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such stuff as dreams are made on is pleased to announce its official list of zine contributors! We received almost one hundred amazing applications; it was a hard decision, but we eventually narrowed down our list. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s work in the finished zine.

Thank you so much to everyone who applied!

Preorders for the zine will open on August 1st, so stay tuned!


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Dear Lord i was tagged by @scrungass ages ago whoops <3
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Name: Kelsey Jay
Nickname: Kels
Star Sign:Gemini
Height: 5′3″
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual 
Hogwarts House: G R Y F F I N D O R
Favourite Colour: yellow!
Favourite Animal: I love all animals? probably dogs the most…
Average Hours of Sleep: Lol
Number of Blankets: 1
Favourite Singer/Band: Simple Plan
Dream Job:Professional Cosplayer lol, realistically i want to work in an animal shelter of sorts helping animals rehabilitate to get adopted out!
Dream Trip: Disneyland. all of them. LA, Toyko, Paris…
When Was Your Blog Created: Febuary 2013
Current Number of Followers: 522 EXCUSE ME WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM OMG <3
What Made You Create Your Tumblr: My Best Friend talked me into it. I didn’t use it a lot cause i didnt understand it. also i joined in my senior year of highschool which was a REALLY bad idea lol