jay lin

  • Me: *listening to Non-Stop*
  • Me: *Burr gets to YELLING PART IN MIDDLE*
  • Me: I am a strong, independent woman. I will not sing
  • Burr: "John Jay got sick after writing 5, James Madison wrote 29"
  • Me: *flips table, rips clothing off, burns house down*

Person: *sees me looking at my phone intently* What are you reading?

Me: ahaHa definitely not gay smut fanfiction with the founding fathers haha that’s for sure

Maria's Version - Say No To This Parody

So like why hasn’t anyone written Maria’s side of Say No To This?

Not in the Say Yes To This, mixtape style but like the original album style. Like the same way, same beats and all but different. I don’t know how to explain it and all but eh. So, @feral-tomcat-hamilton helped me with most of this and created a ton of this, so most of the credit goes to them, they are an angel

Of course, the original song belongs to Lin and the production of Hamilton: An American Musical. So, please don’t sue me if you see this.

So it would be like this:

I don’t like to go down to the city.

But when I do, I make sure I look pretty.

Clothed in a red dress, eyes filled with pity.

Toxic summer air, I can smell it.

Alexander hungrily stares, I can tell it.

I hadn’t eaten in a week, I was beat, I was afraid.

I hadn’t been this scared in a relationship, I needed a break.

Longing for freedom, hating this strife.

That’s when I walked into Mr. Hamilton’s life.
I said

I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home. But I don’t know where to go

And I came here all alone (I said)

My husband’s doing me wrong. Beating me, cheating me, mistreating me. Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on

So he offered me a loan. He offered to walk me home. I said

You’re too kind, Sir

He gave me 30 bucks that he had socked away. I lived a block away.

I said

This one’s mine, Sir

Then he said “well, I should head back home”

I turned red.
I led him to my bed.
Let my legs spread, and said.




Then I pull his mouth onto mine, and he doesn’t say no to this.

He doesn’t say no to this.

He doesn’t know how to say no to this

Oh my god, he’s so helpless, and my kiss makes him say hell yes.

(Woah…) Lord, don’t show him how to say no to this

I don’t want him to say no to this

In my mind I can’t let him go

Go, go, go

Then I pull his mouth is on mine

And he doesn’t say-

No! Go!

Say no to this

No! Go! Say no to this.

No! Go! Say no to this. No! Go!

Say no to this

The fact of the matter I’m not the only one blame here. I wasn’t the only one to have sex there.

A month into this endeavour he recieved a letter from my husband James even better it said:

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good health

And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth

In the pockets of people like me
Down on their luck

You see, that was my wife who you decided to

(Maria saying this furiously at the letter.) Fuck!

Uh-oh! You made the wrong sucker a cuckold

So time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled

And hey, you can keep seeing my whore wife

If the price is right

If not I’m telling your wife

I hated the letter, simply it could’ve been better

I tried to keep to my self, but it’s hard to do that when Alex is losing is wealth.

He raced to place

Screamed in my face putting guilt on my part

Forgetting that I even have a heart.

Mad. Angry. Up in my space

I cried “No sir!”

So was the whole story a set-up?

I don’t know about the letter!

Stop crying, goddammit, get up!

I didn’t know any better!

I am ruined!

Please don’t leave me!

I am helpless!

How could I do this?!

Just give him what he wants
And you can have me!
Whatever he wants
If you pay
You can stay!

Lord, show me how to help him with this

He doesn’t know how to say no to this

But the situation’s helpless (Helpless…)

And his body’s screaming, “hell yes”

(Woah…) Lord, don’t show him how to say no to this

How can he say no to this

I beg him not to go
Go, go, go

When his body on mine he does not say no.

He doesn’t say

Yes! (Yeah…)

Say no to this!

Yes! (Yeah…)

I want to help him with this.(Yeah…)

Yes! (Yeah…)

Say no to this(Yeah…)

I want to help him with this

I don’t

Say no to this

There is nowhere I can go

Go, go, go


Nobody needs to know

One of the hardest parts of AP Chinese is the speaking portion! There is a wide variety of topics that it could cover. Here are some topics that you can prepare for!

Western vs Chinese

-  Western vs Chinese habitual differences (i.e. holidays, names, family structure, greetings, gender roles, time management, etc)

- Western vs Chinese clothing

- Western vs Chinese foods

- Chinese vs Western names 

- Chinese vs oil painting


- What to do when going to a Chinese person’s home for dinner

- Four great inventions - compass, gunpowder, paper, printing

- 2 idiom stories (i.e. 叶公好龙、拔苗助长、守株待兔、刻舟求剑)

- A riddle

- A poem (i.e. 鹅鹅鹅、静夜思考、etc)

- Beijing opera

- Characteristics of Chinese characters

- Confucius

- Zheng He

- A Chinese short story/tale

- Martial arts

- Paper cutting

- Chinese chess

- The Great Wall


- Describe a food (i.e. fried duck, dumplings, etc)

- Story about a food

- Regional Chinese foods


- Chinese New Year / 春节

- Lantern festival / 元宵节

- Mid-Autumn festival / 中秋节

- Dragon Boat Festival / 端午节/龙舟节

- Double ninth festival / 重阳节

- Qing Ming festival / 清明节


- Travel Plans

- Current Events

- Your idol

- Common signs (road signs or labels) in Chinese

- Introduction of your school

- What you would do in Beijing

- extracurricular activities

- Volunteering activities

- Ethics (i.e. benefits and consequences of using phones, the internet, phones, etc)

- Favorite movie

Other things to do for fun:

- Watch a Chinese movie. I recommend: Red Cliff, Back to 20, The Witness, Mr. Six)

- Listen to Chinese songs. I recommend artists like Jay Chou, JJ Lin (his song Twilight is soooo good), Jane Zhang, and newer idols like LuHan and ZTAO. 

- Watch a Chinese drama. I’m currently watching Fighter of the Destiny/择天记 but there are a tonn out there!

- Watch a Chinese variety show. I recommend 奔跑吧 (Running Man China), 极限挑战 (Go Fighting), 快乐大本营 (Happy Camp), 非诚勿扰 (If You are the One), Where are we going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿). 

Writing the Federalist Papers

JOHN JAY: *cough cough* I’m sick