jay meme

relatable KPOP experience

When you sang the chorus part perfectly in korean

When you’re saved by your friend bec you passed out seeing your bias for the first time

When you first try aegyo

Trying to sing out load the highest notes with your friend

When there are no subs and your idols start laughing so all you can do is sit there like…

Bias shooting hearts to you and you be like

When you practice your latest K-Pop routine in the shower

When someones starts a fanwar 

Eating Korean food for the first time and overwhelmed by both the delicious taste and terrible burn

When you got a thousand notes for your original gif post

When someone tells you they know K-Pop and it’s only Psy

When you buy that last on-sale VVVIP concert ticket

When your bias revealed to be dating

When your bias kisses the screen, you be like

When you watch mukbang and want to eat every single thing

When you finally meet your bias

When oppa’s hip thrusting so hard as if his life depends on it

When you heard about sasaengs for the first time

When your oppa does a hilarious thing

When you realize that you already sold your soul to kpop world

When your fandom name was included in their thank you speech

When the whole group shows abs, you and the squad be like

When your friend acting cute in front of your bias

When you heard a stranger talking shit abt your bias group

Bias holy abs appreciation with the squad be like

When the squad heard your favorite kpop song in public