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* means there is smut or heavy sexual content

^ means you might be triggered by a subject

& is for my plus-sized ladies

# means this is a chapter fic

1 means this is a one shot scenario

Our shout-out from Gemini!

Artist Interviews

Alan Z

Multiple Groups

Power and Love ^*#

Luna #*

Second Chance Sanctuary # (Pics)



7 Nights of Got7 *#

The Gym Meeting *#

Ashamed ^*#

Gettin Clingy with JB 1

Waking Up To Mark 1

Choke Me Jaebum *1

Making up with Jaebum *1

Perfect for Yugyeom 1&

Sick Jackson *1

Lost Yugyeom 1

Balancing JB 1

Wishing with Jaebum *1

Badboy BamBam *1

Staying Quiet w/Jackson *1

Sleepy Jinyoung *1

Yugy loosing his V card 1*

Jinyoung dances Bachata

Pet Names



You and Jackson

You, Got7 & the rain


Twerking for Got7

First time seeing you

Morning BJ *

Lap Dance *

Speaking Patois

Got7 as Puppies

Celebrating your birthday

Stress Relief

Introducing You

MtL Questions

Plus sized ladies

Saying I love you

Going to the family reunion

First kiss

After sex shyness

Parents dont understand

Apologizing After a Fight

Daddy Kink Got7

Other Things

Fav Sex Positions *

Celebrating Your Birthday

All About You

Jackson Wang as a Boyfriend *

Mark Tuan as a Boyfriend *

JB as a Boyfriend *

Got7 dating game

Got7 Soulmate Quiz

Got7 As Elements

JB is Fire



7 Nights of BTS *#

Maybe We’ll Be Fools ^#

Sleepy Hobi 1*

Breaking up with Namjoon 1

Jin thinks you’re pretty 1

Anyone but Him 1*

Yoongi and Vitiligo 1

Kookie the Werewolf 1

Never Me 1^*

A Christmas Wish 1*

The Girl in 4A *#

Fools Gold 1*^

Words Unsaid *1

Is She? #

BTS as Primordial Gods

Pet Names

Suga, Namjoon & Jackson

Taehyung, Hobi, Junhoe & Chanwoo


You, BTS & the rain

Yoongi has feelings too


Morning wood wakeup *

Anniversary Lap Dance

Makeup Fiasco

Going to a Rave

Gamer Girl

So, you’re a nerd

Making you feel better

Seeing you for the first time

Twerking for BTS*

MtL Questions

Plus sized ladies &

Family reunion?

Who will apologize?

Ass or Boobs? *

Other Things

BTS wants to marry you

Jimin Park as a boyfriend *

BTS dating game

Favorite sex positions *


Boyfriend J-Hope

Blue Suga

Coffee date w/ Jimin

Euro date w/ Jimin

Schoolmate Jimin



Coffea Xiumin Arabica

Jealous Yixing *1

Reminiscing *^#

Cat & Mouse *#

Chopstick Lessons 1

Daddy Suho *1

Daddy Suho Part Deux *1

Making Babies *1

Sour Diesel Playtime *^1

First Time w/ Chanyeol *1

Surprises by Baekhyun 1

She’s Dreaming 1

I’m Ready 1*

Luna #*


You, EXO & the rain

Testing your patience

Jealous Chen


Twerking for EXO

Meeting your Brothers

EXO @ the family cookout

EXO as cats

1st time oral with EXO *

Dirty dancing for EXO

Things Black/Latina moms say

MtL Questions

Daddy Kink EXO

Other Things

Fav sex positions *

Suho Shutdown


Pink Chanyeol

Purple Lay

BF Sehun

Yellow Chen

Baby Pink Baekhyun

Gray Xiumin

Getting blazed w/ Lay ^

Greaser Lay

Librarian Sehun

White Kai

Brown Sehun

Greaser Sehun

Red Chanyeol

Black Kyungsoo

Blue Suho

Jay Park (AOMG)


Dilemma #*

Jay Park period conqueror 1

Jay and his lady *1


First texts w/ Simon D


AOMG notices you

Other Things

Sex w/ Jay Park *


Fics & Scenarios

Rebel Dean *1

What 2 Do? *1


Fighting w/ Dean


Pet Names

Mino, Hanbin and Bobby

Chanwoo, Junhoe, V &Hobi


iKON and your box braids


Anyone but Him 1^*


iKON defends you

Being Tall

Other Things

YG Entertainment Game



Husband Mino *1

Overprotective Mino 1


Still in love w/ Mino



Sexy Seungjun *1

Drunk Jihun *1

Time for Youjin *1

Surprise Homecoming *1


Being Tall

Other Things

Fav Sex positions *


MtL Questions

Being Taller

Monsta X


Jealous Wonho 1


Pay attention



In the rain 1



Just a Movie 1*

Other Things

Vixx Match Quiz



So, How about that tea? 1*



We’re going down *1

We always do this 1*


The Bonnet



Arguments w/ Jonghyun *1

Baby, it’s cold outside *1


Fics and Scenarios

Iron and Wine *1

Jealous Iron *1


Jealous Iron


Fics & Scenarios

Hylocerus Kris Undatus


All he wants is trust


Fics & Scenarios

Bletilla LuHan Striata


Fics & Scenarios

Play With Me

Pet Names

Vernon, Mingyu & Dino


Fics & Scenarios

Just Tell Me 1*



Anything For You 1





Omg this is so cutee! 😄💜

20 signs of Typical kpop scenarios

1. We know each other since childhood.. And I love you more than a sibling.. But you already have a girlfriend who is dating you for fame and money.
2. Let’s break up. (After one week) in drunken state, 3 at night banging on you door. I want you back (y/n).. Let’s get back together..
3. You are hanging out with my band members. I am jealous now!!
4. You couldn’t believe you eyes. You own bf naked with another girl on your shared bed.. Cheating on you…
5. Grabbing you wrist* let me explain..(y/n)! There is nothing left to explain.. We are over!!
6. I have been out for one month on tours n stuff. I missed you and I know u are horny af too.. So let just have rough sex..
7. Making breakfast in his shirt and not wearing pants.. Him coming and hugging you from behind and kissing your neck…
8. Making a confession while drunk
9. Making a confession because of jealousy.
10. I am pregnant… Wow I can’t wait to be a dad I m so happy!!
11. Being insecure and him showing you how beautiful you are through soft and romantic love making….
12. Sex in shower
13. Sex on kitchen counter
14. Sex in a changing room. Moaning loudly and not getting caught….
15. Will your parents like me..? Don’t worry baby they will love you!!
16. They don’t like me wiping tears from the back of your hands*
17. You are so fucking busy!! You don’t spend time with me!!
18. Heated argument. One person leaving the house. Getting into a car accident. Apologies
19. I am so so sorry (y/n) I love you so much. I love you too.
20. Him seeing in your wedding dress. And regretting that he wished he shud have asked you out..


“It helped in a lot of ways but it kinda killed my passion and creativity. Kind of like programming. Sing it like this, do it like this. So you lose your individuality. The culture in itself was kinda like when you get certain lyrics or you get certain dance move wrong, they would like literally hit you. That’s kinda like the Korean way you know. It’s not like that now. Much better now but back then there were like, ‘You motha f*ck’… but they wouldn’t do that to me because I was good at dancing. But I would see this dude next to me, he would be getting some sh*t wrong and get his ass whooped. You know I was in culture shock. I was very ignorant. I was very naive. I said some comments. Someone dug up some of the comments that I said, 'Korea’s wack’, 'I don’t know what’s going on’. That’s how you talk when you’re young. Like 'Korea’s gay’… Over here, everyone talks like that but if you translate it literally… They were like 'Ahh, Jay Park’s racist. He doesn’t like Koreans’.” - Jay Park