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Expectations vs Reality
  • Kpop fanfic: you couldn't believe your eyes, your own boyfriend naked on your bed with another girl, cheating on you.
  • Reality: you couldn't believe your eyes, your own boyfriend sitting shirtless on your bed eating kfc all alone behind your back.

Pairing: Eric x Reader

Prompt: Anything you can do, I can do better.

Contains: minor swearing, flirting, mild smut

Word count: 1014 words / 5333 characters

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HEY ALL - this is kind of terribad but I finally busted through my epic writer’s block, and give you the follow-up wedding ficlet started from this prompt (I don’t want to go to my ex’s wedding alone).

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Steve was infinitely glad that he’d finally gotten up the nerve to ask Bucky to come as his ‘date’ - not only because of the relief he felt when he’d been able to check off the plus one box on his RSVP and save face, but because it turned out that planning an international trip in such a short amount of time (even one that had been planned as meticulously as Peggy Carter could) was ridiculously stressful work.  Steve wasn’t sure he’d have gotten through all of it with his sanity intact, if not for Bucky’s help.

As it was, they had their flights scheduled and were both able to get a few extra days off of work to allow themselves time to do independent sightseeing around the city.  Initially they’d had trouble figuring out how to fill said days without being completely pathetic tourists, but luckily Steve had been able to find time for drinks with Peggy one evening after work, who was so thrilled to hear that he was FINALLY owning up to his feelings about Bucky (the way she’d gushed when Steve had admitted the identity of his date had been all kinds of uncomfortable, considering how subtle he thought his feelings for his friend were) that she was all-too-happy to give them an itinerary of things to do together.  Steve tried his best to ignore how many times she mentioned Angie during the list… not because he had any problems with his ex’s fiance, of course, but because he didn’t want to psyche himself out too much when it came to riding the London Eye with Bucky.  

Just because Peggy said it made for a great date afternoon, didn’t mean that they couldn’t enjoy the hell out of it as friends.

As the date drew closer, Steve was half-afraid that he should suggest they spend time acting as a couple, to make the whole facade more natural when they were put on the spot; as it was they were spending so much time together anyway, making plans and just hanging out as they always had (and on one regrettable night, practicing dance moves at Bucky’s insistence) that it hardly seemed necessary.  God knew that they were together just as often as any other busy, employed Millennial couple were, and they’d known each other for so long that it wasn’t as if someone would be able to quiz them and call their bluff on the act.  Plus, weren’t people supposed to date their best friends, anyway?  If anything, Steve figured that Bucky was the best he could ask for in a pretend date, outside of maybe Peggy herself.

He was getting really good at ignoring the voice that reminded him how much he wished it wasn’t pretend, too.

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It’s Just Netflix...Chill

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It’s Just Netflix…Chill
[Jay tried]



“Baby please! Pretty please? With a cherry on top. We’ll even watch whatever you want.”

Sighing you rolled your eyes. Your phone wedged between your shoulder against your ear while you tried to clean up around your office. “Jay, you hate my shows. I just wanna go home. Take a nice long bath, and catch up on my dramas.”

“You can do that all at my place, come on I haven’t seen you a month.”

“And whose fault is that Rapstar?”

Jay had a tendency of going ghost for weeks at a time. Rather it was for recording, business, or tours he’d usually be gone for a while. You two weren’t clingy about your relationship, and you always had something else going on to distract you so it wasn’t too bad. But when he did come back he’d always be a little too clingy. It honestly was adorable, and you always got a kick in making him beg.

“I’m sorry Baby, come on I just wanna see you.”

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Pairing: Eric x Reader

Prompt: I was only trying to help

Contains: blood, angst, and (some) fluff

Word count:  692 words / 3820 characters

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I felt bad about the rushed doodles from yesterday from this post because these are super cute fusions/versions and I wanted to properly draw them out. Also Amber!zawa!

Yo guys! @kawaiijohn​, @c-jay321​ & @sevi007​ XD


LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes  (3x07)

Are you okay?

Do me a favor and, uh, don’t leave me alone with the swim coach ‘cause…

Hey, I got you. 


power rangers movie? more like

Divergent Eric imagine/one shot - weakness

(Requested by multiple people. Warnings: violence.)
(Summery: you’re an amity transfer and Eric thinks your weak so he pushes you until you break.)

“Come on, Amity! Do you really think you’re going to beat anyone using your arms like that?!” Eric snaps at you.
You’re sending your bruised and raw fists into the punching bag as hard as you can, however with your weak throws you know it’s not doing any damage.
Thick sweat pours down your face and back, you pant like some type of canine and tears threaten to spill.
Eric’s been picking on the weak ones recently, especially you, being a transfer from amity everyone was shocked you’ve even made it this far.
You feel Eric’s rough finger wrap around your bicep yanking you away, you stagger backwards with the force and almost fall in front of the dauntless leader.
“Initiates to the mats! Molly! Come here, you and (Y/N) in the ring now.” Eric pushes you onto the raised combat mats, you push your hands out in front of you to stop yourself from face planting, you close your eyes as dizziness and nausea overwhelms you.
“Eric, do you really think that’s a good idea? She’s been at the bag for two hours straight. Look at her, she looks like she’s going to pass out any second now.” Four grumbles as he struts towards Eric.
“A dauntless can continue and will never give up, if she says she can’t do it, she’s out.” Eric folds his arms across his chests, you shake your head and jump to your feet.
“Come on.” You whisper, your voice shaking and quiet.
“Get at it, initiates.” Eric barks, you keep your eyes on Molly as you brush some of the sweat off your forehead with your forearm.
You watch as Molly lunges herself towards you, her fist connects with your jaw knocking you straight to the floor.
You groan but raise to your feet quickly, you jump towards Molly grasping onto her hair and you drag her down to the floor.
You send your foot into Molly’s stomach just as you do, you feel Molly grab your other leg pulling you down.
Your head slams onto the floor, a horrid ringing sound fills your ears and your vision blurs.
Molly climbs on top of you sending her knuckles directly into your face three times before you manage to roll your body over causing her to be the bottom.
You look in the opposite direction of Eric and spit out a mouthful of blood, it sprays onto the mat; you clutch onto Molly’s throat and punch her. Knowing your knuckles aren’t the strongest you bring your knees up and dig them into her stomach.
Molly reaches up and grips onto your hair tugging you off her, you cower away and stare up at her.
She storms towards you and her foot meets your face, you turn your back on her to spit more blood only to feel her stand on your spine.
You collapse and tears spill down your face.
You use all your muscle with a loud scream you lash out, Molly falls off your back as your nails cut her skin.
You scramble on top of her and with one last try you slam her head against the floor knocking her unconscious.
You stand straight up and wipe your mouth with the opposite forearm as before, blood smears across it and you look up at everyone one.
The whole room is silent and every pair of eyes are trained on you, you glance directly over to Eric.
His expression the same stern observing stare as usual, he finally did it. He finally made you lose all that you were, an amity, you are broken.
You limp from the mat and leave the room, there is still another two hours of training left but you need to clean up.
You stare in the mirror of your bathroom, you wash your mouth and hold a cold flannel on your split lip as well as now swelling black eye.
You hear the door to the dormitory swing open and heavy pounding footsteps near you, you don’t bother turning around to see whom the intruder is.
When the man comes into mirror view you notice it’s Eric,
“You look like shit, initiate.” Eric slows his strides towards me. Initiate? His normal nickname for you is amity why now would he say initiate.
“Oh really, I hadn’t noticed.” You growl flatly, Eric’s touch is more gentle this time he takes your arm spinning you around to face him.
“You fought better than most dauntless born I’ve seen.” Eric informs you, you roll your eyes and place the wet towels on the side. Eric reaches out and strokes his hand on your cheek searching your eyes for any hate towards him.
Alas there is not, in all honestly you never hated Eric like so many others had. You’ve always been attracted towards him but never said anything because of how much of a dick he is to you and everyone you know.
“I always expected I’d either make you strong or break you.” Eric mumbles not exactly directly to you more to himself, you can’t help but crash your lips onto the dauntless leaders.
Eric is the one who deepens the kiss, bringing you close towards him and engulfing you in his arms.
His rough lips smother yours, the taste of the man is pure pleasure and turns your attraction to lust.
Unfortunately the alerting noise of the door opening causes you to pull away, it was one of your friends coming to see if you were okay.
“You already broke me.” You whisper staring up into Eric’s eyes, the sound of your voice sends a cold feeling through him which is abnormal for a guy like him.
As you walk past Eric you brush your hand against his, proving you aren’t angry just kind of sad.

(Wasn’t sure if I should do a part 2? Thoughts?)


Can you do an imagine where one of the boys,(whoever you want) finds like a secret stash of pictures or like a photo album dedicated to the accomplishments of them as their superhero identity? Does this make sense? 

@batman-robin I hope this is what you meant by your request. I did it based on my Jay-Bear and  I tried really hard on this at 12:16 in the morning. I hope you like it!! 


“Hey Y/N. Have you seen my black boots anywhere?”

You were too busy in the shower to actually look for his boots for him so you went ahead and yelled back at him. “They’re under the bed Jason.”

“I already looked under the bed hun.” he replied, looking under the bed again.

“Well maybe you didn’t look hard enough…” you mumbled under your breath.

“What was that sweet cheeks?”

“Uhh…I said I’ll be out in a minute to help you look for them.”

“Yea. That’s what I thought you said.”

You rolled your eyes as you rinsed the rest of the soap off of your body. You and Jason have been dating for over a year now and you guys have been living together for over 3 months. It’s been pretty good, considering the fact that Jason has been working night shifts from his job. You never noticed how many times he gets hurts on his job, with the amount of times he comes home bruised and bloody. You are concerned. Hell, you were just flat out worried. You don’t say anything though.If he’s happy, then you are happy. Besides, you have your own little hobby after he leaves for work.

You grab your (f/c) towel and wrap it around you. You then walk into the bedroom to help Jason look for his shoes. “Alright Jason. Last time I saw them, they were under the bed. So unless they got up and walked themselves straight out of that door, they have to be under the bed.”

Jason didn’t say anything to you when you walked in. You thought it was strange because Jason is NEVER quiet. EVER.

“Jason? Are you alright?”

That is when you saw it. Your little “hobby” that you have worked hard on for almost a year. It was your box. And inside that box, there were photos. Not just any photos. Photos of the vigilante himself, Red Hood. Every night, you would go out and look for the Red Hood. where ever he was, just to snap a photo of him. Whether it was fighting a bad guy or protecting a citizen, you were there with your camera getting every heroic deed. And now your boyfriend has found your little secret.

He looked at you with questioning eyes and all you could do was shrug. “You mind explaining these?”

You walked over your drawer and pulled out some underwear. “Where should I begin?”

“The beginning would be fine.”

You sighed as you looked for your favorite pair of underwear. “I’ve been taking pictures of the Red Hood.”

“For how long?”

“A little over a year.” You found your underwear and pajamas and motioned with your finger to tell Jason to turn around. When he did, you proceeded dressing. “It was a little bit before we were dating.”

“I can see that.” He sat on the bed and looked at some more photos. When you were done dressing, you came to sit next to him and looked at the picture he was looking at.

“This one was one of my favorites.” You said, grabbing the picture from him. “He was saving a little girl from a burning building on this date. I think it was April 23rd.”

“Do you have a crush on the Red Hood or something?” he asked, getting tense.

You looked at him questioningly. “It’s not like I have a crush on him. I admire him. He does a lot of good for the city.”

“But you know he is a bad guy right?” he said, “He killed a lot of people, ruled over crime bosses. Hell, even almost killed Batman. How could you admire him.”

You shrugged again. “Yeah well, I only get the good shots of him. He still does good deeds. He’s like Batman, but not in way. Batman puts fear into his enemies but Red Hood does things that Batman won’t do. He also does some heroic stuff of his own, Jason. Sure he’s done a lot of wrong but…” You took another picture out of the box and showed it to Jason. It was a picture of him hugging the little girl. “…he does a lot of good for the city too. I admire him Jason. I really do. I hope one day I could meet hi-.”

Jason interrupted you with a kiss. It wasn’t his usual kiss that he gave you. This one was like a sigh of relief kind of kiss. You didn’t know why he would feel that way but you gladly took the kiss anyway and holding him tight.

“You know I think you are crazy right?” he replied after the kiss.

“You’re the crazy one if it gets you hot and bothered from me talking about another man.” you replied. You got up from the bed and headed towards the living room. “I’m gonna order a pizza for dinner and put Netflix on. That cool?”

He smirked. “Sounds like a perfect Netflix and Chill night.”

“Say that again and you won’t get any “chill” tonight.” you said, smacking your ass as you walked away towards the living room.

He looked at all the photos again as he put them all back into the box. He would tell you that he was Red Hood eventually, but right now he just wants you to be able to live a normal life. Though hearing you say all that stuff about him and how you admire him, makes him feel a little more better about himself.

“Damn I’m so photogenic. I beat Dick by a mile. Can’t wait to tell him this.” He put the box under the bed and headed towards the living room with you.

Visiting Day

Prompt by Anon

As Eric gazed at you from a corner, he tried to understand why he could not take his eyes off you. For years he has seen dozens of initiates come through Dauntless and have been through countless boring Visiting Day’s but today was different and he knew his life had changed the moment you walked through the Dauntless door with your parents to visit your brother Mark.  You looked around wide-eyed and in awe of the Dauntless chambers. Eric caught himself smiling as you ran into your brother Mark’s arms  and he hugged you tight swinging you around a little. Eric was proud of Mark, as he was the top of his class. Mark’s only flaw was he and Four had become pretty close and Eric despised the self-righteous Four.

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