jay high

Tape 6, Side A

“Clay. Helmet. Your name does not belong on this list. But you need to be here if I’m going to tell my story. If I’m going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren’t every other guy. You’re different. You’re good and kind and decent. And I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you. I never would. I would have ruined you. It wasn’t you. It was me.”


{ hold on } when you’re feeling too much and you want to let it out. embrace your emotions. it’s okay to cry. [ listen ]

{ let loose } soft tunes & when you’re feeling too much and you don’t want to feel anything at all. think a little less, live a little more [ listen ]


Fuck You:
4minute - Hate
2ne1 - Go Away
F(x) - Spit It Out
Girls Generation - Run Devil Run
Ailee - Mind Your Own Business
Jay Park - MY
TVXQ! - Keep Your Head Down
Bastarz - Zero For Conduct
Dok2 - Am I
Epik High - Born Hater
Fiestar - You’re Pitiful
Yesung - Here I Am
Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill
Gain - Fxxk You

Dating Reggie Mantle would include....

Originally posted by riverdale-slut

  • Your BFF Betty not liking that you two are dating
    • You don’t care because he makes you happy
    • The rest of the gang being okay with it because they see the way he looks at you
  • Learning about the play book and getting mad because Reggie’s name is in it next to some random girl
    • Him assuring you he has changed and he only has eyes for you
  • Kevin calling you “The new Bey & Jay of Riverdale High”
  • Stealing his letterman jacket
    • Giving his jacket back after it no longer smells like him just so that he can wear it before you take it again
    • Supporting him at his football games
  • Having a special rock at Sweetwater River where you to go and just chill and sometimes more ;)
  • Reggie being big on PDA
    • make out sessions in the locker room
    • and empty classrooms
    • and the students lounge
    • and… well, everywhere else
  • Reggie pissing you off and then telling you how much he loves you
    • “I love you too, you fucker.”
  • Lots of teasing
    • Especially about your height compared to him
    • Him being very overprotective
    • Lots of cuddles
    • Hugs from behind
  • Trying to keep Reggie from picking on Jughead and failing (sometimes)
  • Him being a sweetheart to you despite being a “tough” jock
  • There would be so many pictures of each of you on the other’s phones


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