You’re not a fake fan if your favourite song is a title song.
You’re not a fake fan if you’re bias is the most popular member.
You’re not a fake fan if you don’t know all the fandoms inside jokes. (Example: you got no jams, kkaebsong ect.)
You’re not a fake fan if you haven’t watched all their videos.

Hoo boy I am in love with this show. I haven’t seen it yet as I live in Farawayville (aka Texas) but I have been jamming out to the soundtrack for the longest time. I am just so blown away by the inspiring messages and the immense talent that all of you possess!! Special shoutout to Jacob Fjeldheim for composing such beautiful songs😱

Fingers crossed that this wonderful musical someday makes it to Austin so I can reunite with my loves and see this talented cast perform! But until then I’ll just continue looping the soundtrack and enjoying the 🎶free shiiirt🎶 that @willygurl68 is mailing to me. Anyway, I put all of the love I have for this show into this drawing and it was just so much fun to create. People, go see this show if you are able! If not, check out the cast recording! –> districtlines.com/ultimatestorytime

ohmy lord

[umbrokorea x jaypark]

Ninja sleeping headcanons

Okay, I’ve seen a fair few of these, and I wanted to add my opinion.

Kai: The one who wakes everyone up at 2AM asking if dragons get songs stuck in their heads.

Cole: Loudest snorer ever. Will literally cause a minor earthquake of he’s congested.

Jay: Will cuddle anything and everything. Slept with about fifty stuffed animals growing up (and had names and backstories for all of them) but will also cuddle people or a pair of nunchucks.

Zane: Needs people to flip a switch to wake him up because once he’s out, he won’t move or make a sound. It’s a little ridiculous, honestly. Alternatively, has a built-in alarm clock and wakes up before anyone else. I haven’t quite decided for him.

Lloyd: Has frequent nightmares, and will cause a power outage if they’re bad enough. Had Jay soundproof his room in case he wakes up screaming. (nooo my poor baby why must I do this to him)

Nya: Night owl. Probably works on her machines and things around the same time Kai is starting to question life. Runs on coffee.

Wu: Insomniac. Probably gets up every two hours to drink tea.

Misako: Stays up past midnight reading. After she started living with the Ninjas again, she was always there to comfort Lloyd whenever he had nightmares (like the mother he deserves).

Garmadon: Combination of Wu and Lloyd. Hardly ever sleeps, because when he does he gets horrible nightmares leftover from the Great Devourer venom. Also runs off coffee (between him and Nya, they have to get one of those huge things of coffee beans every week).

Mistaken Identity

Genre: Fan Fiction
Pairing: Jai Courtney/Reader
Warnings: Language, Fluffy, mild NSFW
Rating: General Audience
Disclaimer: This a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line.

*This is request is mesh of prompts from @societalfailure and @jaijacked. Societal wanted something based off the photo below with the stipulation it was smutty, fluffly, and maybe a fan. 

Jaijacked wanted Jai to suffer a bit. So this is what my imagination created. Feedback is always appreciated and makes my world go around. Enjoy my loves!*

An arm shoots out, pulling you into the alley. Your eyes widen when you realize it’s Jai. Placing a hand by your face Jai leans forward.

“Why have you been following me for blocks? Are you paparazzi?” he barks.

You swallow thickly. He is much bigger up close and his typically endearing deep voice had adopted an intimidating tone. This isn’t how you imagined meeting your crush would go.

Stammering while searching for the right words, “I…I…I’m not paparazzi …I prom…promise.”

His blue eyes search your face before he leans back and opens his hand, “Prove it.”

You pull your phone from a jacket pocket and quickly open the photos before handing it over.

Jai’s fingers scroll between photos and a small smile spreads along his lips.

You blush, knowing exactly what he is smirking about. You had saved the snapchats sent to your BFF documenting the adventure.

“So you’d like to bite my ass?” Jai says with a cute smirk as he hands the phone back.

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  • Wonwoo will be a shy bean in the beginning
  • Won’t initiate much other than hand holding and maybe a lil bit of hugging
  • Once you’ve been together for a while and really get to know him, you’ll get to know the wilder side of Wonwoo
  • The lame jokes, cheesy pick-up lines, and cuddle bug Wonwoo
  • “On a scale of 1-10 I’d give you a 9 because I’m the 1 you need.”
  • Will initiate and show more skinship - a LOT more
  • Will trust you a lot
  • Doesn’t get really jealous unless you’re REALLY CLOSE and all
  • What he’ll do then is simply walk up to the two of you and introduce himself but ask about them at home
  • Would also hide his jealousy
  • “What… I’m not jealous?!
  • Would be bad at hiding it
  • He would call you jagi, babe, and baby the most - not so much sweetie or honey
  • If you’re in the mood, he will latch onto you
  • “Jagi can we cuddle?”
  • If you let him he will. {I’d love to listen to his voice saying anything}
  • Lunch dates @ the park
  • He’ll bring books and you could read or rest
  • You’ll have a blanket set up for you + some nice sandwiches and drinks
  • Wonwoo will lay his head in your lap and read while you rest and play with his hair
  • Rainy days would be very nice
  • He’ll stay in bed with you and watch T.V
  • “Let’s just stay here and hang around the house, ok?”
  • He’ll have you listen to his raps
  • “Listen to this? How does it sound? Does it flow?”
  • Cares the most about what you think about his raps and lyrics cuz you matter the most in the world to him
  • Deep late night talks
  • “Jagi I want to be the best boyfriend, but I feel like I fail horribly at being one, do you still love me?”
  • Tries cooking for you breakfast one day
  • You have to stay in the kitchen because you’re scared of him burning down the kitchen leaving him alone
  • He tried flipping a pancake…he failed
  • “Jagi I tried flipping one, I thought I was Jeon Wonwoo… bag of luck? DO I REALLY NOT HAVE ENOUGH LUCK OR SKILL TO FLIP A PANCAKE?!”
  • He would really enjoy your home cooking
  • Like, he’ll watch you cook and when you ask him to taste he’d just love it
  • You’d love listening to his hums of satisfaction after he tastes your food {that deep sultry voice o.0}
  • Overall Wonwoo would be the sweetest ever and wants to give you the world, he’d be very trustworthy and kind to you. He’s your Wonwoo… your bag of luck.
  • {Wonwoo is my babe forever tbh}

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I also want to emphasize how there is a need for both mixed and monoracial folks to be understanding of where one or another are coming from because although we are both poc, we do have differences and we can discriminate against each other and for some of us there are privileges at play but as a community we need to be able to discuss these differences without throwing identity under the bus.

– Jay