future Flash was it shocked her to the point she couldn’t see Barry without also seeing the terrible things his future self had done and she leaves. 

Honestly, I didn’t think they were ever going to introduce her considering how similar she looks to Felicity and no matter how bullshit it was Felicity had the CSI skills as well as being a love interest to Barry all of which Patty has. Now, it won’t probably won’t work out in the long run of S2, but if in S3 they introduce another love interest to either Barry or Iris I’m going to go Super Saiyan and not the good kind. We’re talking where Goku went Super Saiyan because Frieza killed Krillin. 

I would not mind it at all if they put Barry and Iris together at the end of S2 and have them work their feelings out as well as going through the phases; friends/lovers/married couple. Normally I hate excessive romance, but considering Barry and Iris were together when he got his powers and worked through it for many years while he was doing his Flash duties and her reporter ones as well then I don’t see the problem.

Jay Garrick/Wally West: Ever since I saw Jay Garrick’s helmet appear in the season finale I’ve been excited for his arrival. Yeah that helmet, the same one where as soon as I saw it I stood up and started clapping like a giddy fanboy.

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I’ve seen the picture of the guy they’ve cast as Jay Garrick and I have mixed emotions. 

For one I watched the promo and when I heard his voice it was awesome. He sounded so cool and regal kind of how you think Jay would sound. However, I said to myself, “Of course he’s going to be young because it’s the CW.” I know this is what to expect with the CW, but still it’s another thing that irks me a little. Jay was a teammate of Wildcat on the JSA and these are guys who supposed to look around 50-60 not young and look like they belong in an Abercrombie commercial. Granted Jay has the Speed Force which makes him age at a slower rate, but still it irks me. However, the CW could also be going with the newer Jay Garrick. 

The one in the new Earth-2 who acquires his powers from the dying Olympian god, Mercury. I guess I’ll find out in the upcoming season. They made a reference to Mercury in Ep. 2 and the background in the police station is a reference to the Greek Pantheon of which Mercury is a member. 

I’m looking forward to Wally. I’m wondering how they’ll go about his connection to Iris considering she seems to be an only child? He’ll probably be a cousin or they might go the whole Joe has another kid he doesn’t know about who has kids or something. Wally was the first Flash I was introduced to via STAS/JL/JLU. I always liked his funny side, but in the comics he’s kind of a jerk to his friends at times. However, it’s because he is a young, immature, irresponsible kid who has had responsibility thrust on him because of the death of his mentor/father figure/uncle Barry. His father was a con artist and abusive towards Wally. His mother, although she loved him, was a bit overbearing and did not approve of her son’s life choices. However, Wally’s progression from sidekick to lone hero learning himself to married man with kids is something I think a lot of the younger generation could relate to. It’s probably why there has been such a demand for him to appear in the show and now we’re getting that. It’ll be interesting to see him introduced to Barry, Iris, and the rest of the gang. I’ll also be looking forward to him meeting Linda Park. However, in no universe ever will I be happy with what they did to Linda. It still irritates me they put her with Barry. Whatever, here’s hoping that S2 will erase all that.

Zoom: Now here is one of the interesting topics I’ve been wanting to get to. Now in the comics Zoom and Barry have never faced before to my knowledge. Barry was “dead” at the time and Zoom was busy trolling his protege Wally. So it’ll be interesting to see Barry face another Reverse-Flash one whose powers are more potent than Thawne’s. Wally faced down both Zoom and Reverse-Flash in the comics so I think the show is putting Barry in his place. However, with the introduction of both Jay and Wally we might have an all-out Old West style speedster battle on our hands. 

Now whom could be the face behind the mask? I’ve been pondering that ever since the promo. I’m thinking it’ll be a certain someone returned from the grave. Yeah that’s right this guy.

I’m thinking the creators are going one of two routes. After seeing the speed trail of the character I’m thinking it will be a future version of Barry who has gone down the murderous path such as in the comics. 

I believe this because in the promo Wells/Thawne remarks to Barry “I’m not the thing you hate the most.” It makes me think that Barry’s greatest enemy, just like in other hero stories, is himself. Some of you won’t agree, but that’s okay. I just think it would be interesting to see Barry face off against a darker version of himself which could be a metaphor for him overcoming his own fears and doubts. Or Zoom will be a combination of Zolomon and Cobalt Blue. 


The latter seems the most likely since the CW likes to change things up a bit from the comics. 

Other Villains: Grodd will most likely return for S2. I thought he would be the big bad for S2, but the creators might be saving that for S3. The creators announced the arrival of two new villains: Dr. Alchemy & Mirror Master.

Doctor Alchemy

Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)

Dr. Alchemy is reformed villain Al Desmond who was formerly known as Mr. Element. 

Al Desmond’s Silver Age Persona, Mr. Element.

He has an evil psychic twin known as Alvin Desmond who was a construct of the Philosophers stone. He uses the stone to transmute objects at will. The introduction of Firestorm in S1 may have been an allusion to that. 

There are two Mirror Masters in the comics: Sam Scudder and Evan McCulloch. Scudder was the one who often did battle with Barry Allen in the comics. I believe the show will most likely use him instead of McCulloch. In Ep. 13 the Cisco’s experiment with the mirrors may have been an allusion to Mirror Master. 

S2 will most likely feature Snart’s Rogues in full with members such as Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, and others on board. Others who might be introduced could be Abra Kadabra, The Folded Man, Cicada, Savitar, and others. Arrow has already/will use two Flash villains:Murmur and Double Down. The reason why is because Arrow really sucks right now.

Aside from all the bullshit that Arrow has become (please god get rid of MG), S2 of the Flash looks to be really good. It’ll be legendary. 

The Flash : Montage of Jay Garrick training Barry of what he knows from being the first Flash while Strangers Like Me plays in background.

Legends Of Tommorow : Ray train’s the others while singing i’ll make a man out of you.

should you fight this flashfamily member?
  • jay garrick:he fought the nazis. he's taught every single flash there is. do you want to hurt really really badly? if so, go ahead.
  • barry allen:aw why would you fight barry allen? he's just trying his best. sure he's a little mopey but he just wants to do his best. leave him alone.
  • wally west:fight this weasley reject pile of poop. do it. fight him. kick his nerd ass. he doesn't even have a job. god.
  • jesse quick:really? she has super speed, super strength, and runs her own company. go ahead and fight her if you want to know what a truck coming at you at like 90000 mph looks like.
  • max mercury:do you even know how old he is? the shit he's seen? he raised impulse. do you wanna mess with that?
  • bart allen:you soulless animal. you raging hell beast. he's actually like 5 years old. why would you fight this precious cinnamon bun? has he not been through enough? fight to protect him maybe. speaking of protecting him: remember inertia? remember what happened to him? he's also got like 2 kickass, age hardened dads. basically don't fight bart allen, you baby killer.
  • irey west:she's like 10. don't fight a 10 year old. don't you have morals?
  • jai west:he doesn't even have his powers anymore. are you really that empty and devoid of goodness?
  • joan garrick:you would hurt your own grandmother? you monster.
  • iris allen:no. do not.
  • linda park-west:it's like you want to find out if wally has a breaking point. first his kids, now this? and plus, why would you want to screw with her? you'd be better off fighting her husband because she will get a gun and she will shoot you.
BOLD WHAT YOU PREFER--the flash comics edition


keystone city or central city or gorilla city 

avernus cemetery or iron heights 

the flash museum or the speed force

mick’s heat gun or len’s cold gun

the cosmic treadmill or weather wizard’s weather wand 


wally west or barry allen

iris west or linda park

bart allen or jenni ognats

max mercury or jay garrick

jesse chambers or danica williams 

the rogues or the flash family

axel walker or james jesse

owen mercer or digger harkness

evan macculloch or sam scudder

len snart or lisa snart

the turtle or gorilla grodd 

edward clariss or eobard thawne or hunter zolomon or thad thawne or daniel west 


batfam/flashfam or green lanterns/flashfam 

roscoe dillon/lisa snart or sam scudder/lisa snart

hartley rathaway/james jesse or hartley rathaway/david singh 

wally west/linda park or barry allen/iris west or joan williams/jay garrick

jesse chambers/rick tyler or danica williams/billy batson

[familial] barry allen/wally west or max mercury/bart allen

[familial] irey west/jai west or bart allen/jenni ognats 


stealing/lending speed or bart’s photographic memory

flying or phasing through solid objects 

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015

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