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Jay-Z and Beyoncé, photographed on a yacht in St. Tropez, France on August 19, 2003.

That Summer Hov had coached his “S. Carter” team through to the final of the infamous Rucker Park “Entertainers Basketball Classic.” His power clique had included two Rucker veterans, rebound machine John “Franchise” Strickland and sweet shooter Reggie “Hi-5” Freeman, along with NBA players Lamar Odom, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Jamal Crawford, Kenyon Martin, Shaquille O’Neal and Sebastian Telfair.

On August 14 in the final game they were due to face the reigning champs, Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad" team. But disaster struck the day of the final: a massive blackout engulfed New York City; leaving over 55 million citizens in the United States and Canada without electricity for nearly twenty-four hours. Tournament organizers planned to reschedule the game for the following week, but there was a major problem: Jay had already booked a private jet for August 15 to fly himself and Beyoncé to Europe for a two-week vacation. This was one of their first vacations together so, as committed as he was to his basketball team, he refused to reschedule or cancel the trip and risk alienating Bey in the early stages of their relationship.

The “S. Carter’ team would officially forfeit the match, meaning the “Terror Squad” were uncontested back-to-back champions. Putting his girlfriend over the game would mean that the beef between Jay and Fat Joe became stronger than ever.

Was it a hard day? Mine kinda was..

Hey there lovely ladies, Can you do a Jay Park scenario where he comes home late from studio and found you asleep while you were waiting for him. Love you hyungs !

Here it is!

I am having so much fluff feeling those days mfhcoiw

BTW i recommand reading this listening to Lim Kim rain or IU palette


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-Yes yes..yes boss I am sure I checked it twice.. yes.. I.. yes I’ll review it again tomorrow. Have a nice evening .. Bye

You threw the phone on the black leather couch and sighted deeply while taking off your black hills that were killing you.

After a stressing day at work, you just wanted to eat pizza and cuddle in bed with Jay.

Looking around, you couldn’t find him, so you called his name, thinking that maybe e was in the shower.

Unfortunately, you found a yellow note on the kitchen table

“Babe I had to go to the studio for an emergency

I’ll be home as soon as I can I promise

I love you


-What a shitty day

You just tied your hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror that was hung near the front door, your black fringe was messy due to the rain and your make up was basically all gone except for the eyeliner and mascara.

You placed your head in your hands, moving a rebel lock of hair behind your ear.

You just stood there for a couple of minutes wondering what to do: remove or not remove your makeup?

-Let’s cook! Y/N fighting!!

Changing in a pair of black shorts and one of Jay’s shirts you put on some socks and went to the kitchen, laptop in your hand looking for something to make for dinner.

-This looks great.. wait.. 4 hours??? Hell no!!!

-Maybe this..yes..this looks perfect!

You said enthusiastic of your choice, sure that Jay would have loved it.

You were good at cooking, and seeing Jay eating was one of the best things, he tended to forget things like eating or sleeping with his job and you were more than happy to help him.

The only problem with you cooking was that the kitchen always became a mess and you hated doing the dishes.

-Mmm, that looks good! Let’s just put it in the oven and.. clean?

You looked around, flower on the counter, egg shells here and there with other things that you didn’t even remember if you used them or not.

-Mm maybe later

You just took the laptop, knowing how mad Jay would have been if you broke it and cleaned it a bit with the hem of his shirt. Lying on the couch you put on some music and closed your eyes to relax a bit

-Just 10 minutes and I’ll clean everything


-She’s probably home

You said looking at your watch, shaking nervously your leg and waiting for Kiseok to sign the last document to join her home

-Are you in a rush?

-Y/N is waiting for me at home

-So yes..




-You’re cute when you talk about her

You smiled a bit, he was right.

You liked your relationship, it was relaxed.. you didn’t fight because of your schedules or unnecessary jealousy like it happened with the other girls.

She got you, your life and she seemed to enjoy it. She took care of you not making it too obvious and you had fun together even just staying at home watching movies and laughing like crazy.

Not mentioning how stunning she was, just perfect, flawless.

-Done! You can go to your woman Jay, we’re done

You stood up maybe too quickly, causing Kiseok to laugh at you.

You hummed the song on the radio on your way home, the rain stopped dropping and the sky became clear.

The street lights became to turn on while the sun was setting.

-Was is she doing? Not answering her phone..that little brat.. probably playing video games

You walked to your apartment, clicking the tiny buttons to enter the code and opened the door, the kitchen was a complete mess, you couldn’t even understand what she cooked. But thanks God the smell was amazing.

A sweet melody was playing.

You looked around and found her black hills on the floor with her bag, she usually threw things here and there when she had a bad day, so you just took everything from the floor and walked to the bedroom.

Before reaching it you saw her on the couch, one of your favourite shirt on stained of what you imagined was some sauce? You weren’t sure

You got close to her, putting her hair away from her face and caressing her soft skin. Her red lips were one of the first things you ever noticed and that made you fall in love even more with her.

You kissed her softly not wanting to wake her up, then just started cleaning her mess.

It took you a good 30 minutes, she really was a mess.

After changing from your work clothes you decided to just take her to bed, you lifted her up and placed her under the white cover of your bed.

-You sleep so deeply, was it a hard day? Mine kinda was.. you know, I missed you

You kept talking to her about your day, like she was listening to you, cuddling her and playing with her hair

-You must be really tired..look how you sleep..cute.. do you know how cute you are?

You kissed her again laughing softly while she turned around to face the wall, so you back hugged her and put on the same playlist on your phone she did before falling asleep, humming the song it was playing while touching her soft skin.

-I like these songs, your taste in music are nice.. did I aver tell you this? I know you prefer indie to hip hop but you don’t tell me..but I like this.. you’re so nice to me..little brat. I love you.. ah, so frustrating you’re sleeping.. well goodnight babe

And placing a soft kiss on her temple you closed your eyes, music still on filling the room, slowly falling asleep.


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Request: Anonymous said: hmu with a boyfriend jaemin -vi

A/N: @jaeminnana hi vivi i hope u enjoy <3 also @sm bring jaemin back will u

  • na jaemin
  • pls his smile is worth more than all of the gold on this earth ahpzih
  • idek how much gold is worth but
  • listen he’d honestly be such a good bf like ik i say this about everyone in nct but ajekhgjhg
  • tbh he’d make u watch horror w him 
  • nana would use it as an excuse to be able to hold u closer aljrjgh
  • like ur both sitting on the sofa and he made u sit between his legs so he could hug u from behind and he’d cover ur eyes when rlly scary parts came on
  • would also pat ur head and tell u to not be scared
  • if ur not scared of horror tho
  • lbr he’d still scream for the fun like even if he isn’t scared he’d still jump ok and he’d still scream and like u just hav to liv w it it’s jaemin what do u expect pls 
  • ok but like
  • jaemin wants a dog
  • ajhjgh he’d see a dog on the street and he’d be like “i want”
  • pls get this poor boi a dog
  • omg he’d rlly want to go to the dog café for ur date
  • jaemin’s gonna be hugging every dog he sees aeghjehgjhe
  • he’d hold ur hand tho the whole time while u two r there
  • if ur scared of dogs he’s gonna hold ur hand the whole time and be like “its ok they wont hurt u!!!” and he’d hold ur hand while ur slowly petting the dogs
  • the type of bf to always buy u food???
  • like srsly he’d get u from class and he’d have a plastic bag w him again and ur like “??nana??”
  • and he’s like “,,it’s food”
  • would constantly feed u and be like “oooo my cute baby :”)))”
  • and ur like -_-
  • he always pinches ur cheeks whenever u pout or act mad at him 
  • which sometimes makes u a bit more mad but then u see his smile and ur like !!heart attack!!
  • shit man he’d always take ur phone when u go to the toilet and take a lot of selfies 
  • 1032482092048 selfies tbh
  • ur lockscreen and homescreen is never the same agjrhgj it changes like every 3 days
  • jaemin would make u play badminton w him
  • “y/n pls i promise i’ll let u win”
  • ok listen if u rlly can’t play badminton he’d sometimes let u win but most of the time he’d just easily win and be like “UR BF IS GR8 AMIRITE”
  • if ur good at badminton tho he’s gonna be so competitive ajeghjhgjeh
  • when u win, he’d attack u kisses all over ur face and he’d hug u too
  • while he’s sweaty y i k e s
  • jaemin is a dancer
  • hell ye he’s gonna show off those moves to u and he’d probs wink at u when u cheer for him
  • bye he’d turn into a shy bby tho when u start complimenting him and he’s like “stoooop ur too much”
  • but he’ll just end up hugging u and be like “did u kno ily”
  • nana would play piano for u sometimes
  • but like rlly rlly sometimes
  • and when he plays piano for u ur like “oh wow ive been blessed”
  • srsly u got a rlly talented bf rite there
  • dude im writing this and im getting like so emo i miss him sm wtf
  • afhrhgrhr im looking up some facts of jaemin
  • and it says that his fave midnight snack is chicken
  • bye can u imagine tho
  • he’s probably text u at like midnight and be like “hey bb”
  • and ur like “jaemin it’s midnight tf”
  • “wanna get some chicken an ramyun w me”-jaemin
  • and ofc u just say yes bc most of the time he’s pretty busy so now that u have the time to go out w him ofc u go out
  • ajgegjhejgh he’d be wearing his huge ass jacket and his mask 
  • would be holding onto u and probably whine about the weather
  • but he’d end up getting ice cream too tho and ur like “ok then sweetie”
  • aekjhfjeh jaemin is a weird bf
  • but he’s cute so
  • love nana