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Descendants AU Group Verse

so like i came up with this at dinner and i honestly love it… it still needs to be fleshed out but if anyone would be interested then like/reblog but yeah here goes nothing
so as i completely dislike the idea that beast and belle would discriminate against the kids of villains, i have come up with an au which i honestly just adore. basically, the children of villains like mal, evie, jay, carlos, uma, etc. are all taken to auradon soon after they are born and adopted by auradonian families. while it is mostly the royals who participate, all of the adults know about the program. most do not tell their biological children that their adopted siblings are from the isle, but some might find out. the children are often looked at differently by some of the adults who, despite seeming to accept the adoption program, aren’t as accepting of the kids who don’t even know they were born to villains. evie is princess evelyn, daughter of elena of avalor, mal is princess mallory, daughter of cinderella, carlos is prince carlos the son of aurora, etc.

anyway on to the group verse aspect: your character can be a vk adopted by a royal family in auradon or one of the biological children of the royals. right now i am just trying to figure out if anyone would even have interest in this, but if so then this could either become a group verse or a lax rpg. we shall see, but anyway like/reblog if you like this


Spend The Summer At Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Former Hamptons Home

The Hamptons have always been a celebrity hot-spot, and surely so for Beyoncé and Jay Z, who rented a summer getaway home in Bridgehampton for $450,000 back in 2012. “The Sandcastle” is also where Blue Ivy spent her first summer, and the couple filmed part of a music video in the backyard.

Now, for a cool $550,000, the mega-mansion can be rented for a month this July. When describing this estate, expansive is an understatement. Read more >  

Is there a Great Gatsby sequel where Jay haunts his mansion and throws ghost parties because he has nothing better to do other than grieve over how lonely he was before death and one day Daisy’s daughter goes to the mansion because she somehow found out the truth and wanted to see the place herself only to find the ghost of Gatsby mourning by the organ playing a dark tune.

Like maybe Patty tells Gatsby she knows he didn’t do all those things that were accused of him and he finally finds peace and sh*t.

Also Nick better be in there. Maybe he checks the mansion on the anniversary of Gatsby’s death/his birthday and just wonders around.

So just wondering if there’s anything out there like that hmu

Blue Eyed Babies Pt.2

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A/N: Okay so I tried to keep The Joker as in character as possible when it comes to having a baby lol! Please let me know what you guys think and if you want more. And btw “Jay” is the baby, And then “J” is The Joker


“That’s mine?” J questioned the look of realization on his face morphing into one of rage.

“Yes.” You said quietly while gaging his reaction his blue eyes were furrowed as he glared at the child you had created together.

“Mr. J, I know you wouldn’t want a baby. So I didn’t tell you. I don’t expect anything from you, I can take care of her on my own. Please, just let us go. And I swear you’ll never hear from us again.”

He seemed to ponder what you had said for a moment, all while still staring intently at Jay.

“No.” He finally replied as his face turned unreadable.
“Frost! We are going to be taking more than the cash with us. Grab the girl and her…my… Baby and let’s get the fuck outa here.” He voice was void of any emotion.

Frost made his way to you when J grabbed his bicep stopping him in his tracks.
“Go easy on the cargo… It’s fragile.” He growled into Frosts ear, he then proceeded to storm out of the building and into the passenger seat of the white van.

Frost continued his way over to you and placed his large hand on the small of your back guiding you towards the exit. You weren’t going anywhere at the fear of being killed and having Jay be killed as well, or orphaned. And Frost knew that. You were placed in the middle seat of the van, giving you a clear view of J scowling out the window. You quickly put on your seat belt and adjusted little Jay in your arms. She cooed up at you, her bright blue eyes staring into your Y/EC ones. You silently promised her it was going to be alright, and that you weren’t going to let anything happen to her. You leaned your head down and kissed her soft forehead. When you looked back up J was staring at you. He had readjusted his position to make it easier to watch you. You felt nervous under his gaze, but you smiled at him gently and turned your attention to his men all piling into the van.

Frost got into the driver’s seat as the batman sat to your right and the panda squished into your left. The rest of the henchmen took their seats in the back. You could feel J still staring at you. So you averted your gaze back to little Jay. She was beginning to doze off again. Her eyes fluttering shut and her little mouth opened. Since she was your first baby you couldn’t be sure, but if you had to bet, she was the calmest baby ever. She was always so good, you silently mused at what you had done to deserve her. The batman took his mask off as well as everyone else in the van. They were all the same, big strong military type men. Even chaos needs its regime you thought making yourself laugh quietly.

J couldn’t help but let his thoughts run a muck as he sat staring at you and his baby. You both looked so out place in the van that was crowded by a bunch of renegades, so innocent. The way you looked at the little bundle in your arms caused his heart to stir the tiniest amount. And when you laughed quietly to yourself, he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face. It quickly fell when he saw the fake batman staring at him. That was his problem right there. If he was to be the most feared man in Gotham he couldn’t have a weakness. Weakness made you…well weak. And he couldn’t tolerate that. Something had to be done about that, he just wasn’t sure what. Killing them off would be simple enough, it’d show his men and enemies that he was still as ruthless as ever. But when he thought of carrying the act out, uncertainty crept into his mind. That was one act that couldn’t be undone, he knew that from experience. Perhaps he was going soft. The thought angered him and he felt his blood boil. He quickly grabbed a gun from his shoulder holster and shot the man next to Y/N.

BANG! You screamed as the shot rang out and blood splatter all over your face and body. The man slumped against the door his brains decorating the window and you. You quickly looked down and felt relieved when only Jay’s blanket was covered in the gore, her face was clean other than a little blood on her forehead. You quickly pulled you sleve down to wipe the blood off Jay. But your hands were shaking so bad you just smudged it all over. The tears were streaming down your face as you entire body began shaking. Jay was still calm as ever, the gunshot had only seemed to wake her up. Maybe she possessed more of her father then just his eyes. The thought caused you to laugh while still crying. You were hysterical, and when you tried to wipe the blood off again you only made it worse, making you cry harder. That’s when a pale hand swept across Jay’s tiny head clearing away the red. You lifted your watery eyes to look at J. He was now stroking Jay’s head with a non bloody finger.
“She’s so soft.” He mused out, “must get it from her mother.” He looked at you and winked as he retracted his hand from the baby.

You laughed again feeling a sense of calm wash over you. You got your shaking under control and removed the blood stained blanket from Jay. She was wearing a little bear cub onesie that you thought was adorable. J seemed to think so as well, because when you pulled the hood over her head with the ears attached to it. He broke out laughing his maniacal laugh, telling everyone to look how funny. Jay began letting little noises out, you imagined it was the best laugh she could manage at only two months. You started laughing at her and soon enough everyone in the van had broken out in hysterical laughter. You even saw frost chuckling to himself while trying his best to keep a straight face. Then just like that, quick as whip J fired his gun into the roof of the van immediately silencing everyone. He then folded his arms and slunk down into his seat.

About 15 minutes later you pulled up to the mansion where Jay was conceived. Frost ordered the henchmen to clear away the body, as he helped you out of the van. The joker had disappeared long ago. Frost lead you into a spare bedroom and got you a fresh change of clothes leaving you to wash the remains of the fake batman’s body away. You made a makeshift playpen for Jay on the massive bed with all the pillows that were on it. After you placed your baby down and wiped her forehead with hot soapy water. You stripped the dirty clothes from yourself and hoped into the steaming shower.

The hot water cascading down your body calmed your nerves while you tried to decide what to do. Surely The Joker not killing you on sight was a good sign, if only you could figure out his intentions. You had just finished scrubbing your body clean when you heard Jay crying from the bedroom. You turned off the water and wrapped a fluffy white towel around your body, while making your way towards Jay.

You stopped dead in your tracks when you came in the bedroom to see, The Joker standing at the end of the bed staring at Jay, while Jay laid on her back staring up at her father. The sight might have been a sweet one, if it wasn’t for the bright purple gun J held tightly in his hand.

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King and Queen?

hi! could you do a joker story where reader works for the joker, she goes along to help on a heist and gets shot. so the joker takes care of her and then admits to having feelings for her? thanks :)

A/N: Hope you like it! let me know every ones  thoughts please!

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“This it boys!… and Y/N.” The Joker said.

He was standing in front of you and all his henchmen. Most of his men had looked down on you for being a female in the beginning. But you never let it bother. You knew your worth. And obviously so did the Joker or else he wouldn’t have kept you around, or recruited you in the first place. And that was eventually proven to all of his men with every job you helped them pull off. You knew safes like a back of your hand. You had yet to come into contact with you couldn’t crack.

“We’ve been planin this one for months. Let’s not fuck it up!” That’s was as rousing as his pre-heist speeches got.

You all began to shuffle into the vans parked in front of the mansion. Jay got in the passenger seat of the one frost was driving as you sat in the very back. Squished in the middle of two very large henchmen. As frost pulled out of the driveway you slipped your earphones and began listening to Y/FS. It was your ritual every time you went on a heist. You looked up from your phone into the rear view window. Only to see J staring at you from the reflection. You gave him a tight lipped smile, and waved your hand at him.

He grinned at you in response, before you looked away feeling your cheeks starting to glow red. You’d never admit that you had caught feelings for him. Well at least out loud. You had tried to convince yourself for months that it was fierce loyalty you felt for him, nothing more. But you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore, you’d die for him. Because as crazy as it might seem you loved him.

Two hours later you were creeping your way down the halls of the castle. Heading towards the safe room while J was hot on your heels.

J had been watching the news one morning when a segment about one of the oldest castles in Gotham came on. It showed a clip of the castle and all of the priceless jewels that were now on display for tours. He had wanted them ever since. He constantly talked about a large emerald ring that would look just perfect with his hair.

So here you were about to break into on of the most secure safes, all because you couldn’t say no to him. All of his other henchmen were taking care of security and standing guard.

“There it is.” You said as you turned into the room.

The safe covered the entire wall. Your body began to tingle with excitement. Okay, so you weren’t doing the heist just for him, you couldn’t help but crave the buzz that came with cracking one open.

You quickly pulled your backpack off and began grabbing all your tools. With a smile at J you began your work.

You always went into a trance whenever you did this, it felt like you and the safe were the only things left in this world. Every time you heard a click you would right the number on the safe with chalk. You were on the last number when you heard distant gunfire. Quickly jerking your head away from the safe you looked at J.

“Coppers must’ve shown up.” He said.

“You best get back to work.”

And with that you continued with the task at hand, when you got the last number down.

“I’ve got it.” You told J.

You stepped away from the safe, knowing J liked to open them personally.

He walked over to you giving you a pat on the check.

“Marvelous work as always dear.” He said now opening the safe.

“Better than Christmas.” He purred upon seeing all the jewels stored in the safe.

He quickly began shoving them into the duffle bag he had brought along. When you heard a gun cock.

“Freeze! Drop the jewels and place your hands in the air.”

You looked over at the greasy cop, sweat collecting on his forehead.

“Always ruinin my fun.” J tuted, while slowly moving his pale hand toward his gun, not turning around.

BANG! A shot rang out and he felt himself get knocked over to the ground. He growled quickly grabbing his gun, ready to put a bullet in whoever did that. But the cop had beaten him to it. You lied where you had knocked him out of the way. Blood leaking out from the hole in your chest. Another shot rang out, he looked up to see the policeman fall to the floor. And frost lowering his gun from behind him. He looked back down at you, his stomach dropping as he saw how pale you had already become. He quickly bent down to your side and started applying pressure on your wound.

“What’d you do that for?” He growled at you.

“Someone’s got to watch your back.” You quipped at him, as you began choking up blood.

The pain was immense. You squeezed your eyes shut causing tears to leak out of the corners. You felt yourself being pulled under the soft blanket of unconsciousness when,

“I’ve got you darlin, you’re not going anywhere.” J said while holding you tightly in his embrace.

You smiled. Being in his arms felt better than you had ever imagined.

“Red is not your color.” He purred into your ear, as you blacked out.

When you finally came too, it was a day later. You were lying in soft silky sheets, a IV connected to your wrist and a bandage covering your chest.

“Awake so soon?” You heard J say to the left of you.

You turned your head to look at him. He was lying to your right on the large bed. Running his fingers through your hair.

“How ya feelin?” He asked

“Like a million bucks.” You groaned out.

You took your hand form under the covers, to lift your bandage. There was large bruise that covered most of your left chest, and jagged stitches that had sown your wound together.

You knew a scar would be left with stitches that messy.

“I know they’re not perfect, but I didn’t like the thought of that pervy old doc so close to your assets.” He said, a touch of lust in his voice.

“You stitched me up yourself?”

“Did your hearing get injured as well, or I am not enunciating clearly?” He said with a growl.

You smiled up at him, “they aren’t bad for not being a doctor.”

You released the bandage when something on your finger caught your eye. You lifted your hand into the air gazing at the large emerald ring on the your left ring finger. It was the ring J had orchestrated the entire heist for.

You looked back at him your eyebrows raised in confusion.

“What?” He purred looking away from you.

“It didn’t fit me.”

You reached your hand out, linking it with his.

“Thank you.” You said giving it a squeeze.

You went to let go when his grip tightened on yours.

He looked back down at you again.

“I’m probably the one who should be saying that to you.”

“But you’re not going to.” You smirked at him.

“No. No I am not.” he said with a laugh.

“But there’s plenty more jewels were that came from.” He said nodding his head towards your ring.

“If I wear anymore jewels, i’d look like the queen of England.” You laughed.

“Well this king is looking for a queen.” He said with a huge grin.

“What do you have to say about that, doll?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” You side while raising your left hand with the glittering ring on it, to his cheek.


New Years Eve Beyoncé, Jay Z, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman at the Versace Mansion

Beyonce, Jay Z and some of my favorite models showed out and had a ball on New Years Eve in Miami at the Versace Mansion. These pictures show that Bey and Hov are having the time of their lives and you should do the same!

LIVE LIFE!!!!!!!