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Dang….Jay Park certainly seems to fit in well with the 1 Million Dance Studio crew doesn’t it? Hehe...first the MV Collab, then Making of vid and now Dance Class. This 30 yr old CEO just keeps on churnin’ out dance vids and music and video contents non stop! Where’d he get all the stamina haha….amazing.

«Non ti fidi di me?»
«La maggior parte delle volte sì.»
«Perché non sempre?»
«Perché non mi sono mai fidata sempre di nessuno. Sono le persone a cui tengo di più che fanno i danni maggiori.»
—  Jay Crownover

I’m proud.

I’m proud of her children, I’m proud of her amazing husband and I’m proud of her. This family has the whole world’s support now and forever. Thank you Johannah, for all the good you brought to this world and all the lives you touched with your big heart. Your children are a reflection of what an astounding person you were and you will never be forgotten. You made your mark in this world…

Rest in peace Johannah.

“The sun goes down and it comes back up, the world still turns no matter what”


!!! Sorry for not updating in like months !!!!

-Jan 22.17

But yes, Im in 2nd semester of my First Year Studies in Art School. I’m enjoying everything!!! And I’m trying to be more productive and contacting with people more!!! I know with my busy schedule and junk, Imma try my best posting stuff here and my main artblog more often.

I really do appreciate everyone, and I’m grateful for all awesome followers!!

Many love and thanks!!

Jay ~ 💖


All I Wanna Do - Jay Park / Mina Myoung X May J Lee X Sori Na Choreography  

Daily life prompts

Give me a character / pairing and a number (or three), and I’ll draw! :DDD Or write! I mean these could work as writing things, too!  (Note: I made these with Dragon Age loosely in mind, but idk they work pretty well for a lot of things I guess.)

I kept them purposefully kinda vague, I just. have a mighty need for domestic / daily life stuff forever and always, and also the freedom to do with the prompt what I want. xD Feel free to add your own!

  1. Cooking
  2. Crafting / potionmaking
  3. Gardening / taking care of plants
  4. Gathering resources
  5. Tending to an animal / a pet
  6. Cleaning
  7. Repairing something
  8. Maintaining equipment
  9. House maintenance
  10. Setting up / cleaning up camp
  11. Morning routine
  12. Bedtime routine
  13. Bathing / washing up
  14. Personal maintenance
  15. Hobbies
  16. Shopping
  17. Workout / sparring / training
  18. Tending to injuries
  19. Sick day
  20. Seasonal chores (feel free to specify season)
  21. wildcard (please specify)

I hope the Tomlinson-Deakin family find some comfort knowing that Louis will always and forever put his family first. That Louis will always care for his family, all of them, in every way he can, knowing Jay raised him to be the strong and loving man that he is today. Wishing the family all the love, and may Jay rest in peace, remembered as the incredible woman and mother she was. Send them all the love you can.