jay z and beyonce family


We had a Grammy after party and a birthday party for Kelly Rowland on Sunday. Everyone keeps asking, “Where’s Michelle? Where’s Michelle?”. She was there. Who do you think is taking all the pictures? She was also great at watching everyone’s coats and purses. 

Liberals are hypocrites.  Ivanka Trump is family and was there to talk about women in the American workplace.  Jay Z and Beyonce just make noise on CDs and contribute nothing positive for America.

Great video on Beyonce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oahkGuG09SE

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This time Blue Ivy steals the NBA All-Star game with pregnant Beyonce, Jay Z

The Carters, who will soon be a family of five, convened courtside for Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. And just like at the Grammys, Blue Ivycaptured our attention. Our apologies to LeBron James and his fellow athletes.

Let us review all the moments we couldn’t take our eyes off Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 5-year-old. Like when she was delighted by cotton candy, which was blue, natch. (Photos: AP, Getty, epa)

i hope when obama and michelle leave they white house i see them kicking it w beyonce and jay z, a casual dual black family vacation in Italy somewhere, sipping on expensive champagne. flotus makes an appearance in bey’s next visual album, hov feat potus. sasha and malia play w blue and teach her all about feminism and self love, running around in custom made dior dresses being carefree black girls. just two extremely powerful black families having fun together and supporting eachother.


Another Halloween, another Carter family costume. This year Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy dressed-up as Black Barbie and Ken with their daughter.

Damn, this is just more proof that Jay loves his family life with Beyoncé and Blue more than anything. If you’re an educated Hov fan you’ll know how significant this is… Check out the shots while contemplating this line from 1996:

“I’ve been sinning since you been playing with Barbie and Ken and, you can’t change a players game in the 9th inning…”

My time with BEYONCÉ at 40/40

So I got a call from my really good friend. Inviting me to Kanyes show that shut down nyc and also the pre-party as well as the after party at 40/40. I didn’t know it was kanye performing until after I got dressed. We were supposed to go to VIP for the concert (which was outside) but I told my friend it was too cold and since they were showing the concert at the 40/40 I figured we should just stay and watch there. So we stayed and drank a few drinks. Eventually my friends sister walked in with jay-z’s sister brother, nephew and cousin. (I only recognized the sister, Michelle) so I walked in the room and we’re all chilling. I’m literally with mostly jays family. So my friend pours me a drink (d'usse) after I told her I wanted to taste it. And jayz’s sister jokes with my friend saying “that’s all you gonna fucking give him (while laughing) I laughed as well. Then my friend says chill he only wanted a little bit. So she says oh I’m sorry boo I thought she was trying to play you! (To me) I laughed and said no I just wanted a sip. So we’re chilling still and suddenly all I hear is. "Hello… ” I look up and me and the fucking creole goddess her fucking self lock eyes. In that moment I froze. I didn’t respond at all. She looked me dead in my eye and said it again as she obviously realized that I froze. Coincidently I was actually in her way as well. So she touched my shoulder (sort of as a reminder that I was in her way) I said omg omg omg omg omg I’m Sooo sorry… She kindly said “it’s okay baby” I freaked out in my head as all the bones in my body froze. Not believing BEYONCÉ had just called ME baby!!!! My life had already been made. BEYONCÉ then asked my friends sister “excuse me can I sit next to my sister”. (Jayz’s sister aka her sister in law). My friends sister “shavonne” then said to B. “Oh u mean my seat” (joking) BEYONCÉ then said “yes I’m sorry plz..” (Laughing) I then just chilled as jayz’s brother joked with me about being in his way she looked at both of us and said to Angie (her cousin) about jayz’s brother “He’s so crazy”. All I could do was stop myself from staring. Because what I was looking at was far more beautiful than any video or picture than I had ever seen. So the night went on and BEYONCÉ had ordered a bunch of drinks. Everyone grabbed one and then jayz’s sister looked at me as if to say “grab one” I was so scared my hand trembled and I took it. So BEYONCÉ and Michelle (jays sister) were talking and Michelle saw me and JULIUS.. We’re bumping shoulders (more like shoulder to hip he’s so fucking tall) and Michelle then said “watch out for him” (talking to me referring to JULIUS) I then said “oh JULIUS? Oh no I’m scared of him. I’m just gonna stay right here don’t worry about that trust me. BEYONCÉ Angie and Michelle then laughed. (BEYONCÉ laughing the hardest) I was still in awe that she was laughing at me. I then started dAncing a while later to "trap queen” BEYONCÉ bopped with me and smiled as I danced. She then whispered kinda to Angie and said something (I later found out she told her I was so cute) . I just had to take a second to breathe after writing that. After a while she got up and Julius tried to direct her out and she told him no I wanna go say hi. He directed her as consequence from that love and hip hop show. Came up to her and said “I just had to come over and say hi. She said hi how are you.. (Barely knowing who he was it seemed) she walked past him as he asked "would it be too much to ask for a picture” she then rubbed his back and said “no pictures baby no pictures” I died inside as I was so glad I didn’t even think to ask a picture. I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask being that she wasn’t working she was chilling with family and having a good day. I didn’t want to interrupt that. She left out after say hello to some more of jays family and then I kept with my night with everyone. It was literally the best night I’ve ever had ever!!!! I’ll never forget it and my dreams have come true. I’m shaking writing this still.