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The Young Buck Stare

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Matt Jackson x Reader for @kayfaberollins

Request: Reader is a part of bullet club and her and matt have been dating for a long time and they just kick ass together, idc about a plot really, there just isn’t enough young bucks fics in the world

Being the baby sister of Dalton Castle had its perks. One of them was being introduced to wrestling at a very young age. I was fascinated by not only the physical aspect of it but as well as the dramatics. When Dalton took me to one of his shows I was instantly hooked and knew that I wanted to be a part of this beautiful profession. Being an amazing big brother that Dalton is he took me to every one of his shows in order for me to learn about the business. I was seeing the highs and lows but never thought twice about not wanting to experience it for my own.

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Is It You?

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 212
Warnings: Brief mentions of death and being knocked unconscious.
Author’s Note: This hasn’t been beta’d, so all the mistakes are mine.

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There was a knock at your door.

“It is 6 am!” you said opening your door.

“I was hoping we could have breakfast.”

Sam. There was no way that was Sam.

Blinking your eyes a few times wasn’t enough to make you believe that it was really him. That the man you loved was really standing at your door. The man who will soon be a father.

Slowly reaching up your ran your hand over his cheek and slightly into his hair. It felt like Sam. The gentle stubble on his face, the softness of his hair, the way his pushed his face deeper into your touch. You were almost certain that it was the real Sam.

“Sam?” You meant it as a question, but it came out life a breathy plea.

You needed this to be Sam. The real Sam, not the shell of Sam controlled by an evil angel. Not the Sam that killed one of your dear friends. Or the Sam that knocked you unconscious and left you in some motel room.

“Is it really you?“

“It’s really me.“

Before he even gets all the words out you’re in his arms. Pulling back slightly you look into his beautiful hazel eyes and can’t help but smile.

“Breakfast sounds great.”

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The Green Hornet (2011)

January is usually a month to avoid at the movies as it’s mostly a wasteland for new releases, but for some reason I thought The Green Hornet would be worth seeing. Turns out I was right. If not taken too seriously, the movie can be a really fun time at the theater. It’s not meant to be intense action film but it’s also not meant to be an extremely funny comedy. I thought it was a good mix of the two. If you are a fan of Seth Rogen’s usual antics, then you will most likely enjoy it. I enjoyed Rogen’s comedy paired with newcomer Jay Chao’s impressive stunt work. The two tear through town in their awesome car and do tons of property damage throughout, and to be honest it’s a lot of fun to watch. I also enjoyed Christolph Waltz as the bad guy. Mix in a great cameo from a funny young unnamed actor and you got yourself a serviceable action-comedy.  I will say one negative thing about the film is that the 3D that was forced upon me was absolutely unnecessary as it usually seems to be. Other than that, The Green Hornet is a light-hearted romp of a superhero film that deserves a little more love than its getting. B-


This is gonna be longer than fuck so… brace yourselves.

I’m gonna start off with the show, literally the best show I’ve ever been to in my life. It was a mixture of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s past tours with a bunch of extra beautiful shit added on top. Y'all saw the pictures, Beyoncé slayed so hard I cried twice and Jay was like the cherry on top. It was so overwhelming. You can really tell her and Jay are really the best of friends and you can see how deeply they love and respect one another. And they emphasized that they are NOT perfect and that bad things happen between them but love concurs all. It all had me caught up in the rapture of feels.

Now. To the really good stuff that y'all came here for.

I made sure to make nice with the security girl of our section, she looked familiar tbh, I think she goes to my school. Anyway, after the show I kinda sneak over to her and ask “Hypothetically, if I were trying to meet any certain dancers or other important people… where would I go?” lol Needless to say she told me where the trucks were going to be and where everyone would be leaving from and I hightailed it in that direction. 

First of all, I should let you all know that Miami, Fl is the city of thirsty and niggas who wanna be famous, say they know someone famous, or catch their big break so it came to no surprise that when we got out there there was a ton of people already  trying catch a glimpse of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

It was chaos.

But chaos did not stop me from seeing my baby daddy Larry as soon as I walked up, followed by my side nigga Laurent. I screamed, “LARRY!” and his head turned in confusion like he wasn’t sure if someone called him or not. I waved like a maniac and he smiled and kept it moving. They were on the complete opposite side of the barracks from us so I just watched as they talked to some people on the other side. They looked like they were politely curving them because not too much sooner after they started walking back into the darkness, I’m assuming back to their bus. So I sat and waited. Eventually Beyoncé and Jay-Z came, hopped in their car and dipped, I saw her flip her glorious hair through the window—it was magical. After they left people like Bibi and The Mamas and some of the dancers started coming out to get on their busses. I saw Dnay and Ksyn talking to fans a little further down so I made my way over there. All of them were so nice, soooo freaking nice and I got to take pictures with most of them and I talked to Kimmie and Ashley and Ksyn for a little while. They’re really all so sweet and down to deal with crazy fans. Hajiba is the cutest thing on earth! I asked her if I could take a picture with her and she looked around and was like “Me??” and I was like “Yeah you! You don’t wanna take a picture with me Haji?” I think I scared her with my creepiness, so I apologized for being crazy but she laughed it off and said “look at me, I’m crazy too.” Her accent is adorable. My friend took a group picture of all of them but Dnay, she kept wandering off. Lol

NOW!! To the meat and potatoes.

I’m gonna start this off by saying Larry was the mission. I already met Laurent and so getting another picture with him was not my priority.

After waiting for what truly felt like forever, the twins finally decided to grace us with their presence again and it was kind of a mess. Me and one other girl specifically were BEGGING for a picture and Laurent kept saying no until Larry pouted and pushed him for being mean. So Laurent kind of discretely did a head nod in a direction away from the crowd that only a few people saw. That girl got chose and I was so jealous. She hopped over the barricades even when they told her not to, but some security guy allowed it and I just watched in envy. I asked if I could to and Larry said it wasn’t up to him so I sat and stewed while she got her moment.

When she was finished, I said “what about me?” and Larry said “I come back.” I said, “You sure?” he said “Yeah, I come back,” I said, “You promise?” he laughed and crossed his heart and said “I swear of God, I promise. Give me one second and I come back.”

Y’all Larry was looking so immaculately perfect. The man put a snapback over his twists I was telling you about and both of them were wearing all black. He looked so amazingly amazing.

So by the time he comes back out people started realizing they were over on our side and started crowding, so Larry was getting called in every direction and I kept getting skipped. So when he got to me I said, “You promised!” like a brat, and he said, “I know I promise, I’m here right?” so we took our picture and I told him how I was huge fan and he gave me a nice little hug and I nestled my face into his chest and continued talking about how I’ve been following them since world of dance until he pulled away and thanked me “for the love.” I was so content laying in his chest y’all. It was a short hug, but it was a beautiful one. Later on my friend was telling me that when he started showing me love everyone around me started grabbing and calling his name so that’s why he cut the hug short so he could move along, but I was not even paying attention to that. I got a little hug from Laurent and asked them when they were gonna do a workshop in Miami and Larry said never! Lmao. Laurent said all the studios in Miami are too small for a workshop, which is true, and that there’s bigger ones in Ft. Lauderdale, and I said “so do it in Ft. Lauderdale!” and they both shrugged and Lau said “Maybe.”

All in all they were both pretty nice, you could tell Lau was tired and y’all know how he gets irritated and blunt as hell when he’s tired, especially when he’s gotten to the point of verbalizing how tired he is. I will say for sure that your LT experience will vary based on how they’re feeling and how many people are around—the bigger the crowd the more closed off they seem to be. Which is expected, they really are some regular ass niggas and I don’t think I fully understood that until then. It hard to fathom that this super human insanely cute dances are ultimately just two regular guys.

They were both really playful with the rest of the crew, a lot who people pick on them for being so popular. One guy who looked like a roadie walked up to Larry while I was sitting near him and said “Hey, really amazing job I’m a huge fan,” before they both started laughing and play fighting. Larry told him to shut up or something to that effect and then immediately turned to me and felt the need to assure me that he knows him and that he wasn’t being serious. I just told him I believed him.

Omg I’ve written so much and there’s still more to go! Ugh.

I’ll sum it up with little side things that happened. After Larry and I took the picture I told him I’d put on Tumblr and I asked if he ever went on and he made a funny face and whispered, “Never” but we all know he was lying. Also when I was telling him for like the 3rd time how much of a fan I was he gave me a weird low five and told me they had some videos coming out soon, idk if that was confidential information or not but I trust y’all. And one time while he was walking around talking on the phone he saw me and I cheesed so hard and he smiled back and did that thing he does with his lips, when he pushes them out? Y’all know.

ALSO when I THOUGHT (thought because he really kept leaving and coming back even after Laurent stopped coming out. But I was there every time) he was leaving a I blurted out how much I loved his hair twisted and he chose that golden opportunity to come for my life y’all. I said “I love your hair twisted like that!” and he said “Thank you, but you see its’ my hair I twist.” I immediately got offended when I realized he was talking shit about my Marley twists. I said “so! My hair is twisted too, you ain’t special!” and he said, “But that’s not you real hair,” I was officially appalled y’all. I said “So?? I have just as much hair as you (I probably don’t) I could twist it if I wanted to.” And he smiled and said “Next time you show me.” And all my anger melted away, I just smiled like a goof like he didn’t try my weave and said, “Yeah, next time.”

I will say that Larry very much gave me the regular ass nigga vibe and, even tho I was being thirsty, I wasn’t being a spazz like last year when I met Laurent. Larry’s just easier to approach. Overall, it was a great ass night and I know I’m a creep for saying it but I just want to chill with Larry one time, he’s really laid back and seems so cool to just hang out with.

I think that’s everything. I still left some stuff out despite the longness. Sorry about that btw. Heres me and my future husband’s pictures.