When my world’s particle accelerator went off, I became a speedster. I became the fastest man alive. Only- Only, it wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t fast enough. So I figured with my scientific background, I could increase my powers. I did.

2x13 Top 5 Moments

1. Cisco writing a letter to his parents oh my gosh please this is too much aLREADY

2. Barrisco selfie


4. Reverb oh my god can you imagine them two Ciscos taking over Central City like these tiny overlords

5. KILLER FROST - fantastic, so beautiful, great makeup, so sassy, a skilled water bender

Jay’s velocity addiction confusion

So did jay’s the one who invented the velocity serum first, then the serum got further developed by harry? Or Harry’s the one invented it and jay got addicted to it? Or they collaborated?? Cuz in this ep Jay said “with his scientific bg”, it sounds like he developed it, or at least made it WITH harry. And in the crossover ep harry doesn’t seem like he knows anything about jay’s addiction and why he doesn’t want to take it. So what’s the deal

jay doesn’t look a thing like that statue of him so we have one of two options a) earth 2 statue makers aint shit b) jay is the man locked up in zoom’s jail and zoom has single white femaled his identity la la la i won’t listen 2 this slander re: jay might be zoom

With the revelation that Barry is friends with Hal on Earth-2 tonight, I’d hope Earth-1 gets their own Hal. Of course if they introduce Hal, they’ll have to introduce aliens. Supergirl would be a natural fit for him, but it’s on the wrong network (Earth) and I don’t think I could stand Hal and Barry as parallel earth buddies like Barry and Jay in the Silver/Bronze Age. Better than nothing I suppose. Though if you’ve ever read a comic from those times with the Earth hopping, it was grating the hoops they had to jump through just to have a conversation when a threat wasn’t going on. Long distance relationship indeed. Hal can’t be the relative who lives overseas and rarely visits, but might return phone calls kind of friend. It’s bad enough we don’t get Barry and Jay as dinner friends in the comics because of the ghettoizing of Society characters.

Of course it depends on the rules of that stupid movie edict that prevents duplicates. Does Hal have Flash status or Bat status?