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Apples and Oranges

Bucky x Reader

Summary – This drabble is based off of Pink Floyd’s  Apples and Oranges  for Jays Food Songs Challenge. Bucky is living in Bucharest and visits the market every day to buy his plums.  One day he notices you there as well.

Warnings – Angst

Word Count – 540

Notes –When I saw the lyrics were about a girl buying fruit, I just had to write about Bucky and his plums!!!  I hope you enjoy!!  As always, feedback is appreciated!

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Got a flip-top pack of cigarettes in her pocket
Feeling good at the top
Shopping in sharp shoes
Walking in the sunshine town feeling very cool
But the butchers and the bakers in the supermarket stores
Getting everything she wants from the supermarket stores
Apples and oranges
Apples and oranges

Bucky had been in Bucharest for a few weeks now, but he still wasn’t comfortable letting down his guard.  He tried to vary his routine in order to stay under the radar.  He just couldn’t stay away from the little outdoor market, though. They had the best plums and the owner of the booth was always very kind to him.  

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Jay Park and Stefanie Michova...

Jay Park released an English song called “2nd Thots“ a few days ago, and people started spreading that the song is about Beenzino’s girlfriend Stefanie (who Jay had supposedly dated before).

Both Stefanie and Jay denied that’s true, and wrote on Twitter:

Not sure what to make of this, it is quite possible Jay didn’t specifically write the song about Stefanie, but maybe she was one of the girls he dated that inspired him to write those lyrics. What I want to know is, what does Beenzino have to say about it? (he’ll either ignore it, or, diss battle juseyo)

  • 剩下的盛夏



THIS SONG SCREAMS JAY CHOU!! These kiddies must’ve been over the moon to have Jay Chou write for them. But I’m really liking this song!!!! Especially how it starts off, Junkai’s voice really does hook you in for this one

Wine For Me (Vday)
  • Wine For Me (Vday)
  • Jay Solstice
  • Valentines Day

Random Song I Made..

The Chorus just explains how sometimes valentines is so dumb because many dudes just do what they need to do to get some pussy instead of actually doing things on vday to show their appreciation. 

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