jay quinn


Happy One Year Anniversary to Suicide Squad!!
(I love this film more than I love myself)

I started these drawings last year and it took way longer than I originally hoped to finish them all because… life. 

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Y/N: They’re rapping again, Harls!

Harley: God, what a bunch of idiots!

Deadshot: What, you got something against my beatboxing? 


so for round one of @playchoices competition, I was so stuck at first. how do i choose to do a painting when pixelberry has given me a year full of amazing characters and plots?

some of you know this- but one of my closest family friends went to protest the disgusting act of white supremacy in Charlottesville on Saturday. he was one of the 19 victims who got ran over by a car, and had to go to UVA hospital immediately. i was honestly terrified- living so close to the location and almost losing a friend shook me to my core, and i decided to spill it out in art. thankfully early today i got the news that my friend went into surgery and everything went well and he is alive and ok! 

quinn has been such a big inspiration. as someone whose physically health isn’t the best and had to have multiple surgeries myself- quinn’s story is deep and personal and she means a lot to me. thank you so much pixelberry!