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Hello! I was just wondering if you could write an imagine for Jay Halstead where the reader and him both work in intelligence and are married and they find out the reader is pregnant after she gets sick multiple times in the locker room? Thank you in advance!

Sure I can :)


You tried your best to listen to the briefing that Voight was giving about a case you just couldn’t concentrate. You felt so sick and you honestly had no idea why.

“Hey Y/N,” Voight said, “you okay?”

“Yeah,” you tried your best to look like you weren’t about to throw up, “I’m fine.”

You didn’t miss the worried glance your husband gave you. Great, you thought, he’d be fretting over you for the next two weeks. Honestly, you love Jay with everything you have, but lord was he overprotective.

You managed through the rest of the briefing without fainting or vomiting, which honestly was a pretty impressive accomplishment.

However the moment Adam started to put pictures of the two shooting victims on the whiteboard, you couldn’t take it anymore and sprinted out of there.

You managed to make it to the bathroom before you threw up the breakfast your husband had made you.

You leaned against the wall of the bathroom stall and tried to calm down your breathing. Just then you heard a knock on the bathroom door and Kim’s voice came through the other side.

“Hey Y/N,” she called, “you okay? Wanna let me in? Your husband is having a panic attack outside.”

You sighed and decided to open up the door.

Burgess slid through the small crack in the door and sighed, “Geez you look wonderful.”

“Thanks Kim,” you muttered.

“Any idea what caused this?” she asked, sliding down the wall. It seemed like she, like you, had decided that moving you away from the toilet right now probably wasn’t the best idea.

You ran your hands through your way too messy hair, “No idea. One moment I was fine and the next…”

All of a sudden Kim lifted her head and smirked at you jokingly, “Well maybe we’re gonna have little mini Halsteads running around soon. Lord help us all.”

You could tell she was joking, but suddenly it dawned on you.

“Burgess, what date is it today?”

She looked confused for a second before immediately clarifying the date.

“Shit!” you muttered, “shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.”


“I’m late!”

Her eyes went wide and then she threw her head back laughing, “Take a test now!”

“Right yes cause I have a pregnancy test on me right now,” you replied sarcastically.

When she continued smiling you got worried, “What? Do you carry tests around?”

“No, but Adam and I were trying back before we broke up. And I never actually threw the tests away. I’ll go get them.”

“Kim! no wait!” but she was already gone.

Your heart hammered through your chest as you waited for her. You didn’t dare move, half because you were scared you’d end up vomiting and half because you couldn’t seem to get your legs to work.

You knew Jay wanted kids, that was a discussion the two of you had had a couple times before. But a time was never mentioned. You had no idea how he would react if you were pregnant. You couldn’t but think that even though you had been married for two years, he would think it was too soon. Or maybe he had decided he no longer wanted kids.

Burgess arrived back just as you were beginning to hyperventilate.

“Woah woah woah!” she muttered, leaning down to look you in the eyes, “calm down. You might not even be pregnant.”

“But I might.”

Her only response was to hand you two pregnancy tests, “I know you won’t believe one.”

And then she walked out the stall and started tapping her foot outside, letting you know that she was waiting outside.

Once you finished you walked outside the stall and to your surprise found Platt waiting there as well, “Sargent?”

“What?” she said, “Are you surprised she called me? Besides, I wanna see this.”

“Erin would be here,” Burgess cut in, “but we wouldn’t tell Jay anything and he’s panicking so she’s calming him down.”

“WHAT DID YOU TELL HIM?” you half screamed.

Platt took you by the shoulders, “Nothing. We just said you weren’t feeling well. Now calm down. Man up. And see if you’ll be pushing babies out in a few months.”

You would have given her a sarcastic reply, but your brain wasn’t really working right now.

You put the tests down and put five minutes on a timer on your phone.

“Okay,” you said, “one stripe says no. Two stripes says yes. Now we wait.”

You paced up and down the whole five minutes.

When your timer went off you made Platt and Burgess turn around so that you could have a moment on panic to yourself.

You looked looked up at the ceiling. Promising yourself that you would count to three and then look down at them.

One. It’s fine. If you’re pregnant it’s fine.

Two. You can deal with it. If you are it’ll be fine.

Three. You’re probably not even pregnant. This whole thing is stupid.

Positive. Both of them. Positive.

“Platt,” you whispered, “go call Jay please.”

The tone of your voice let her know you weren’t joking around. You never thought this would happen. You thought the two of you would have a whole discussion about this and you thought you would plan to get pregnant.

Not this.

Not throwing up in the bathrooms of a police station.

“Hey Y/N,” you heard your husband’s voice before he pulled you into a hug, “what’s going on? I was practically having a panic attack outside there. You okay? Just say you’re okay.”

You couldn’t even find it in you to hug him back. You were in shock.

“Jay,” you whispered, “I’m…”

He pulled away from you and took your face in his hands.

“What’s going on? Come just tell me. You can tell me anything, you know that.”

You sighed and tried your best not look him in the eyes.

“Jay,” you just wanted to get it out there, “I’m pregnant.”

To your surprise, he broke out into a huge smile, “Really? Are you serious? You’re sure?”

“Yeah,” you looked down, “you’re happy about this?”

His only response was to pick you up and spin you around.

“Yes! Yes I am,” he said, smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh thank god,” you muttered before kissing him.

Sure, this was gonna be a long road. But if Jay was gonna be with you, then you’d be just fine.


Hope you enjoyed that :)

feel free to request an imagine or a prompt. I write for the Chicago series, all small screen D.C. shows as well as a bunch of bands and book series (full list somewhere on my blog).


Prompt: can you write Adam Ruzek x reader, please there are none.

Pairing: Adam Ruzek x Reader.

Requested; Yes.

Triggers: Implied sexual assault, physical assault, and sadness.

A/N: Somewhat based off this weeks Chicago PD. I apologize for the delay of imagines as I have been neck deep in work.

“Y/LN!” Voight had pulled her out of her thoughts. “Sorry, Sarge.” She told him, looking up. “Something distracting you?” He asked, an eyebrow cocked. “I– yeah, actually. My sister never came home last night. She called me at about 2 AM, but didn’t get it until I woke up. She’s never been this way.” Voight listened to her before nodding. “Ping her phone and get her. Take Ruzek with you.” He told her and she nodded, jumping up.

Over the next few minutes they found her phone signal a couple miles out. “That’s the 7-11 down the street.” Y/N’s eyebrows knit together in worry. “Come on. Let’s go and find her.” They drove to the gas station and jumped out. They both ran in and Y/N made her way up to the clerk. “Excuse me, but have you seen this woman?” She asked, holding up her phone to the guy. “No, I haven’t. Sorry.” Y/N’s anxiety was at it’s peak. “Calm down, baby. We’re gonna find her. Let’s check around back.”

Making their way out behind the building, a tarp was discovered. Adam leaned down and pulled it back to reveal a cold and beaten body that belonged to her sister. A small sob left her lips as Ruzek felt her pulse. She was gone.

Adam called it in and held the sobbing Detective. “Shh. I’ve got you.” He whispered in her ear, stroking her hair. Sirens began to wail in the distance. “If only I’d just gone over when she called.” She sobbed on his chest, her heart broken. “This is not your fault.” He whispered. “Not at all.”  

After a while, they all ended up back at the presinct. “Y/N?” Voight ripped her from her head.“You sure you want to be here?” Sniffling, she nodded. “I wanna catch these pricks.” Voight nodded slightly before they all turned their attention to Atwater. “Lena Y/LN. Beaten, obvious signs of sexual assault, and some drugs were found in her system. Enough drugs to infact, knock out a horse.” Y/N bit down on her bottom lip, a tear falling.

“We’re gonna get em’, I promise, baby.” Adam whispered, pulling her into his side. “We will get Justice for Lena.”


EXCLUSIVE: Matt Olmstead, executive producer of all four series in NBC’s Chicago franchise, will be exiting his role as showrunner of Chicago PD after the current fourth season. There is no replacement yet. Olmstead has been one of the pillars of the Chicago franchise. He joined mothership Chicago Fire after the pilot as executive producer/showrunner and steered the firefighter drama through a successful first season, which spawned a spinoff, cop procedural Chicago PD, co-created by Olmstead, Chicago Fire creators Michael Brandt & Derek Haas and the Chicago franchise’s boss Dick Wolf. Olmstead has served as showrunner on Chicago PD since the start. http://deadline.com/2017/03/chicago-matt-olmstead-depart-chicago-pd-showrunner-1202057105/