jay z shirt

I think Adult Swim deserves more credit in the sort of absurdist/nihilist humor of millennials

Like, things like “take me to snurch” and replying “same” to really bizarre things is a brand of humor that makes sense primarily to millennials, and I think a large part of that is being brought up on things like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, especially since I know so few people who escaped those shows given how prolific they were, even just because we were all saying, “you have to watch this, it’s hilarious and I can’t explain why”

granted, I think there are a lot of societal factors at play as well. the Radiolab episode “In The Dust Of This Planet” named for a long-form essay of the same title (which has sense been referenced on a jacket Jay-Z wore, on a shirt, and in True Detective) explains that nihilism is in vogue due to, essentially, how thoroughly garbage everything has been during the formative years of millennials adolescence–everything from hate crimes to the recession to 9/11

I think, though, that growing up SPECIFICALLY with Adult Swim has made us translate that nihilism that’s sociologically catchy right now into our humor versus being all, y'know, Bleak Nihilism. we’re that Skateboard Kid Nihilism instead thanks to the fucking bizarre humor that came out of early Adult Swim because it had zero budget.

idk. I think there are other factors for sure. but Adult Swim deserves more credit when the humor of millennials is brought up.