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This segment of ESPN W made laugh as a journalist. Someone with the minimum knowledge in PR management would notice that this was pretty much something made to make USSF to look better. If you watch, you can see it was more a federation ad than anything else. Besides, this was constructed to erase Hope Solo out of the CBA narrative. Bellow there are a few stuff that makes me believe that: 

  • They didn’t bring any of the newbies neither any of the woc of the team, even though Christen Press was one of the chosen members to lead the negotiations.
  • Carli Lloyd isn’t there, even though she is co-captain of the team with Becky.
  • Pretty sure Foudy said “don’t talk about Hope” before cameras start to rolling.
  • Foudy, Pinoe and Becky pretty much led the interview, because they know Pinoe wouldn’t talk about Hope due their own issues and Becky wouldn’t risk her position as captain bringing this subject to table.
  • Pinoe shouldn’t even be there, especially after what happened last year on the Olympics and in the first camp after Trump was elected. And to me, she is trying to clean her name with USSF.
  • They don’t talk about the period before January 2017, when Rich Nichols was the one helping them to negotiate.
  • The questions are all about rainbows and sunshines and how the team is happy with the new CBA when they were  robbed.
  • They made it looks like everyone is happy and fine and dandy when we all know it isn’t true
  • Sam, Alex and Kelley’s faces says “We are obligate to be here”
  • Alex and Kelley were very generic in their answers, something made by the edition to looks like everyone in the group had a voice
  • Sam didn’t even open her mouth.
  • I refuse to talk about Kling

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Could you do The Pacific kissing preference? With Leckie's group, Sledge and Snafu, and Basilone, JP, and Manny? Please and thank you!! 😊

Robert Leckie:

Leckie will like to tease you until he sees a faint blush on your cheeks and kisses you very softly. He likes to kiss your cheeks because despite the mess of the war, they still are incredibly soft and pure to him. He’ll nuzzle into your cheek just to see you smile and it’s his way of expressing the smallest bit of affection he likes to when you’re in front of everyone.

Lew ‘Chuckler’ Juergens:

Like I said, Chuckler is a forehead guy. It’s a way of reassuring you whenever you’re down and also showing his love in a sweet way, his hands pushing your hair out of your face and planting his forehead against your own. We all know Chuckler would be such a sap, plus if you have a height difference, it’s easy access for him.

Wilbur ‘Runner’ Conley:

Speaking of dorks!! He loves kissing your nose because he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. He will do it unexpectedly just to get you to smile or see you scrunch it up. No matter what, he has to kiss your nose before he leaves, then pressing a very soft kiss to your lips.

Bill ‘Hoosier’ Smith:

Oh yes, the boy who claims ‘I hate affection’. Really it’s just because he’s not used to getting attention so he flushes up and it embarrasses him. When you’re around the other guys you’ll pull him in to kiss him just to have him turn away and roll his eyes playfully.

John Basoline:

When he wants a kiss he will not take no for an answer! If you’re working or ignoring him, he just leans over and kisses all over your face over and over again until he hears you fizzle into laughter. His kisses are always full of playfulness and love.

James Paul ‘JP’ Morgan:

His kisses are restless and come a lot when he’s frustrated. He never asks for one or leans in slowly, no it’s all or nothing. Whether you’re talking or working away, he’ll just grab at your arm and pull you into him. It’s spontaneous but exciting every time.

Manuel ‘Manny’ Rodriguez:

His kisses vary but you’re heated or got a certain attitude, his kisses are rough. He gives you a deep star before his lips are slammed onto yours. His hands grasp at your lower back, head moving right in rhythm with yours without giving you a second to hesitate.

Merriell ‘Snafu’ Shelton:

Jealous, cocky little shit. His kisses are anytime, anywhere; no matter where you are. If you are in front of the other boys his kisses get dirtier just to piss them off and hear them groan. If anyone even looks at you for too long, his lips are on yours so quick.

Eugene Sledge:

Shy bean aww. He is very hesitant when he kisses you, he makes sure it’s the right moment. He always does the whole look into your eyes and then at your lips til you both are leaning in. Slow kisses are his forte, just very subtle and sweet. It drives your nuts.

Bonus for my good friendo ;-):

Andrew ‘Ack Ack’ Haldane:

Ack Ack is usually very good with PDA and isn’t very affectionate in front of the guys. But as soon as you’re alone, he looks over at you with a smirk and pulls you into him. “Get over here.” He just can’t get enough of you and loves being able to pull you into him at any given chance.

Jay De L’Eau:

Jay loves kissing your shoulders omg. It’s usually unexpected and when it happens you’re greeted with his big puppy eyes looking up at you. His lips are very soft and planted against your shoulder while they slowly form into a smile.It’s a small intimate place that he knows is a surefire way to make you smile or blush.


Check out Jay Pharaoh impersonating 9 comedians during Weekend Update. Amazing!


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Sorry but this thing about Ali not having a contract is making me believe the story about Ali and the trump’s protest to look more and more real. I think she is done with Ali mostly because Jillian already disliked her and was cutting her out of the team slowly, that’s one of the reasons she plays with 3-2-3-2 instead of the 4-1-4-1 she did at the WWC. At this moment, there’s no one like Ali, that is a beast in the defense and also deadly in the sides on the attacking, and with a backline of 3 CB’s, Jill don’t need to find a replacement. Besides, I remember after the matches in November, the blurb in the press is that to not be surprise if Jill used the movement as excuse to not renew the contract of some players with the federation. 

Jillian and USSF should at least be decent and let ali go at her 100 cap, but it’s too much to expect decency from them after what they did with Hope since Olympics. 

ps.: I think the next player Jill will get rid of, is Alex Morgan, because Alex defied a lot the USSF by going to play on Lyon. Since then, she is slowly being pushed aside, the only reason they still didn’t let her go, it’s because Morgan is pretty much the face of the team with Carli Lloyd and her fanbase is very loyal and profitable