jay what

  • Jay: *Phone starts ringing*
  • Kai: *Looks at who is calling* You still call your dad "daddy"?
  • Jay: *picks up phone and locks eyes with Kai*
  • Jay: Hey Nya, what's up?
  • Kai: *Chokes on drink*
Me: I'm tired of these perverted, over-hyped songs. I'm a sophisticated pers- *Mommae comes on*

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jay! whats your gender? 💛

I’m a Jay! Which is a really important gender if you’re a jay and it’s hard to explain cuz humans think plumbing is a REALLY important binding when it sometimes isn’t and I have to explain that with a demonstration and sometimes people maybe run away?!

Even IF tentacles are pretty important too sometimes if you want them and being jaysexual is all about being extra jaysome and doing lots of helpings and making the bestest friends ever! (Charlie says it’s best if I tell people I’m a boy instead of a Jay since people understand that better even if I’m not that?!) 

Humans make identities really confusling you know! :(

“Are you wearing my jacket?" 


"Are you wearing only my jacket?" 



Some fan art I did for @princedeadend and their fic Don’t Break Connection, Baby. This scene is just so funny and cute and so typical of Lance lol. Please go check out this fic cause it’s amazing and give the author some love as well