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Okay so today I explained to my therapist what Lazytown was.

He looked it up on his phone and watched the beginning of an episode and thought it was amazing.

We then moved off that topic and started talking about my birth certificate name (because I’m a transguy) & discussing all that jazz. Then he asked my middle name and I told him. (Its a very girly middle name) So we brainstormed other middle names I might have when he looked at me in excitement and was like:

“OMG Change it to Sportacus! tHAT WOULD bE AMAZING.”

I am seriously dying of laughter wtf.

Please form a bond like this with your therapist.


The Skwad playing superhero charades

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Happy Halloween from AOMG’s resident cartoon Dad….xD Jay Park Jaebum…..hahah…he’s such a Simpsons head since forever, he finally get to become one! lol

And in conjunction of Halloween night, here’s a vid dump post of Jay in various states of wackiness to entertain you for five minutes. xD

When he became muhf*kg Jack Sparrow….

Jay Park the trot singer…..

Jay Park the doppleganger xD

Grandma Jay…..

the best one yet…..puppy Jay! cutest and he didn’t even know it. xD Thanks to Simon Dominic.

what makes me so sad is that Louis didn’t just lose his mum, he lost the only parent he ever truly had. That shit excuse for a man that left Jay and Louis when Louis was only weeks old was not and will never be Louis’ dad. Jay was Louis’ mother and father, she did everything for him. Jay sacrificed so much at such a young age to give Louis everything. She needed to be both parents for her son and she did an incredible job all by herself. 

Maybe We Should |Kwon Hyukwoo

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Reader(You) x Loco

Genre: Romance with a dash of drama

Rating: Fluff

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You sat in the doctors office in complete disbelief. You had the doctor retest you three more times but the damn test still came back positive. There was no way this was happening to you. There was no way you were pregnant. 18 week? You looked down at your stomach, you had a small bulge but you’d just thought you’d gained weight. You placed a hand on your stomach and felt a flutter? That’s what the doctor called it. You’d just thought you’d bad gas. You rubbed your belly an felt immediate joy despite the abruptness of the situation. 

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Awww! Basically growing up in the middle of nowhere, Jay didn’t have neighbors and was homeschooled, so he’s always wanted to be part of a larger community and do neighborly things and make a lot of friends and improve his town. Headcannon I just made up right now accepted!


I don’t know you. But that is my one bullet to fire at the heart of Skynet. Give the chip back.