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As of today, August 15, 2017, it will have been 70 years since India was freed from British imperial rule.

While I am happy to celebrate, I’d also like for everyone to know that it’s been less than one hundred years since my people have been truly free. 

This rule lasted for almost 400 years. Technically almost 500, considering how the Portuguese arrived a whole hundred years earlier than the British and didn’t surrender their rule in Indian territories until 1961, not even acknowledging the independence of previously controlled areas until 1975.

Less than 100 years.

My grandfather and grandmother (mom’s side) were children, teenagers during the independence movement. My great-grandparents (dad’s side) were also barely teenagers, working day in and day out on a farm.

My ancestors suffered, and yet, they continued forwards, with strength in their eyes and bravery in their hearts. They fought wars and worked fields and poured their blood, sweat, and tears into everything they did out of love for a free country. And now, we get to continue what they did.

I am proud to be descended from these courageous men and women.

It’s been 70 years.

Happy birthday, India.

70 Years of Independence 

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” From the famous speech Tryst with Destiny by Jawaharlal Nehru, 70 years ago on the eve of India’s independence 🇮🇳

Jai Hind and a Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians 💙

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the next time you try to justify a white girl wearing a bindi or mehendi, remember that India was the name given to us by British colonizers who separated and persecuted us, and further diminished our culture and brotherhood by enforcing the caste system and persecuting us for practicing our culture within our own country.
The name we chose for ourselves was Bharat. Our entire country was misnamed by white people. I will not be silent about this anymore. 

To My Countrymen All Over The World

PM of India: Force Govt of India to rescue Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav before Pak hangs him - Sign the Petition!

(I have signed this petition) - Aniket More.

Please sign this petition and hope that the government brings Kulbhushan Jadhav back. 🙏🏻🇮🇳

As we celebrate 70 years of India’s Independence we salute a country with one of the richest, culturally and linguistically diverse history’s in the world. We salute the many freedom fighters that gave us our independence. We salute all the individuals that keep fighting for freedom and equality. And with that being said, one can’t help but wonder what the great people who built the nation would think of it today:

King Akbar and Bahadur Shah Zafar now have to worry whether their legacy too will be ripped out from the pages of Maharashtra’s history textbooks.
Sandar Vallabhbhai Patel, the great unifier, would scroll his twitter feed and be disappointed to find how frequently #Dravidanadu, sickular, and communalism now trend.
B R Ambedkar may have to tearfully apologise to those like Rohit Vemula: for the failure of a constitution he once created to bridge the gaps of caste and creed.
Abul Kalam Azad and Zakir Husain Khan now hang their heads in shame when Mohammad Akhlaq and Junaid Khan ask why they had to die in the name of meat.
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam wonders how, even as we have reached Mars with Mangalyaan, those who farm our Earth can barely reach the bank
Justices Anna Chandy and Fathima Beevi may not be able to fathom how convoluted the laws on female agency, autonomy, and consent have become.
Rani Laxmi Bai and Accamma Cherian, who once raged against colonial forces with raised arms and swords, would today be too scared to walk down Delhi and Chandigarh alone.
And Bhagat Singh…poor Bhagat Singh, must find out that the Independent India he dreamt of whilst he hung, gasping for air, would be the India that let the same happen to 60 innocent children in Gorakhpur.

And for everything these people have done for us, for our freedom, our country, it would be a damn shame to let them think that, wouldn’t it? 🇮🇳

Today (1/28/2017) we went to the Being Out on Broadway Panel with Beth Malone, Lisa Kron, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Robin de Jesus, and Nathan Lee Graham. Patrick Hinds moderated. 

As a queer woman, this panel was so emotional for me and I think for a lot of us in the room. The panel was a perfect combination of people. They talked about art and choices to be out, but also about fear and anger in the current political climate and how we’re all engaging with the world right now. 

Many of us ended up in tears during this show and there were a lot of laughs and a lot of serious moments. I hope everyone enjoys this and just knows how happy and proud and filled up I felt (and others felt) being in that room. 

Please excuse any talking, laughing, or crying!

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DAY 3396

Jalsa, Mumbai                   July 15/16,  2017                Sat/Sun 12:05 am

And so it comes to pass .. another day that has ended so endeth .. another does start .. in the silence of the night, and the beating of the moments that did trespass into the cranium for most of the times of days that get spent in idle .. 

Rain became a spoiler at work .. not for the prosthetics though, for it was applied and did not feature in the reply .. so on it came and after wait off it went .. what damage the skin bears is known to the wearer .. is not known to the applier .. well perhaps .. but not in the terms of the personal individual experience ..

Its like I often wonder with Doctors .. they know exactly what is going to happen to your body .. they know what you feel, what you shall feel, how the reaction is going to be, and for the length of time .. often most correct !

So .. how do they do this ! I am not willing to understand that they have been through every possible medical condition personally in order to be able to spell out the extent the pain the cure the reaction the non reaction and the time of its cure or non cure  .. no .. that would be improbable .. so how ..?

And they that learn and study the profession of the human anatomy, how ever do they reconcile with what they see and experience each day .. of practice and training .. of witnessing the intricacies of the structure so unique .. it’s functioning and its formation .. how ..?

How and who built this .. this machinery of billions, each different and uniquely different .. this complicated moving breathing existing load of flesh and blood .. and how did the science of its operations come to be known, and is still to be known .. each passing year another discovery, each passing year another puzzle .. who ..? how ..? and why ..?

Belief became the corner stone of all explanations .. it gave it a name a shape a story a history an example .. built it stored it sacrificed it preached it pushed it conquered it .. and left it for the homo sapiens to contend with, in which ever best it could .. spread it across imagery, written words, systems and regimens to give it formality and procedure .. surrounded it with the godliness of time and place and then secure in its living and enduring presence, left it to be praised worshipped and sought in its divine presence ..

The world built another Universe .. much like yesterday a bunch of Indian Space scientists discovered a Galaxy which they felt was billions and multiple times billions the size of our Sun .. that is like unbelievable .. and perhaps that is why gave a name which most suited it - SARASWATI - the Goddess of learning ! And no one before had ever discovered this ..

INDIA .. the developing nation .. the 3rd World nation .. !!???

Painful to be titled thus .. and pray and believe that in time it shall no longer be developing but DEVELOPED in its status and become the 1st world than the 3rd !

The commented criticism when my visit to a foreign land created a furore with the fans and the media .. with following and praise and celebration .. the veiled threat of my presence in the land decried and derided by one such .. 

“ this 3rd rate actor, from the 3rd world country , should leave our shores ..”

The former is most correct .. but the latter shall be persevered to change, to become the first, to be the best and most loved and revered .. 

They send me to legal court for the wrapped National Flag about myself .. let that be the prerogative of the honourable justices to decide and pass judgement on .. but with my utmost respect to the legal and the law and the justice, irrespective of judgement, I shall never baulk from the pride in wrapping my nationality about me ..


Amitabh Bachchan 

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Yes, that’s why India had the 1984 Sikh genocide, 2002 anti-Muslim pogroms, Church burnings and persecution of Christians in Orrisa, discrimination and murder of several youth from the North-Eastern part of the country, second-class treatment of women, suppression of Tamil people, discrimination of dark skinned people, casteism, reinstatement of anti-queer laws, and the deification of Gandhi, a racist anti-black anti-Sikh man who abused women.

But you know, who cares when you’re basically the epitome of privilege? Light-skinned cis-het Hindu men need to stay in their lane.

You know, it’s funny how all these Indian nationalists are celebrating the impending Indo-Pak war when they have never seen the strife these conflicts cause.

Maybe the multimillionaire businessmen of Gujarat should try being migrated away from their homes and their livelihoods, losing everything they have like the people of Punjab and Kashmir.

Maybe the farmers of Maharashtra should try abandoning their crops so that the government can plant land mines in them like they are right now in over a thousand Punjabi pinds.

Then we shall see how many Jai Hinds they shout and how many dhols they play.


DAY 2182

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr 6/7,  2014            Sun/Mon   12 : 17 am

Another Sunday comes and goes by .. another show of affection and love warms the heart .. another moment in my memory of events passes and as I walk back from the gates I often contemplate and think .. why and how it keeps happening ..

To me it has always been a wonder and a delight .. to others I wonder. i can understand the concern and the care that gets expressed, but wonder if it merits this longevity.

I have several theories of it, not all of my own making but still of some merit. Prateeksha and Jalsa are both situated at the corner of the entire colony, strategically a natural collection point. Even if I were not to be staying there it would attract humanity - its a most natural tendency among many in many different locations .. that desire to get together at a common point, to just drift, to exchange thoughts words and deeds, to converse, to just get away from the constriction of limited housing into a free spacious area …

Sundays .. well it helps if your residence is located at the entrance of a lane that goes to the beach and the sea .. a relaxing moment to paddle into the waters during the hot day, to get that moment with the family on the sand and be in the company of their delicious sweet meats and wayside restaurants or thatched informal eateries .. the ‘bhutta’, the 'chaat’ the coned ice cream, that ride on a buggy, the horse carriage decorated with coloured and neon lights .. just those free moments with the children after a heavy week at work ..

And then as you come away how wonderful to stop by at the gates of your celebrity, which happens to be in close proximity, and give the kids and the wife that 'see’ moment, before heading home …

So the crux of the matter is that you need to be living at the corner, and by the common path to the sea .. QED … !!

The Flag, the tricolor, the 'tiranga’, the 'rashtriya dwajh’ flies on the roof of Jalsa, as must it should on every Indians home. There were restrictions to where the national flag could fly earlier. But a concerned citizen, an industrialist, a Member of Parliament, move the courts and insisted that flying the tricolor should be the right of every Indian at the appropriate places if they so desired ..

The moment the judgement was given I put it up on all my residences and places of work or structures that were not official but private. There are certain regulations and conditions when you fly the National Flag, and they must be adhered to. They must be of an indicated specification, they must be made of 'khadi’, they must be bought from a particular place, now in Bangalore, and they must be taken down at sunset ..

Its just a piece of cloth with certain specific colors and codes and meanings, but look at the respect and dignity it demands. Look how we all identify with it in different parts of the world. Look at the place of pride it brings every time you see it hoisted or flown - at events, in sports, at formal gatherings. It becomes a unifier of citizens. You fight for it, you play for it, you hold it close to your chest, you hold it up in the air for national recognition, you wave it and sing its anthem, you respect it by standing to attention, saluted if in uniform, hand on heart in some and in others a silent unmoving demeanour in the stance .. just a piece of cloth, and look how much it gets from us all .. because of our belief that it is OURS .. it is our life, our living, our strength … Jai Hind !! 

And the people at the Jalsa Gate on this Sunday .. my love and blessings and admiration to all .. heart swelling with emotion and pride !!

This one above does not need any introduction ..

There is travel now again in the early morning hours to the Capital, to promote, to market 'BR’, to talk to the press and the media, both within and without the country .. there is Skype for an International interview to UK and the US .. and subsequently the premier in Dubai on the 9th as things stand … in matters of schedules dates and times change rapidly.

Remember you have warned …

Ok …. so we lost to Sri Lanka in the World Cup final T20 tonight .. yes disappointed, but proud of our team and our boys for reaching the final, against the best teams in the world .. it was just not our day and the better team won … congratulations to Sri Lanka, who played really well ..

'Man ka ho toh achcha … na ho toh zyada achcha’

Good night dear ones … and may your wishes continue for 'BR’ .. that is all that remains within our limits .. the rest now to be relied upon by the 'janta janardhan’, the people ..

In the end the final outcome always lies with the masses ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : and birthday greetings to Magdalena .. remain well and in the company of affection and care  ..

DAY 2091

         Jalsa, Mumbai            Jan 5, 2013            Sun 8:11 pm

So … finally it can be said .. that was Phuket in Thailand, off the waters after a jetski at approx 60 mph .. which I might say was pretty darn awesome ..

Shweta who was recording the event caught an out focus picture ..

Hmmm … what say … ??

Alright enough of the ‘me say’ and down to the knities and grities .. there were some of me in the pool .. but … that would have to be censored, though I must say that the burnt tan on the body was … erm .. acceptable !!

Gadgetry and technology is taking over our world, and mine too. I did spend an entire morning with digital experts that handle my Blog and the other social platforms, and discovered that I am pretty useless in this most complicated department. But, the opportunity to be exposed to the grandeur of development that occurs each minute is astounding !

Apart from the basic knowledge that most technology now demands of you, there is that added pressure among us novices to be able to converse in the same language of what can safely be called gizmotalk !!

There are words and abbreviations and nomenclatured alphabets that convey in the correct order what the other needs to understand or talk about. So more than half the time is spent in being able to decipher what the technocrat is expressing. In younger days we would pretend as though we knew. Admitting that we did not, seemed embarrassing and out of place. You were considered a misfit, a persona non grata, not worthy of being in the team or the gang so to say. But that was a great folly. Well at least as far as I was concerned. I wish I had braved the lack of intelligence moment and questioned or sought explanation or asked to understand what was meant to meant to be known. I did not and time and tide have flown by. But I do now, and discover to my utter disgust that not having known earlier was such a fault. What I question now, is dutifully explained or sought through references, and I do get the explanation. Finding its use now is what is causing grief. And so one of the many aspects of age that cause me frustration is that, now, after getting to know a lot more, there is little time left to be able to implement it or bring it to use !

One other thing ..

There is, by the grace of the forces that look after us celestially, a certain access to means. They were not there before. So even if we had gained the desired knowledge we may never have had the opportunity to imply it .. or should it be apply … both work for me ! Some of the disastrous after effects of spending valuable years in pursuit of education and knowledge, has been that none of what came to us academically, has found usage in present circumstance. Parental and peer pressure, at the time, had wished for us to graduate through a University. What one would do after, was never ever suggested thought of or sought after as advice. There were limited opportunities in the employment sector. You were either brilliant enough to sit for the Service sector, the administrative wing of governance, the armed forces, or the teaching profession. That is it. Yes there was this budding horizon of corporates and 'box wala’ jobs, but they too required certain levels. 

I consider myself lucky to have secured one such, through a process which did not either take cognisance of my Graduate degree, nor my brilliance in any academics. But equally, I lament the fact that those wonderful years spent in Kolkata British managing agency houses despite being educative in a sense, were really of little use in procuring what I was to eventually find myself vocationing.

There are always questions, unanswered mostly, in almost every step of our lives. We lament the absence of one against another. We endeavour to acquire one, but still lament another. We express happiness in this acquisition, yet ponder over what we did not acquire. Struggled to get to one peak, we eye the loss of opportunity in getting to another.

Satisfaction must be supreme in matters that control our fate. Satisfaction in our vocation would be our death knell. Dichotomy exists, but in consonance with our being. Achieving a certain landmark, gives desire to go further, this is good. But to curse our fate when it does not come cannot be condoned. Effort is continuous and ever should be. It brings regularity, it brings the vision of a goal. Getting there is different, for, there shall be the added desire of searching another goal or landmark once there. At least we are on this large wheel of fortune, unstoppable. We may wish to get off it, or on it, at our will. But to believe that it shall stop and regulate itself to our limits, intuitions and expectations, would be the greatest folly.

This wheel of pseudo philosophy that is being expounded here is also tiresome and considerably boring. The wheels should never stop, but the regions it cycles by, should be considered too.

Like … my well wishers on the Sunday … and the many Ef that come along … some that have been met … some that wave placards and are unable to reach .. my sincere apologies to them that I could not meet .. but there shall be other occasions soon .. 

My love and wishes … 'JAI HIND’ !!

Amitabh Bachchan


“Hello, I’m Adam.”