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“If you wanted to hold my hand, you know, you could have just asked,” teased Evie, as she offered it to Jay, waggling her fingers.

“Well, now,” Jay winked. “You don’t say.”

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Here’s something longer for you guys to read hehe hope you guys like it! Also I said it countless times in the tags of my reblog but I just have to say it again that I am RLY obsessed with Jay’s new haircut he looks so good (●♡∀♡) Ok done, till then! (lol I’m sucha loser)

“But I’m tired, can’t I give it a miss?” You whined cutely as you tugged on Jay’s fingers and looked at him with a sulk.

“No, cos the male lead can’t appear without his co-star,” He said. “Besides, it’s gonna be fun cos everyone will be there!”

Yup, another AOMG party. And after doing this for about two years, you’ve figured that you shouldn’t have to ask what the occasion was cos half the time you got a ‘just because’ from Jay with that signature shrug of his as a reply.

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This is a trailer for my Youtube channel, but more importantly it’s my first proper attempt at putting my face on things in such a way. I started making a spoof documentary last year, where I stuck my face on loads of people being interviewed to alter what they were saying - it looked OK but I lost all the footage in a fried hard drive incident. I am still working on getting the technique right but at the moment I am quite excited about what I can do with this. I still have the scripts for the spoof documentary series so I might get back to it at some point. Anyway you should all subscribe to me on Youtube because it’s getting really hard to keep an audience on there, and even harder to make a living from it. Maybe one day someone will decide I deserve to have money and just pay me off for what I have done - though from that point on, my work will become bland and uninspired, so let’s all hope it doesn’t happen.


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Hyuk Woo grinned eagerly looking over his shoulder. There you were having a small lunch meeting with Sunghwa. AOMG recently signed you on as their newest artist and Hyuk Woo was absolutely smitten.

He smiled seeing you laugh, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear while you talked over your debut album concept. You looked up and smiled seeing Hyuk Woo looking at you, and gave him a small wave. His eyes widened in a small panic before he squeaked and turned around hastily.

“Smooth…” Jay chuckled taking a seat across from Hyuk Woo.

He winced looking up at him. “Do you think she saw that?”

“Nah-Nah. Of course not” he laughed. “I mean…only if she has eyes.” Jay couldn’t help but tease him at the little crush he had on you. Hyuk Woo was just so shy, and hopeless.

“Hyung!” Hyuk Woo whined.

“Just ask her out.”

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Slightly sexual Jai Brooks imagine

“Fuck me right now” he whispered huskily into your ear. Pushing you against the wall, his hands on your ass. He kissed you, your tongues meeting passionately. Pulling away you smirked, jumping out of his arms you strutted into the kitchen, making sure to shake your ass a little. Taking off the oversized shirt you had on, you grabbed some ice cream you’d left out earlier.  Sitting on the counter, making sure to face Jai who stood in the doorway staring longingly at your body. Smirking you ate the ice cream, bits dropping onto your body, the quite liquidy ice cream dropped onto your cleavage. Throwing a cheeky glance at Jai you licked your fingers and slowly cleaned the ice cream off your cleavage. Bending further down, the ice cream dropped just above your thongs, pulling your thing down you glanced at Jai. Letting out a angry growl like noise he came rushing towards you. He slammed your body down on the counter. His tongue licking at the ice cream. Further and further. “You’ve been a bad girl baby” he whispered, nibbling on your earlobe. “Turn around” he said. Doing so, you grabbed the counter, pushing your ass against his already hard dick. Slapping your ass, you let out a yelp. He then entered inside you, all you felt was pain, but as he moved you adjusted slightly, the intensity and need to be physically close to Jai being all that mattered. You groaned, as he moaned, getting rougher and rougher until you both climaxed. Laying on the kitchen counter that you both fucked against.