jay jung



  • The man that has it all: looks, talent, and passion for his job
  • He has no bones (amazing dancer)
  • He rides the rhythm like a surfer riding a wave
  • A whole sun full of sunshine
  • The loudest human on earth
  • Warning: Once on stage, he turns into a combination of Jay and JKill
  • His smile is said to heal it all, so starting your day with Jhope is the best choice 

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  • A true enigma
  • Always hides behind JHOPE
  • One of the scariest members when angry
  • Does not allow mistakes in the practice room
  • The reason behind 72% of Jin and Namjoon use of cursing words
  • Is scared of E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G
  • Judges everyone in silence
  • A cleaning freak


  • Scarier than zombies and horror movie combined
  • The smartest persona
  • He is a spy for an unknown organization
  • He made Jungkook hide and pray
  • Even Jkill can’t trust Jkill so never trust Jkill or it’s you he will kill. Understand?


  • 98% Lives in the US
  • Leader of the ‘free the forehead movement’
  • The sexiest man alive 
  • Loves to walk shirtless or at least a sleeveless shirt
  • Rumors say he got 2 million ARMY pregnant just by a stare
  • He will say 'FCK U’ and you will answer 'THANK YOU’

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Jung Ho Sook (mom) 

  • A dedicated ARMY that fangirls over BTS with her crazy daughter
  • Married to handsome younger man that she hits with her shoe
  • A bilingual, educated woman
  • Favorite catchphrase “Don’t worry my daughter”
  • Looks classy but twerks in the living room
  • Her Holy Trinity: is Tea, Pearls, and JHope

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These are aaalll part of Hoseok and that’s why we adore every part of him. By @mimibtsghost | Find Suga’s Personas HERE

look forward to jimin’s and jhope’s VLIVEs soon!!! Please show them lots of love ^_^ Hoseok hasn’t been on VLIVE for like a year!!!! (also this should be like default etiquette and shouldn’t even be reminded tbh, but please don’t ask for other members when someone is broadcasting on vlive~)

haha this is what happens when AOMG tries to introduce themselves. a mess haha Simon D is like the Papa trying to get everyone together and to listen to him while Jay Park is the five year old that keeps messing around xD! They kept introducing themselves over and over again haha…