jay katelansky


A  Sarah Nicole François collaboration with mixed media artist Jay Katelansky

Mixed Media artist Jay Katelansky collaborates with 000sportwear// for, “The Black Bodies Matter Project” featuring hand-printed original artwork by Jay Katelansky. In honor of and featuring the portraits of the late; Amadou Diallo, Jordan Davis, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, Renisha Mcbride, Oscar Grant, & Rekia Boyd, with the words “Black Bodies Matter” etched in script on ribbons below each portrait.

(close up view)

 This project is dedicated to an effort to spread awareness of the bias against “disposable” black bodies.

The devaluing of black life is baked into the cultural cake of America and violence against Black bodies is a societal malaise. Everyday life for young African-American men and women is getting more dangerous, with states adopting laws like Florida’s “stand your ground.” These types of shoot first and ask questions later legislation give gun-happy racists license to kill, as we have witnessed.

000sportwear designer, Sarah Nicole François on Jay Katelanskey’s art, “As with all Jay’s pieces, there’s an ‘in your face’ approach to this design that struck me aesthetically and emotionally. We hear the facts and statistics being thrown around all the time, but to see these faces lined up in this montage; the all over print forces people to deal with the reality of that fact that these lives were taken unjustly and it’s impossible to ignore that there’s a big problem with the way we see "Black” in America that has to be addressed. I don’t think you can be polite about justice, especially when lives are at stake, you have to throw it in their faces.“