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Jay’s (your husband 😚) and Loco’s reaction when you start crying because you don’t find your socks: Jay - Babe ❤ are you okay ? You - Jay , you can’t understand my feelings right now ! (Continues to cry) Loco - What does she has ? Why is she crying ? Jay - I think , she is on her period ! You - Jay , SHUT UP !!!! Loco - I think too ! (Whisper) Jay - Babe ❤ do you want me to buy you some candies and chocolate 🍫🍭 ? (Open his arms ) You - Please yes ! (Run into his arms)

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Everything You Wanted

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The hardship of being The Girlfriend

[Jay Park Drabble]

“So how do I look?” you asked fixing your hair.

He eyed you from the bed with his hands folded behind his head and he stared at you from top to toe and when he stayed quiet. You turned twirling around in your new pair of shoes. He just nodded his head in respond. “You look great.”

“Really?” you grinned back at him happy that he was giving the same answer as you wanted him to.

“You’ll look better here in my arms though.”

You just laughed it off and dismissed his feeble attempts. You turned to look in the mirror excited to wear your new pair of shoes to work tomorrow. You kept on turning around to see all sides of your shoes, completely out of it.

“Why aren’t you this excited when I bought you shoes before this?”

You were about to sass him when you noticed the look of curiosity in his eyes. It was a genuine question and not just a jab at your excitement. You then bended your knees and took each pair of shoes slowly holding it in your arms. You jumped onto your bed and stumbled into Jay’s arms. He chuckled as you clumsily managed to pull yourself to lay your head on his chest all the while with your pair of shoes tightly hugged against your chest.

“I do like them. It’s just that. This is different. This is my first pair of branded shoes that I bought with my own money. It feels different. It’s just nicer when I can afford to buy my own luxurious brands instead of my rich boyfriend buying them for me.” You looked up at him wondering if he understood what you were on about and he hummed softly with his lips pursed.

“Well you did work hard for it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Being my girlfriend is hard isn’t it?”

You laughed and tapped your chin thoughtfully. “That is true but I feel like it cost more than just that pair of heels.”

Jay laughed at your teasing tone and he pulled away to look down at you, creating a double chin and a hideous expression from your point of view. You giggled and poked his cheek childishly singing ‘got’cha’. He laughed at your antics and pulled away hovering over you as he placed his knees at both of your side and kissed the top of your button nose. “So how much do I need to compensate? Is this enough?” he pacified you with a kiss and as he pulled away you couldn’t stop the girlish giggle from leaving your lips. “I don’t think that’s quite enough. Maybe a bit more?”

He hummed in reply. The bridge of his nose already grazing down your jaw and the vibration of his voice tickling down your neck. He peppered kisses down your neck and followed you collarbone as you tilted your head to give him more excess. “Is this okay?” he asked before delving to kiss the skin just underneath your ears and sucking on it softly.

You hummed in reply, running your hand through his hair. “I think that pair of Louboutin I bought is still better than this. You have a lot of work to do.”

He chuckled softly just below your ear and licked the curve of your ear before kissing the side of your face. “I’m planning to.”


Those wearing headphones beware. xDDD Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Jay Park freakin the fanango out with his hair raising album announcement that even one of the Purplow ladies got startled by his shout hahaha….

a sneak preview snippet from one of the tracks…and of course his album cover with that Fido dido hair xD

Jay in the dressing room with the Prepix and Purlow crew while waiting to film his MV

that ayyyy..….. 

aannnddddddd there you have Jay Park belly dancin’ like a pro…which I hope he incorporates in his MV haha….hanging out with DFD and Jessi G2 and pals…

work hard all day so of course they’re gonna have fun at night…that’s how AOMG do….

Another Party?

Idol: Jay Park

Word count: 1,196

Genre: Idk you tell me.

Anon: Could you write a scenario where a few random guys start messing with Jay Park’s girlfriend, so Jay and AOMG crew come to protect her.

“Jay, another party, seriously?” I whined for like the 5th time as I saw him putting his perfume on. We both finally had a day off, from our stressful jobs and all I wanted to do was cuddle and watch movies and more cuddling, but Jay had other plans in mind. While I was putting some clothes away I heard him making plans with, who I assume was Kiseok to go at some club a few block from the little apartment we shared. It’s not like I didn’t like going to club’s but after all the stressful hours at my job and not being able to cuddle Jay like I wish I was right now, all I wanted to do was eat and sleep, but you can’t always have everything you want.

“You should get dressed” He said clearly ignoring my whining. He walked over to our shared bed that I was currently laying on, he sat next to me and gave me quick kiss on my temple while walking over to the closet and pulling two of my dresses out. “Which one’s sexier?” He said sassily while posing in them.

I laughed a bit while resting my head on my knees. “The black one” I said pointing at the dress in his right hand. He looked a bit uneasy and quickly shook his head.

“I don’t like it” He scoffed.

“You bought me that dress idiot” I chuckled while standing up.

“I did?”

“Yes dummy” I walked over to him and grabbed the dresses he was holding and put them on the bed. I wrapped my arms around his tall figure and rested my head on his chest. “Can’t we just stay at home and cuddle?’’

“Nooo. We can do that after” Jay pouted while pulling me slightly away so he could kiss my forehead. “Get dressed”

I rolled my eyes as I mocked him silently while walking over to the bathroom. “I know what you did” He yelled from our room. Damn he knows me so well.

We finally arrived at the club after a short yet fun ride in the car. I looked out the window as I could already see the massive line of people waiting to be let in. Jay opened my door and held his hand out, signaling me to take it.

“Such a gentleman” I teased while taking his hand.

“Anything for you” He winked.

“Mmhmm” I hummed while raising an eye brow and walking over to the entrance.

As soon as we walked in I was welcomed by the heavy smell of alcohol and cigarettes. I pushed myself through the sweaty body’s as I finally reached the table that the AOMG crew where at. I greeted them cheerfully, happy to see them all. I quickly walked over to Hyun jung, seeing that Jay already started to make chit chat with the guys.

“Hey” She greeted happily as we gave each other a hug. I sat down next to her as we started to talk about anything and everything.

“Let’s get a drink” Yelled Kiseok a bit too tipsy. “Y/n I have not seen a drink in your hand since you got here” He said while pointing his pinky finger at me.

“Well I know Jay is going to get drunk and I honestly don’t want to have any accidents on the road, so I’m not drinking so I can drive” I said while resting my hands on my cheek.

“Okay” He said not sounding amused at all and shrugging his shoulders. “Well lets go get you a drink” he said standing up and grabbing my arm.

“Hey, don’t kill my girlfriend!” I heard Jay scream as I was dragged by Kiseok to the bar. I pulled my dress down a little bit feeling eyes on me.

“Give us your strongest drink” Kiseok said while slapping his hand against the bar counter.

Out everyone in the AOMG crew Kiseok was defiantly one of your best friends, like my older brother that was always there for me, but damn did he need to slow down on the drinks. “Thanks” Kiseok said while laughing a bit as he got his drink. I took mine and took a small sip before coughing it up.

“Oh my god kiseok, this is way too strong” I said while making a face.

“Duh, I did ask for the strongest drink, didn’t I?” he sassed. I was about to sass him back until I heard a husky voice say behind me.

“Hey there pretty thing”. I turned around to be met by an extremely tall figure. I looked up and saw two guys that looked to be in their early twenties. I coughed a bit while looking at both of them with a raised eyebrow.

“Can I help you?” I asked while crossing my arms.

“I don’t know, can you” They both smirked at each other while one of them got a bit too close. “Can you please back away a bit, I’m not interested” I glared at one of them, but they just kept getting closer.

“Oh come on, lets get out of here” One of them took my arm a pulled me to them. I was about to pull my hand away and call them of when I felt someone tug me away.

“Hey, she said she’s not interested” It was kiseok.

“And what are you doing to do about it!” Said the tallest one and pushed Kiseok slightly.

I got in front of him, not liking to be defended by people, so I grabbed the drink that I didn’t finished and dumped it over his face. I saw him gasp and lift is hand up, I was about duck it when I saw Jay push him away.

“The fuck is wrong with you” I heard him yell in anger and the rest of AOMG crew gathered up, Gray and Cha Cha pulling him slightly away. The both guys scoffed and walked away while giving us glares. Jay scoffs and rolls his eyes.

“You okay?” He asked while holding both my cheeks in his hands. He squished my cheeks making me look like a duck.

“I’m fine” I tried to say. He let go of me and pulled me into a hug and pecking my lips lightly.

“We are never going to a club again” Jay sighs.

“Fine by me” I said quickly as everyone started to laugh. I pulled away from the hug and I walked over to kiseok giving him a tight hug as well.

“Thank you!” I told him while giving him a small smile before pulling away.

“No problem” He sighs before pulling me into another hug. “Okay that’s enough hugging” I heard jay scream. I laughed as I pulled away from Kiseok’s hug.

“Okay lets get out of here and eat ice cream!!” Ugly duck says while walking away from all of us.

All of us walked out of the club and headed to the nearest ice cream store, living our cars behind and deciding to walk. But I couldn’t help but feel like eyes were on me the whole time.



Jay (Boyfriend 😚) reassuring you after seeing you crying because you can’t handle with all the hate that some fans feel for you after you start dating him : Jay - Babe ❤…Hey , just listen to me , Huh ? You - I don’t want to talk , just leave me alone ! Jay - I know it’s not easy to date someone like me… I am myself an ugly bitch to not stay with you everytime, spend time with you is the most thing that i don’t do… But you know , you must not cry for this stupid haters…I’ve read some comments and i found this so savage. They don’t know how much you count for me , how much i love you ! You - That’s so easy to say that when you are not a simple person like me ! Jay - Maybe , but you know i start to date you because i love your happiness, the way you laugh to my stupid joke and when you smile… You are strong my little sock do not be sad just for this comments , Huh ? You - I can’t be happy everytime…Sock ?! Jay , wtf ! (Start laughing 😂) Jay - My baby is back ! *opens his arms with a big smile* You - Hmm…Bae 💓 , i hate you ! Jay - Jay Park never disappoints , so come on , you wouldn’t regret anything, trust me…Hurry, my arm hurts !

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Park Ji Yoon: If You Listen To Other Singers’ Songs, Is There A Song That You’re Really Into These Days?

Yuju: I’m Into Jay Park’s ‘Can’t Be Without You’. I Was Sitting In The Rehearsal Room During Practice, & The Trainees Were Listening To It While Resting. I Was Too Shy To Even Ask For The Title [Of The Song]. I Remembered The Lyric So I Could Look It Up Later & Listen To It.

Park Ji Yoon: You Must Be Very Shy. 

Lesson 3

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Can you please write jay park smut where his girlfriend ties him up and they have kinky sex?

After dinner that night, you and Jay took everyone back to AOMG and locked the place up so they couldn’t get out. They were drunk and you didn’t want anything happening to them when you weren’t there. Once you locked the place, you and Jay went back to the apartment for your prize for wining the bet. 

Upon entering the apartment, Jay quickly shut the door and put you up against it. He began to kiss your neck before you pushed him away. “Did you already forget? I won the bet, not you. I get to do whatever I want to you. No arguments. Now, to the bedroom. I’ll meet you in there.” Jay didn’t look happy that you remembered, but complied anyways and went to the bedroom. You walked into the kitchen and grabbed the whip cream and the jar of cherries. He said no arguments about what you do to him.

Jay sat at the edge of the bed, staring at you as you walked into the room with your hands behind your back. “What do you got? What are you going to do?” It was like a game of 20 questions. “Shut up. No talking. Just do as I say. Now strip.” This side of you was new to him and it was turning him on. He got up from the bed, slowly removing each article of clothing from his body, getting you riled up. 

His shirt made it’s way to the floor faster than every other garment on his body. If he could walk around shirtless all day, he would. He went to undo his belt and you noticed the tent in his pants that continued to grow. He took off his pants and remained in his boxers, waiting for your next command. “I think I said strip. That would mean every article of clothing on your body. Don’t make me say it again.” That stupid smirk that he always has, made it’s presence again when you ordered him like that. 

He stood in front of you in all of his naked glory. You had to hold yourself back from throwing yourself at him. Every single tattoo stood prominent against his soft skin. Your eyes made their way from his shoulders, to his torso, down to his member that continued to grow the longer you stared. “Ma’am? Are you just going to stare, or do something?” You snapped your gaze back to his face, dominance was radiating off of you before you’ve even laid a finger on him. 

“Listening isn’t a part of your forte? We’ll have to fix that. On the bed. Talk without my permission again and you are getting a punishment” He closed his mouth and made his way to the middle of the bed. “Good boy. Now close your eyes and don’t open them.” He did as you said. You sat down the whip cream and cherries and opened the nightstand drawer. Pulling out the handcuffs and a silk blindfold, you sat them on the nightstand as you crawled on top of him and tied the blindfold around his eyes.

You could feel him holding his breath as you straddled him. Quickly, you got off of him and handcuffed his wrists to the bed frame. “Are these too tight?”

“No ma’am. They’re perfect.” His stupid little smirk covered his lips, almost causing you to give in and let him take over everything. This was your one chance to be in control and you weren’t going to let him win that easily. You unscrewed the lid to the cherries and sat one against his lips. He quickly took the cherry off of the stem, satisfied with what you were doing so far.

“You get a cherry every time you listen. Behave well.” He hummed back in response. You quickly stripped before joining him on the bed. All of your senses were high even though you weren’t the one blindfolded and cuffed to the bed. You straddled him and let your mouth take over, tracing every muscle with your tongue. Soft moans came from his mouth every time you would bite down on his skin, but he wouldn’t dare say anything.

Grabbing the whipped cream, you made a line from right above his navel, to the end of his happy trail. His breath hitched as your tongue lapped up this airy sweetness and made your way down to his excited length. You went back to his mouth once you hit his member. Your nails raked against his chest as his mouth was eager against yours. 

He was pulling at the cuffs, desperately wanting to run his hands through your hair. He knew that he was supposed to let you have control, but he wasn’t all that great at being submissive. He nipped your bottom lip and you pulled away, groaning out of instinct. “Not liking this so far?” 

“I don’t like not being able to see you. I don’t like not having control.” Despite that, his actions were giving off a different vibe. “Don’t worry. Sit back and relax. You’ll feel good in a few seconds.” You crawled back down to his member that was angry and needy. Topping off his head with a small amount of whipped cream, you slowly licked from the bottom of his length, up to his head. “Oh fuck, (Y/N).” You snapped your head back up to him, even though he couldn’t see the look you were giving him.

“I told you not to talk. I guess there’s only one way to get you to shut up.” You licked off the whipped cream before crawling up to straddle his face. You positioned yourself to where his tongue had full access to you. “Eat.” That was all you had to say before he took over. That damn tongue of his was flat against your folds and went slow against you. 

You closed your eyes, opening up to your senses to enjoy this feeling. Jay breathed against your clit and he began tongue fucking you. All you could do was sigh and relish in this moment of bliss that wasn’t going to last for long. As his tongue moved faster, so did you.You were grinding against his face, covering him with your juices. He moaned against you and lifted his face to get more of you.

“Enough. I want to taste myself on your lips.” You kissed him, tasting your sweet juices against his lips and tongue. Grabbing another cherry, you put the stem in your mouth while he reached for the other end as his small reward. You crawled back down to meet his member yet again. You didn’t waste time in topping off your dessert as you took him fully into your mouth, catching him off guard.

You swirled your tongue around his length,making sure you taste every inch of him. He bucked his hips, thrusting into your mouth. You let him for a few more thrusts before pulling away from him. He groaned through his heavy pants. He started to protest, before you straddled his thigh and began grinding against him. 

“Holy fuck (Y/N).” Jay braced himself as he talked without permission again. At the moment, you couldn’t give two shits about him talking as the friction of his thigh against your clit was making your needy. You grabbed him and began to jerk him off. The feeling that you were giving him was unimaginable. 

Your thumb grazed over his slit, causing his whole body to shudder underneath your touch. Jay was violently jerking against the cuffs every time he bucked up to you. You knew he was near by the way he was flinching underneath your touch. “Come for me baby.” Those were the words he was waiting for. 

Jay became louder as his thrusts became sporadic and his release had arrived. His pants had become softer as you began your release. You were just as vocal as he was as your juices poured over his thigh. You couldn’t feel your legs as you collapsed onto his chest. There were no movements aside from the rise and fall of your chests and the sound of heavy breathing coming from your mouths.

You didn’t know how long you laid against him and you didn’t care. Jay’s chest moved underneath you with a grunt following it. You looked up to notice that Jay was still cuffed to the bed and blind from the blindfold. “Oh. Sorry.” You quickly undid the cuffs and the blindfold and put them back in the drawer while Jay let his eyes readjust. “Holy shit that was great. Where has this side of you been?” 

“If you’d let me take control every once in a while you’d see.” Jay pulled you to him as you both laid back down on the bed. “Don’t even think about it. We’ll try that out on you next time. I want to see your sexy ass cringe under my touch and whatever else I plan on doing to you.” You couldn’t think of anything to say to that. You knew that whatever he had planned for you would be ten times better than whatever you did to him. There’s a reason for his reputation.

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How would Iron, Yongguk, and Jay react if they're friends kept constantly checking out their girlfriend every time they brought her around?

Iron: He would bring it up the next time he sees that friend; tell that person he doesn’t appreciate it. In the moment itself he’ll just try and be by your side almost constantly and hold your hand. He won’t want there to be any mistakes; you’re his and they shouldn’t be giving you that kind of looks since they’re his friends. 

Yongguk: He wouldn’t like it one bit. He would probably stare at the guy, trying to get the message across with some nasty glaring. If his friends don’t get the hint, he’ll make it clear afterwards by having a serious conversation and making it clear once again that he doesn’t like it that they’re checking out HIS girlfriend.

Jay Park: He would so not be pleased and give that friend a mighty glare right away. You’re his and he’ll make sure to point that out plenty of times, rather obviously as well. Said friend will certainly be talked to; he won’t just let it pass and tell them to back the fuck off with their stupid looks; saying it’s both disrespectful to you and him.

-Daeny & Mint