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The Skwad playing superhero charades


So Elo had his 8Femmes Soul Showcase tonight and the entire AOMG and VV:D crew turned up in support! Of course when dorks hang together, there’s bound to be funny shenanigans backstage…..and here’s Simon D & Crush re-enacting Crush on Happy Together…and Jay Park imitating them.

Love love love seeing the crew together at events… <3 Hoody is so pretty *heart eyes*

Jay and Simon D crooning and harmonizing backstage…

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Jay Park be teasing as always….singing snippets of Tattoo with Elo and pretending to run away xD

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And then they performed properly together…

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the crooning….

150626 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Weekly Ssam D & Gray

Warning: Insults thrown left and right by Tablo and supported by Simon D. Main target is Gray, as usual. This is also really long, like EXTRA LONG!

  • They sang ‘happy birthday’ for the 1 year anniversary of the Weekly Ssam D corner
  • Mithra almost couldn’t be a regular guest because he was boring at first
  • The corner originally started with Simon D appearing once a month and with no Gray
  • Tablo said at the start of the corner, Gray had no presence and Gray said he still doesn’t (Tablo and Ssam D disagreed and said he was like MSG, a necessity)
  • When asked why out of aaaaaaaaall of AOMG he chose Gray, Ssam D said it was because he saw potential, that Gray was a person he loved and wanted to do shows with him because he knew he’d be busy (and doesn’t get to see him much lately because he’s so busy)
  • Ssam D had predicted he’d feel lonely and would want to see Gray so he chose to have him on Weekly Ssam D so he could at least see him once a week
  • Tablo says Gray is good at speaking on broadcasts now and is now an entertainer (Ssam D called him a “radio star”) because he seems awkward as a musician. Tablo says his “gray” whisper in his produced tracks sounds awkward and even appearing in hip hop music videos he doesn’t seem to fit in (because he’s like an entertainer)
  • Gray’s response was that from next week UD (is that how to spell his name?) would appear as a joke

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This amazing bird, the Curl-crested Jay, perfectly imitates a computer game. Must hear it to believe it! Things start getting crazy at 25s.

I really love seeing celebrities and pop icons posing with iconic art pieces like those pictures of Beyoncé and Jay Z imitating Canova’s kiss at the Louvre and etc. It really brings down the barriers of elitism. It draws attention from youth and social circles where the the art institution is often inaccessible and shrouded in elitism (oh the good old “only some can understand art” argument). And it passes on the message that art is made of repetition and imitation, that art history is but a copy of a copy with new and innovating interpretations of old iconologies. I love seeing posts of people comparing a Nicki Minaj picture to a renaissance Madonna because it responds directly to the art historian’s demand of seeing and recognizing and perpetuates the involvement of classical icons onto new media. It’s innovating, enriching and educative and as an art historian I am 140% for it.

Art is for everyone. Art belongs to the public eye. Never stop seeing. Never stop looking. Art repeats itself, imitates life as much as life imitates art.