jay z artwork

The convoluted look in Jay-z face and the Face of pride and satisfaction in Beyoncé facial expression  while looking at the power pose/ walk that Solange carries herself with makes this image a piece of art work with a full spectrum of emotions. #Lemonade  

Here are Chowder & Panini in the Different Clothing Style of Mrs. Beyoncé & Mr. Jay-Z.
Because a Thought came to me that some Folks dislike Panini for being too much of a “Psychopath” the entire Series, But I think that she is Just ‘Crazy in Love’, and thinking of that Beyoncé & Jay-Z song “Crazy in Love” came to mind to make this Piece.
I took this Pose inspiration from one of their Performances during B’s 2009 'I Am…Tour’.


My little artwork tribute to the founder and owner of A$AP Worldwide Records.

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