jay in japan

“Nigga I’m going to Japan tomorrow! You understand what I’m saying? Can you believe that?”

Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella Records crew during a trip to Japan in May 2002.  Hov was in the country to perform at the MTV Super Dry Live festival in Tokyo; and to attend the inaugural MTV Japan Video Music Awards where he accepted the first ever “Inspiration Award: International” and performed during the show. The day before boarding the flight to Japan he recorded “I Did It My Way” at Baseline Studios in New York.

V as Voyage - Gilles Deleuze

Deleuze’s personal aversion to traveling is articulated - even as he establishes the provenance of the conceptual link between nomadism and “not moving” - in his explanation of “V as Voyage” with Claire Parnet. he says that traveling, even, and perhaps especially, to meet other intellectuals, is, in fact the 

 “opposite of traveling. To go to the ends of the earth to talk… to see people before for talking and to see people after for talking, this is a monstrous image, Its’a a cheap rupture… A trip is not enough to create a real rupture. If you want rupture, then do something other than travel… Nothing is more immobile than a nomad. Nothing travels less than a nomad. But there are trips that are true ruptures… In a sense, I feel no need to move. All the intensities that I have are immobile intensities… There is a geo-philosophy, I mean, there are profound countries, my very own foreign lands that I don’t find by traveling.”