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May 20, 2017

The Carters’ “Push Party” in Beverly Hills.

Attendees include the Lawsons, Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant and kids, Michele Carter, Annie Carter, Parkwood family, Kelly Rowland, Tim Weatherspoon, and Titan, Michelle Williams, Solange and Julez, Kawana Brown, and more.

«Non ti fidi di me?»
«La maggior parte delle volte sì.»
«Perché non sempre?»
«Perché non mi sono mai fidata sempre di nessuno. Sono le persone a cui tengo di più che fanno i danni maggiori.»
—  Jay Crownover

Dang….Jay Park certainly seems to fit in well with the 1 Million Dance Studio crew doesn’t it? Hehe...first the MV Collab, then Making of vid and now Dance Class. This 30 yr old CEO just keeps on churnin’ out dance vids and music and video contents non stop! Where’d he get all the stamina haha….amazing.


This AU is nothing but angst. 
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