Beauty And The Beast Episode 3.01 “Beast of Wall Street" 

As season 3 begins, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are able to focus on their love, finally free from Muirfield, manhunts and beasts. However, that love will be tested as new and more dangerous threats await. When they learn that innocent victims are being used to test the boundaries of the impossible, Cat and Vincent will uncover a deeper conspiracy, one which Vincent can fight only by turning to the beast he carries within. But unleashing the beast will risk Vincent’s life – along with his and Cat’s love – as they struggle to build a normal life together.


-Mashed potatoes?
-The code.-Okay, but what if he’s serving mashed potatoes, and you say “Pass the potatoes” how am I supposed to know? What about pumpkin?
-That’s coffee, and what if there’s pumpkin pie?
-Hopefully we’ll figure it out before dessert.

                                                                                 Pumpkin code, requested by Anonymous