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Freddy = pure sunshine

This is a scene from the script of the “My Fair Lady” musical by Alan Jay Lerner. (I have it in paperback.) The scene is not in the film version, which is too bad cos it’s adorable. It takes place after Ascot, when Freddy goes to call Eliza at Wimpole Street for the first time.

Carlos sat up against his bed in his pajama’s with his laptop on his lap and Dude lying against him, resting his head on Carlos’s knee, while he was working a few of his non-school-related projects before bed. Jay was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, they had already said goodnight to Mal and Evie to avoid them from being late for curfew.

Jay spit out the remaining toothpaste and rinsed when there was a knock at the door. “I got it.” Jay said as Carlos began to rise to open the door. Carlos sat back down. “It’s probably the girls, maybe they forgot something.” Jay reached to the door knob and turned it to open, “Look who finally learned how to-”

It wasn’t Mal or Evie, but three adults. “Good evening.” Said one of the two men, he looked like a man with a mission, not a good one.

“Who is it?” Carlos said standing up and coming up from behind Jay to look around his shoulder.

“Some teachers.”

“We’re from the disciplinary committee, may we come in?” said the one woman, she, like the last man also looked very official and not at all pleased. She pushed the door open a little and let herself in, along with the other two men.

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J'aimerais mourir.
J'ai cru en ces mots plusieurs fois. Mais il est si difficile pour moi de venir le dire à haute voix. Ce qui est encore plus effrayant c'est penser que vous pourriez le faire.
—  Jay asher
Finally - Chapter 6: Father’s Day

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on ff.net and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

Jay held his phone between his shoulder and ear as he opened the front door of their apartment, having returned home from his late morning run. He had spent the previous night out at Molly’s with his brother and the rest of the usual suspects, getting home early that morning and waking up with the remains of a hangover. Erin was spending the weekend in New York, accompanying her brother with tying some loose ends so he could make his final, clean break and start afresh in Chicago. Jay had volunteered to tag along, but she had pointed out there was a chance she might not be back until mid-week and Voight wouldn’t let them both go when Olinsky was already on leave for a couple of weeks.

So here he was, filling her in with some of the gossip he had picked up the previous night before asking her how New York was treating her.

“Actually, I do need a favour, if you don’t mind,” she said after informing him that, as much as she loved New York, Chicago was definitely the city for her.

“What kind of favour?” he asked, kicking off his shoes and making his way over to grab some water from the fridge.

“One I’m sure you can twist into winning Hank over,” Erin replied, but it was more her goading voice which claimed his attention rather than the meaning of her words.

“Continue,” Jay prompted, intrigued.

“Well, you know how it’s Father’s Day today?” Her soft, saccharine tone told him that he wasn’t going to want to hear the rest of it, but she hurriedly carried on before he could get a word in edgeways. “I’m not making it home until tomorrow the earliest so please could you go drop off my present with Hank?”

Groaning, Jay threw himself onto one of the kitchen stools and leaned back onto the counter. “Erin-”

Please, Jay? You know how long I spent searching for the perfect present and it’s right there in the drawer. Please? Pretty please? I even wrote the card and everything. You literally need to turn up and give it to him,” she explained, making it all sound far simpler than he knew it would be. However, her words rang true; he did know exactly how long it had taken her to find Voight the perfect gift, especially as this was the first since Justin had died. It was enough to make him concede, for both Erin and for Voight, wondering if the other man would prefer having some company that day or at least the knowledge that his pseudo-daughter was thinking of him. But then she carried on, breaking him out of his thoughts and adding more incentive to the chore. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Will you now? From New York?” he asked amusedly.

“When I’m back, obviously. But if you really want to know how, there’s a box in the closet, under my jeans. You can sneak a peek…” she told him suggestively, trailing off after leaving him enough to start conjuring up the scenarios in his mind about what she could mean.

Jay cleared his throat, blinking a few times to rid himself of the images and trying to focus on the conversation at hand. “Oh, I will definitely be doing that. That’s a thing that’s happening. For sure,” he assured her, already getting to his feet and making his way towards the bedroom.

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Keep an eye on this space

So the Steampunk World’s Fair is this weekend, and I’ve made 7 costumes for it - there will be picspam!

Costumes include:
Steampunk Star Trek - Captain Kirk and genderbent Ms. Spock
The Powerpuff Girls
Punked-up DC - The Flash, Green Lantern, and Poison Ivy
And Miss Fisher, who is awesome enough that I just made a straight cosplay, because you can’t improve on perfection. :D

“Next week on the 20th of May I proclaim Eliza Doolittle Day...”
One evening the King will say: “Oh, Liza, old thing,

I want all of England your praises to sing.

Next week on the twentieth of May

I proclaim Liza Doolittle Day!

All the people will celebrate the glory of you

and whatever you wish and want I gladly will do.”

-”Just You Wait” lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, from My Fair Lady

Giving love a shot part 56

♤Jay’s views ♤


What exactly have I done? Jaeha doesn’t deserve any of that. The next few days all she does is stays in bed and barely eat anything.

Lina: you wanted to see me?

Jay: yeah.

Lina: okay

Jay: look you’re a really great dancer and also working with you for so many years, I realize  that you’re also an good person. But-

Lina: working with me makes your marriage life complicated.

Jay: ye..ah

Lina: I understand. It’s all of my fault

In the end I let Lina go, at the end of the day my family is more important. While I’m not actively performing, I still come to the studio to record.

Dok2: you look like shit

Jay: I feel like it

Dok2: what’s up? Princess is giving you problems?

Jay: the same way it’s always been.

Dok2: what did you do?

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Locked - JokerXReader

Summary: You and Jay get locked in a vault together.

Words: 1928


Reason after reason, my anger and annoyance kept building up. He was never home and if by some miracle he was he’d yell at me. I would yell back then he would just leave. Or he was drunk and I avoided that at all cost. Night after night, we’d fight. I didn’t get why Jay pushed me away from the business. It was how we met and it was what I wanted to do. I enjoyed robbing banks with him, he was always so happy. It felt like he was happiest when he was causing mischief. Or when he was having a meeting at the club and he would kill the man, his laugh was always louder. He enjoyed doing these things and I just wanted to do them with him. He was always happiest when he did and as his girl, why wouldn’t I want to enjoy that with him?

Once we got together, Jay stopped giving me jobs. He would always give me the easier ones at first, like following someone and reporting it to him. Or tracking someone down, and telling Frost. I got jobs which no longer involved me doing anything. They were unimportant. Every time I’d ask Jay about it, he’d just say “there’s nothing to do”. As if he didn’t have anything planned ever.

When I asked Frost why he just shrugged. Frost was my friend or the closest thing to one. He and I worked together before Jay and I became a thing. Since then, he had backed away. I understand, Jay didn’t like me talking to other men. Frost was afraid, who wouldn’t be? I just really needed someone to talk to. Frost was the only other person besides Jay I could talk to. But now, neither were an option.

Fortunately, I found out that there was a heist today. I was preparing for it as Jay walked into the room. He stood in the doorway watching me. I could feel his eyes follow my every move and if I didn’t think this would start an argument I’d probably tease him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I rolled my eyes, he couldn’t see me since I was facing away but I’m sure he knew.

“Nice to see you too, Mister J.” I spat as I found the clothes I needed to wear. I started putting on the outfit he got me when we went on jobs. It had been too long since I put it on. “Close the door.” He slammed it closed which caused me to jump.

“Why are you putting that on? You aren’t going on a job.” I faced him, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I am. I’m going on the heist today.” I grabbed my pistol and tucked it in my thigh holster. He came closer to me, running his hand through his hair.

“You aren’t going. Take that off right now.” We stared at each other, scowls on our faces.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Jay’s eyes widened in surprise but it was soon replaced by a dark look in his eyes. I took a step back. I never really back talked Jay, so I didn’t know what his reaction would be. I had it with him ignoring me. I was his girl but worked for him first. He should be able to share that part of his life with me.

“You don’t get to talk to me like that. Apologize to daddy, or I’ll have to punish you when I get back.” I scoffed.

“When we get back. And I’m not going to apologize. If you won’t let me go on this heist, I swear I will walk out that door and never come back.” I tapped my foot waiting for his response. “You know you’ll never see me again. I was taught well.”

He growled and had I not been angry with him I would have been weak in the knees with the noise and look he gave me. “You know better than to threaten me. Daddy will forgive ya if you beg.”

“You know better than to ignore me, but look what happened. I ain’t apologizing. Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.” I walked passed him only for him to grab my arm and pull me to him.

“You’re staying. Take that shit off.” I yanked my arm from him.

“No, I’m going.” I walked out the house waiting for him with Frost.

I really missed talking to him. He was outside and surprised to see I was going. We talked for a bit, not that there was much to talk about. “He’s just protecting you is all.” I rolled my eyes. As if Jay cared about people to protect them. I knew and understood Jay never would. I was okay with that.

“I don’t need protection. Hell, I took care of myself my whole life. It’s how I ended up working for him.” Frost shook his head.

“You should stay. He must want you to stay for a reason.” I just shook my head.

“No. He hasn’t talked to me normally in days. All we do if fight. I need to prove myself to him again. I need to show him, I’m not completely worthless. It’s boring not killing anyone and just staying there all day.” I gestured to the house. Frost chuckled which just made me confused.

“I don’t think staying in a house big enough for just about anything with a pool and jacuzzi is a bad thing.” I sighed.

“It is when the one person you want to share it with is always gone or pushing you away.” I looked towards Frost. “What did I do to make him do that? Do you think he found someone else?”

“I’m with him always. He didn’t find anyone else. Why would he replace you? Don’t doubt yourself.” I nodded and started thinking about Jay. Maybe he was just trying to protect me. Wasn’t fair, though. Jay came out and walked towards me.

“Get in the car.” I went to go in the front where Frost was going into but Jay stopped me. “Not in there. The back.”

I wanted to talk more to Frost since we hadn’t in a long time and it was nice. “Why can’t I just go with Frosty?”

“If you’re riding with someone, you’re riding with me. Get in before I change my mind.” I just nodded and walked to the back of the van. I didn’t want to push Jay more than I already had.

As we arrived at the bank, Jay got up and opened the doors. He faced me with a look of concern at first but went right back to anger. “Stay with me at all times.” I just nodded doing what he said. We rushed in and everything went well. Some of his men stayed in the front as Jay went to the vault. Frost had said there was a problem so we went in to see what was wrong. Jay was pissed since he truly believed none of his men could do anything right. I was too late to realizing the money had been cleared out and nothing was wrong. We heard Frost close the vault and turned around.

“Frost, what the fuck?” I started banging on the vault door.

“Boss, talk to her. I got everything out here covered. I’ll open this door when everything is set between the both of you.” I sighed.

“Frost, get me the fuck out of here. The cops are gonna be here any second and take us to Arkham if you don’t let us out of here!” I kicked the door and immediately regretted it.

“Get chatting then.” I shook my head.

“I may actually hate him now,” I mumbled and just decided to wait. I sat on the floor taking my boot off and massaging my foot. It really hurt now. Damn you, Frost. Two minutes went by of silence. Jay hadn’t said shit as he just stared at me. At least that was what I felt.

“Why did you insist on coming?” He harshly spoke.

“Why are you mad at me when it’s Frost who did this?” I stood up and started banging on the door again. “Let us out.” I was met by silence.

“Answer my question.” I looked towards Jay who was glowering at me. Why was he angry? I should be pissed, not him.

“Why was it a problem if I came?” I wanted to see if he had a reason or if he was just being an asshole to me.

“There was no need for you here.” I bit my lip nodding my head. There was my answer.

“Maybe there is no need for me anywhere near you.” I clicked my tongue. “I’ll leave by tonight. Sorry I ever bothered you.” I faced the door waiting for Frost to open it again.

“That’s not what I meant.” I looked over my shoulder. He was closer to me but still out of reach. I thought about what to say. He was confusing at times, he never said what he meant.

“What did you mean? Huh? What could you have meant? You don’t need me, Jay.”

Jay stood still, which was strange. Either he was pissed off beyond the point of ever getting back to him or he was calm. After a few more seconds of silence, he spoke up. “I don’t need you. I want you. This life isn’t meant for this.”

“This life isn’t meant for what exactly?” 

“For love. It isn’t safe. This life destroys anything and everything. That can’t happen to us or you.” I was puzzled. I knew love wasn’t meant for this which was why I never expected it.

“Jay, I never asked for you to love me. I know you can’t. I know love isn’t meant for this. It’s dangerous and a weakness. I know how you feel about those.” I stepped closer to him. “I want this life with you and expect nothing but fun and sometimes pain from it.” I held his hand softly, he wasn’t much for affection but sometimes I could get away with it. “I want you, Jay. I know what comes with it. You don’t have to protect me. I want to work, I want to go on heists, I want to have fun with you. Don’t push me away. It’s not fair to either of us.”

We slowly leaned into each other. I smiled into the kiss. I missed Jay. I missed kissing him. I missed being near him. I missed touching him. I missed everything about him. He moaned as we pulled away which caused me to blush but smile. I had him back. He caressed my cheeks as we kept our foreheads together smiling. “You’re so good to daddy, aren’t you?” I nodded biting my lip. We went back to kissing, which eventually led to me jumping on his waist. We didn’t even notice Frost open the vault door until he spoke.

“We gotta go. Cops are near.” I laughed pulling away from Jay and hoping down.

“Frost you should lock us up more often.” I winked at him as I left.

“I don’t think it’d be good for my eyes.” He joked.

“You’re lucky I won’t kill you, Frost.” Frost gulped and followed us out.

I giggled when Jay slapped my ass as he followed behind me. We ran to the car together and escaped. Everything was back to normal, we’d be having fun again. That’s all I wanted.

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