jay meme

caps fans memes
  • nicklas backstrom deserves more recognition
  • mama and papa
  • joe b and locker are the true married couple tbh
  • making fun of taylor chorney
  • management doesn’t know what it’s doing and hates us
  • what happens in vegas stays in vegas (kidnapping nate schmidt)
  • bring back mike green
  • justice for mojo
  • hating brooks orpik
  • the brobeans
  • everyone on the team is in love with tj
  • andre is everyone’s son
  • nicky’s ongoing feud with all cameras
  • naked ovi
  • butt slashing
  • #TopLineTom
  • rmnb’s inability to get over filip forsberg
  • jay beagle: the greatest man
  • jay beagle: the walking meme
  • twitter chirping
  • holtby’s hat
  • Kuzy Things™
  • watching the orlov hit on duchene on loop all day every day
  • eye of the tiger
  • carlzner
  • nastya & varvara being everyone’s true favorites
  • literally just be nice to grubi please
  • pure and utter rage directed solely towards the team in shitsburgh

Foxes are so weird 😂

Bts: *sets foot in America*

Hoseok: *has already freed his forhead, is wearing a snapback and a white tank top, takes selfies with every single thing he sees, english is still limited but loses his accent, from now on goes by Jay and won’t answer to the name Hoseok until they come back to Korea *

Things every Kpop fan has heard before

“Why are there so many of them”
“They look like girls”
“Why do they wear make-up if their boys?”
“Why listen to kpop when you can’t understand it?”
“Why are you listening to Chinese music?”
“What does the K stand for?”
“Why do they look so young?”
“Gangnam style?”
“Why are they wearing school uniforms?”
“I didn’t know Asains rapped!”
“I thought all music was in English”
“Why like someone that can’t even talk the same language as you”
“The nicknames are so weird”

Me: I'm tired of these perverted, over-hyped songs. I'm a sophisticated pers- *Mommae comes on*

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